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There are a lot of people who aren’t familiar with the difference between a tornado “watch” and a tornado “warning”.
I created a chart that you can use to estimate a tornado’s strength based on its placement on the Fujita Scale.
For more information on how to build a quality emergency kit, check out my article, How to Build the Best Bug Out Bag.
Even if your home is built “to code”, this doesn’t mean that it can withstand the powerful winds associated with a tornado. No guide on tornado safety tips would be complete without talking about home tornado drills. By this point, you should already be in your safe room (preferably a basement or something similar).
If you can’t find a regular building, find a ditch and lie down in it with your head covered. By far the most devastating tornado in history was the Tri-State Tornado that killed a whopping 695 people on March 18th, 1925. Arizona Air National Guard officials say the training is an absolute necessity for KC-135 Stratotanker aircrew members who consistently fly over open water. Airmen from the 161st Air Refueling Wing jump into Waddell Cove to simulate exiting an aircraft that has landed in the water during water survival training May 3, 2015, at Lake Pleasant, Peoria, Ariz. Airmen from the 161st Air Refueling Wing take accountability of personnel on a 20 man life raft during water survival training at Lake Pleasant, Peoria, Ariz., May 3, 2015.
Airmen from the 161st Air Refueling Wing float in their 20 man life raft after rolling the sides of the canopy up for ventilation during water survival training at Lake Pleasant, Peoria, Ariz., May 3, 2015.
After all survivors were aboard the life raft the group took an inventory of personnel, equipment and survival components.
Our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms have been coming under severe attack over the last several years. The truly surprising thing about all this is that Obama didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to repeal the 2nd Amendment during his first two years of office, while he had control over both houses of Congress. Gun control advocates give all sorts of emotional reasons why guns should be taken out of the hands of ordinary citizens and left in the hands of only the police and military. They point to statistics from countries which have strict gun control laws, and applaud them for their low murder rates. One of their favorite facts is that there is more gun-related violence in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Based on that, they are right to say that the United States is third in murders around the world. Now my wife has a concealed carry license, goes to the shooting range with me and has her own pistol.
While the masses who are in favor of gun control join in because of fear; the political class is different. Considering the rhetoric coming out of the left and how they automatically classify conservatives as violent, stupid terrorists, it’s clear who those millions of people will be. Now, I realize that conservatives are much less likely to give their money to some cause that actually helps people, rather than political movements, but that is working against us.
Ask any liberal politician and they’ll tell you that they are supporting the viewpoint of the majority of the population. This makes joining these sorts of groups one of the most effective ways of getting your voice hears. Typically, seems like there are more liberals who are quick to call their congressmen and spout off than there are conservatives.
The problem here is that in order to make your voice heard, you need to keep aware of what gun legislation is being debated and voted upon.
It is important to exercise the rights that we do have and to do so in a way that everyone can easily recognize as responsible. I fully support open carry demonstrations, such as those conducted by groups who carry outdoors in public places, fully obeying the law.
You have to remember that these people are getting all the negative talking points about guns thrown at them constantly. Okay, so the gun control crowd wants to require registration; which will invariably be followed up by confiscation. I’ve seen some pretty strong evidence to show that ATF agents copy records when they do these audits. The first way to keep your gun ownership off those records is to buy all your firearms in private, local sales.
Selling guns privately that you no long want (is that possible?) is another way of confounding the system. If you build your own guns, there is no legal requirement to have a serial number on it or to have it registered in any way. You can also buy 80% lowers for some other military styled firearms, guns that predate the AR-15. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Bill WhiteBill White is the author of Conquering the Coming Collapse, and a former Army officer, manufacturing engineer and business manager. Bill has been a survivalist since the 1970s, when the nation was in the latter days of the Cold War. The author contradicts his own ''solution' point of selling 'privately' when he suggests that you do a background check on the 'private' buyer to whom you are supposed to be selling a gun 'privately'! Indeed, all NCIC background checks and FFL sales are two keystrokes away from being carefully scrutinized by any agent who wants to know at any time they feel like it. The plan started surreptitiously under the Marxist philosophical regime of Roosevelt, then Johnson furthered it functionally with the 1968 Gun Control Act--which supposedly made ONLY people committing felonies forever doomed to non rehabilitation forfeiture of their inalienable rights, even after they paid for their mistakes in life--but now intentionally 'evolved' through back door Fascist policies into making ubiquitous non-felony domestic violence incidents subject to immediate gun forfeitures and prohibition, and even people 'administratively' diagnosed with some mental or emotional problems not associated with any immediate criminal behavior but which 'Might' pose a problem in the future! How many of you out there think you'll be immune to banning your possession of guns as they ramp up the criteria for 'mental illness' gun prohibition?
