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Knowing how to make an emergency survival shelter can be a useful skill that could one day save your life. If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in one of these situations, the first thing to do is try to find some cover by looking for a natural shelter like a cave or rock formation with a large overhang.
Now it’s time to cover you shelter with whatever debris is nearby such as dead leaves and grass.
Once your shelter is built, you will probably want to create some kind of doorway that will allow you to get in and out of your shelter while also blocking the wind and rain. The doorway is also a good spot to build a small fire but remember if you are using dry debris to be very careful when lighting a fire near it. Whenever venturing out into the forest, even for just a hike, you should always bring some basic survival tools and supplies with you that will make life much easier if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation.
We have provided instructions on how to make a basic structure using the elements most commonly found in the wilderness and without the use of tools. A shelter can protect you from the sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures, and undesirable observation from others.
In some areas, your need for shelter may take precedence over your need for food and possibly even your need for water.
When you are in a survival situation and realize that shelter is a high priority, start looking for shelter as soon as possible. When looking for a shelter site, it is important to keep in mind the type of shelter you will need. To answer these questions, you need to know how to make various types of shelters and what materials you need to make them. Look for loose rocks, dead limbs, coconuts, or other natural growth than could fall on your shelter.
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What happens if you go exploring somewhere remote like a forest and suddenly the weather changes quickly bringing strong winds and rain? If you happen to find one, you’re in luck because you won’t have to waste energy collecting materials to build a shelter from scratch. Find as many small and medium sized branches as you can and lean them on both sides of the ridgepole creating a frame that looks like a traditional tent. If you happen to be near any pine trees, chopping off some of its branches also works well. Try building a hole in the ground in your doorway to put the fire in so it sits lower and is less likely to catch fire to your shelter.
At the very minimum you should have some extra warm clothes, a knife, some rope and a little food such as some energy bars and some bottled water. You might even find yourself alone on occasion when in the outdoors to get away from the noise and chaos caused by being around other people. It definitely won’t be as nice as a stay at the Hilton, but it will get the job done.
You will want to want to find a long branch which is taller than you, which will be the base support for your shelter.
Once you find this tree, take your long branch and wedge it so that it goes from the crook of the tree to the ground, making a diagonal line. For example, prolonged exposure to cold can cause excessive fatigue and weakness (exhaustion) in a very short time. This point is true regardless of whether you are in a hot, cold, tropical, desert, or arctic situation. Examples of natural shelters include caves, rocky crevices, clumps of bushes, small depressions, large rocks on leeward sides of hills, large trees with low-hanging limbs, and fallen trees with thick branches.
Low areas collect the heavy cold air at night and are therefore colder than the surrounding high ground.
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To avoid keeping the fire going all night, surround the fire with large rocks during the evening and when you are ready to sleep, put the fire out and drag the hot rocks that are around the fire further into your shelter to keep you warm. However, you never know when disaster or misfortune are going to strike and if you become lost or stranded you need to know how to create a shelter until help comes. You also are going to want to gather more branches which are a little bit shorter, as well as grass and leaves. A shelter must be large enough to protect you and small enough to contain your body heat, especially in cold climates. For your clothing to protect you, it must be in as good of a condition as possible and be worn properly.  If it is torn, it should be repaired. During cold winter months you will want a site that will protect you from the cold and wind, but will have a source of fuel and water. There are many ways to create shelters in the wilderness and depending on the terrain you are in, different objects may be needed. During summer months in the same area you will want a source of water, but you will also want the site to be almost insect free. These are just a couple of examples where knowing how to make an emergency survival shelter in the wilderness could save your life. Before using this type of shelter make sure that the rock structure or cave you come across is structurally sound and that there are no loose pieces that could fall on you.
Ideally you want to lean one end up against a tree or rock so that its sits diagonally to the ground creating the top frame of your shelter. Also always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back so if you find yourself in trouble there’s at least a good chance that help will be on the way. If you don’t want to use a tree, you could also cross to large sticks at one end and tie them together where they meet with some rope or a shoelace to create a support structure for your ridgepole. The reason for this part is to make the framework more secure and also give something for the debris to lay on top of.
Cover the entire inside floor of your shelter with the same debris you used on the outside.

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