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This is an infographic of the 5 most important basic survival skills you need when in a survival situation as well as some helpful tips for utilizing them. December 15, 2014 by Tammy Trayer 5 Comments We are surrounded by wilderness here on our Idaho homestead.
We live a very traditional life out here so a lot of our time in the wild actually has a purpose. Any time we leave our property, whether on foot or in a vehicle, you can be sure that we have our gear and are prepared for anything. We live in a very vast location and you never know what may be around the next corner, when your truck may break down miles and miles from home, when the weather may turn, or when even an unexpected injury will happen.
Our predators are typically the 4 legged kind, but you never know when you may run into the 2 legged kind as well.
Before I met my husband (aka Mountain Man), I was already busy running wild in the mountains and enjoying the outdoors. Ladies, if you have a very chivalrous man and maybe even a proud man that wants to show you he is fully capable of taking care of yourself and your family, that is a very genuine man. Let’s say you are all out camping, and one of your children wonders off and gets lost. The entire family should know what gear to carry, what to carry on their person, how to light a fire, how to build a shelter, how to get safe drinking water and how to sustain themselves in any situation.
This is just one part of a series of posts where I will provide how-to information and videos that you can watch with your children or as a family.

There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. Tammy resides very traditionally off-grid in the northern Idaho wilderness with her family. It took a lot of years, but I finally convinced my kids that their EDC is extremely important. SingleMom… Well put… You are not at all paranoid, but prepared and practical! Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. We may be scouting for a good hunting spot, harvesting our meat or firewood for the year, taking a 20 mile hike for some casual exercise, or even panning for some gold (really!). Not only do we have our gear, but we always have additional clothing and we each have a firearm.
Our safety is a top priority and I feel that survival moms should know how to protect themselves and their children. Many are not used to the outdoors the way my Mountain Man and I are, which is why I want to take you through the steps for getting and keeping your family educated, trained and ready. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and hope to encourage you to embrace these tasks as a family.
Having these skills and training will help diversify your knowledge base on survival techniques and disasters.

I feel very strongly that women should not only carry a firearm, but be very knowledgeable on the gun they carry, know gun safety and know how to very accurately use their gun.
Embracing things as a family is a great opportunity to grow as a family and also empower and nurture your children. If you, yourself, are not interested in learning and allow your husband to do everything while you are camping or in the outdoors, you are not doing yourself any favors either. It is getting dark and you have been unsuccessful in finding them.  Does your child know enough to survive, lost, for a night without you? I carry a lighter in my pocket, a pocket knife on my jeans, and my Keltek .380 P-3AT is holstered on my belt. This is a subject you will find in one of my upcoming posts, but I thought I would give you a little food for thought for those of you that do not carry. As part of this new series here on The Survival Mom blog, I will walk you through what we carry in our packs, the varying ways we start fires, build shelters, hunt for food, etc. I am thankful for the chivalrous nature of my Mountain Man, BUT when it comes to being in the outdoors, he knows I can hold my own and he expects me to know how to handle and take care of myself.

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