For reality effectiveness in turning back the population disarmament tyranny, Everybody MUST first free their intellect from that specious socialist programming notion that gun control laws are needed to stop 'criminals' from getting guns or any other dangerous crime facilitating 'tools'.
The first pervasive political move 'WE, the People' should embrace is to begin attacking the source of their tyranny.
For the under educated knaves, who still insist that the term "well regulated militia" means an organized National Guard or other governmental "force", that is flat out false and intentionally misleading. Instead of calling NCIC, the couple of times I have sold privately, I required they have a valid driver's license to prove ID and a valid Concealed Carry Permit. I agree with 90% of article however, you should know that the congress has NO authority to repeal the Constitution nor any part therein. Your comment on obtaining a concealed carry permit defeats a portion of the second amendment in that it is an infringement on your right to bear arms. We also have really have to work to actually REPEAL the 1934 NFA, the Fascist agenda based '68 GCA, The 1986 Machine Gun Act which actually was on a Bill that almost nobody knows exists that supposedly prohibits gun registration of private citizens! Close, TP my friend, and certainly descriptively appropriate to today's agenda based ruling class government and society, but back in the Jeffersonian experiment, 'Well regulated' Militia--in the context of the times actually initially meant a reserve army comprised of ALL the people who would become the 'organized regulated' military which would turn into an American Military, under the proper training and COMMAND of a Patriotic civilian leadership in the absence of a Full time established Army--as we have now. And of course definitions of terms often had entirely different or expanded meanings back then. The primary rationale of the Framers' liberty equation in America was that if you guaranteed everybody's natural inalienable right to possess firearms or any other weapons, you would always have enough people with these weapons to defend the general liberty and freedom of the country.

Because without the means (weapons) to protect and defend liberty and justice, flawed agenda based proprietorship of our unconscious species would never allow it. The issues that might have become a problem were with the notion of Militias defending our liberty against ALL enemies of the country, Foreign AND Domestic.
So, They made the American POTUS the ultimate 'REGULATOR' of the Well Regulated Militia, if it needed to be organized for war with an enemy. As this starts to get complicated, and there is much analysis on this if you do the research, because what if the nation's 'enemy' is the government themselves? Which, of course, as you so succinctly stated TP, even the suck ass SCOTUS as turncoated on the Constitution and allows fiat administrative illegal mandates to prevail as they are in the determined process of doing RIGHT NOW! George, 'LESS' understanding and protection of the Constitutional liberties is 'MORE' in your midget mentality reading comprehension capacity, perhaps?
All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property.
Creating a fire without recourse to matches or a lighter is one of the most crucial survival skills you can master. When you begin to fend for yourself in the wilderness, it immediately becomes obvious how much is taken for granted in the modern urben environment.
Even in ideal circumstances, human beings can survive for only three to four days without water, and if you are exerting yourself or having to contend with high temperatures, this time will be much shorter. One of the most satisfying aspects of survival in the wilderness is the making of tools and equipment. Although wild plants have obvious potential as food, their hidden treasure is in their medicinal usage. 5% off when you register for a course 6 months in advance with a 40% down-payment 10% off if you pay in full 6 months in advance! At this point, you should be discussing your emergency plan with your family, as well as checking the supplies in your safe room.
Depending on the strength and duration of the tornado, you may not have access to modern amenities for up to 24 hours (sometimes longer).
Once you’ve acquired a decent emergency kit, it’s time to develop an emergency communication plan.
The purpose of building a safe room is to provide you and your family with a safe place to hide when one hits. If for whatever reason you can’t get to a safe room, cover yourself with a mattress or sleeping bag and stay away from windows.
