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Woodland Ways operates fun, practical and realistic bushcraft & Survival skills courses throughout the UK. Survival skills course – learning essential survival skills from bushcraft expert instructor.
Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Thank you for the photographs and once again thank you for an excellent experience on Saturday afternoon. A special thanks to Al who has quite some general knowledge and also had to put up with our drunken ramblings for the whole of Saturday night!
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Reading a skill book permanently raises the corresponding skill by three points (four with the Comprehension perk).
The first number in parentheses indicates the total number of skill books with all add-ons included.
Big Book of ScienceAshton silo control station Lonesome Road (add-on)In the north corner of Launch Deck level 3 of Silo wreckage just past a hard locked safe. Big Book of ScienceBrewer's beer bootleggingIn the cellar all the way in the back room with the sign, on a table with the chem kit to your left. Big Book of ScienceCamp Forlorn HopeIn the Command Center, in the Southeast corner, on the desk (must be stolen). Big Book of ScienceExecutive suites Dead MoneyOn a bookshelf in Vera's room, which is found in the Executive suites area of the Sierra Madre Casino.
Big Book of ScienceHELIOS One dialogueReward for distributing power through the network during That Lucky Old Sun. Big Book of ScienceREPCONN headquartersLocated on the ground floor through the door next to the radioactive barrel display.

Big Book of ScienceY-0 research center Old World Blues (add-on)In a corner of the canyon south of the Y-0 building, between two xander root plants by the hand of a skeleton. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualCamp SearchlightIn the east church, down in the gecko-filled basement, on the floor at the foot of some metal shelves. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualGoodspringsIn the Goodsprings home inhabited by Trudy and Sunny Smiles, East from the schoolhouse, on a bookshelf. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualNCR Sharecropper FarmsOn some papers, by the corner desk inside the Sharecropper barracks near the four water towers in the northeast corner of the fenced in area. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualPuesta del Sol switching station Dead MoneyIn the eastern most room of the switching station there is a huge machine on the south side of the room. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualVault 3Living Quarters, right after you come down the stairs from the recreation area. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualX-13 research facility Old World Blues (add-on)On the floor, opposite the door in the room where the chest plate for the stealth suit Mk II is. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualX-13 research facility Old World Blues (add-on)In the testing facility section, in the reward safe upon completion of all the Stealth Suit tests.
Dean's ElectronicsAbandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker Dead MoneyOn the metal sill, opposite the reloading bench, in the area with the office. You already know many factors and skills come into play in a disaster situation, but, if you’ve trained and are reasonably prepared, then one skill is more important than any other. On the flip side, you have to see danger when it is present to be able to protect yourself from it.
To throw a humorous viewpoint on situational awareness and its glaring lack in our society, watch this short video below (hat tip to here for the source).
Do you agree: Is situational awareness key to survival or would you rate another skill as more important? Our main camps teaching the survival skills course are located in Oxfordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire.

This was an enjoyable and memorable experience for all 14 who partook and none of us would hesitate to recommend your services to others.
Dead Money adds an additional copy of each skill book type, with the exception of Wasteland Survival Guide. The second number in parentheses is the total number of skills books with Old World Blues Skill book crafting mechanic included. There is another door behind the counter you must pick (hard difficulty), the book is located on a shelf past the door.
Journal of Internal MedicineBuried Buildings Lonesome Road (add-on)Just after exiting the Cave of the Abaddon, in the south corner under a nightstand, in the room with the bed and the exit to The Divide. Journal of Internal MedicineHELIOS OneUpstairs in the main building, lying on a bed in the same room with the east terminal password.
Simply put: you have to be aware of your options and opportunities at any given time to take advantage of those possibilities.
Honest Hearts introduces the workbench crate, a container with random loot that has a chance of containing various skill books, but no static book locations. Note: If the game is unpatched, the door is unlocked, and you will be able to enter and get the book. Old World Blues adds two copies of Chinese Army: Spec Ops Training Manual and a copy of Big Book of Science, in addition to a new mechanic enabling the player to create a single copy of each book at a workbench using 25 blank books, two tubes of wonderglue and the appropriate recipe. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes from Fallout 3 has been removed, since the Big Guns skill has been dissolved into other skills.

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