If you have a helmet, wear it. Believe it or not, a lot of people die from getting hit in the head with debris.
For this reason, it’s a much better idea to get out of your car and find a sturdier shelter.
Even though weather detection technology has become fairly advanced, it’s still possible to find yourself in a life-or-death situation with a tornado.
Water survival training encompasses equipment familiarization and processes in the event of an emergency over-water ditching scenario.
Chris Triebel, 161st Air Refueling Wing vice commander, onto a 20 man life raft during water survival training May 3, 2015, at Lake Pleasant, Peoria, Ariz. Chris Triebel (left), 161st Air Refueling Wing vice commander, poses with the Aircrew Flight Equipment shop for a group photo after completing water survival training May 3, 2015, at Lake Pleasant, Peoria, Ariz.
In the unlikely event the Airmen are stranded at sea, they need the skills that will keep them alive until rescue forces arrive. All members practiced putting up the canopy, which helps protect them from the sun and rain on the open water.
Since many campers and students only spent a few weeks or months with us, they often found it hard to practice their skills and expand their knowledge when they went back home.
Ever since President Obama took office, he’s been seeking every opportunity he could to infringe upon those rights. Had he tried to then, he might have been able to succeed; after all, he managed to push Obamacare through, without a single Republican vote.
But they are selective in their choosing of facts when they do that, making sure that they use facts which can be bent to supporting their situation. But at the same time, if you remove Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans and Washington from the statistics, we drop to fourth from the bottom. The interesting thing is, those four cities have been controlled by Democrat politics for decades and they have some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. They won’t be illegal aliens that commit crimes, drug pushers or Muslims who support terrorists. Both are receiving a huge amount of support, while only representing a very miniscule part of the population. The other side is pouring a huge amount of money into pushing their agenda, while we, the backbone of America, spend very little on supporting our point of view. That means that we have elected officials, who are supposed to vote the way that the citizens in their districts want them to vote. Most of these organizations send out e-mails and announcements to their members when legislation is up for vote. Carrying loaded AR-15 into the supermarket might be within your legal rights, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea. This is exercising one’s right and doing so in a way to help acclimate the general population to the idea of law-abiding citizens carrying weapons in the open. If you are going to carry a firearm, then you need to practice with it, so that you will be proficient in its use.
If you’re going to carry, especially carry openly, you need to be ready to be questioned.
I’m talking about the person who has a legitimate question or doubt, not the one who just wants to call you names. Those with a Federal Firearms License (FFL) are required to keep meticulous records of every firearm they receive and that they sell.
So, there’s a good chance that there is some federal database, even if it is illegal.
That way, if the government does institute door-to-door searches, hopefully they’ll leave after finding your obvious guns, leaving you the hidden ones.
More recently, he left the business world to work as a cross-cultural missionary on the Mexico border. He had determined to head into the Colorado Rockies, should Washington ever decide to push the button. There are many ways that people have come up with to hurt others and that won't stop just because guns are taken away from law abiding citizens. Whether it is to help you to survive a single night or for a longer period, a shelter offers you a place in which you can feel safe physically and , just as importantly, psychologically, A good shelterwill provide protection against rain, snow, heat, and unwelcome wildlife, while allowing you to conserve your body heat and energy and to rest, recuperate and recover. Once a fire is built and lit it gives warmth, provides light during the long dark hours of night, enables you to cook food, sterilize water and make tools, and helps to keep your spirits up.
The food you normally eat probably comes with very little effort, whereas providing yourself with food in the wild is an activity and a chore that may consume a large part of the day. So as soon as your shelter is taken care of, you must make sure you have access to a supply of fresh water. By this, I mean that you and your family should have a way to communicate with one another in case you are separated.

Basically, make sure that everyone in your household is familiar with what to do and where to go if a tornado hits. Another one of the more important tornado safety tips to remember is to never try and outrun a tornado in a car. Granted, there is one exception: if you see the tornado moving to one side or the other, it may be safe to drive in the opposite direction. The tornado traveled more than 300 miles through Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, and was rated as an F5 on the Fujita scale (this means that the winds were in excess of 260+ MPH).
Jason Snodgrass, 161st Air Refueling Wing boom operator, ties the side of the 20 man life raft canopy up for ventilation during water survival training at Lake Pleasant, Peoria, Ariz., May 3, 2015. AFE is responsible for teaching the aircrewa€™s water survival refresher training every three years.
Gun and ammo sales have gone through the roof, as people have sought to make sure that they bought guns before Obama managed to make it illegal. They recognize that they will never gain complete control over the United States as long as there is an armed citizenry; so they want to get rid of guns. No, it will be you and I; those that oppose the progressive liberal left and the direction they are taking this country. They paint themselves as being discriminated against, and spend millions painting that picture. So, the message of those fringe groups ends up sounding like the message of mainstream America. While they have more members and spend more on political lobbying than any other organization, they aren’t the only ones. So, you need to keep at least a partial eye on politics, which probably isn’t your favorite subject.
That gives you the opportunity to contact your Senators and Congressmen, and tell them where you stand on that issue. The problem is that there are too many people who will be afraid to see you or I carrying a gun like that. Should the time ever come when you need to unholster your weapon, then you want to make sure that you can hit the target.
They’re not hearing the statistics that show how gun ownership and concealed carry licenses help to lower the crime rate.
When that happens, you need to be ready to give well thought out, well articulated reasons for why you carry, backed up by the appropriate statistics. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF or BATF) audits those records on an annual basis, to verify that they are complete and accurate. However, I would recommend making a call to the NCIC database and check on the identity of the person who is buying it from you. It is also a bit harder to find the parts to finish them out; but once again, they are available. So, as long as it qualifies as historic, you can build one and not worry about some part showing up at your doorstep with a serial number stamped in it.
Unlike a politican like Anthony Wiener, who is the poster child for poor impulse control and lack of emotional maturity, "well regulated" does not apply at all to Anthony, based on his past and unfortunately most recent behavior. Through the principles of erecting shelters in the wilderness are simple, building one can be hard work. Starting a fire using friction is not an easy task, and the various techniques require a lot of skill.
One this is for sure: gather all your food from the wild for a few days will make you appreciate your nourishment a lot more.
That's easier said than done and if you don't have a modern water filter, then you will need to purify the water by boiling it (this, in turn, makes fire more important in the big scheme of survival).
These skills are truly a joy to learn, and many of them may lead you into a lifelong journey toward artistry and the perfection of, and even addiction to, wilderness survival skills. Having gone through this experience, I can tell you firsthand that learning the following tornado safety tips is super-important. Not only can they save your life, but you’ll also be able to live day-to-day with greater peace of mind.
Another one of the more important tornado safety tips to remember is to trim trees and shrubbery. She didn’t know anything about them, except that they made a lot of noise and people used them to kill other people.
Just knowing that the majority are in favor of or oppose a particular piece of legislation will be a factor in their thinking about it. It only takes a moment to make that phone call or send an e-mail, and you’ve made your voice heard. They aren’t hearing about crimes that are actually stopped by responsible law-abiding citizens. You have to finish the other 20% of the machining work yourself, in order to build the gun.
He now works to educate others on the risks that exist in our society and how to prepare to meet them. Since we have a current member of SCOTUS that truly espouses interpreting other countries and cultural laws in HIS SCOTUS decisions, we must then use that definition from our well documented history of what "well regulated?
If you try to take shortcuts, your well-being and perhaps your survival may be compromised. Even then, being able to conjure a burning ember by rubbing sticks together is only half the skill. Purification of drinking water could turn out to be your biggest headache in a survival situation. Even if your area doesn’t experience frequent tornadoes, I still recommend that you learn how to prepare for them.
This is one of those tornado safety tips that people tend to forget, and it ends up killing them. By doing this, you are helping to ensure that you are not getting guns into criminals’ hands. Tinder does not burn for long, so it is equally important to know how to build a fire that lights with the smallest flame and stays lit. It is essential, however, otherwise you might survive other adverse conditions only to fall prey to waterborne diseases or the chemical pollution that infiltrates many water sources. Don’t attempt to move someone who’s been seriously injured unless they’re in immediate danger. If you notice that someone has stopped breathing, begin CPR right away (the sooner you start, the higher the chances of them surviving).

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