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In this guide, we’re going to give you some great advice on how to really improve as a Survival Games player. To compete in the Survival Games, you obviously need to have some basic Minecraft knowledge.
The best way to be a part of a team is with a real-life friend you know and trust or even an online friend that has Skype or another voice call system. Try to set traps using flint and steel, try running and sniping with a bow, even just try running if nothing else works! Being able to call out instructions and warnings to your partners will give you a big boost over the competition who may be acting alone. When you see the Iron-wielding warrior with a diamond sword coming for  your poor defenseless leather armored self Рyou know that things are bad.

Based on what you learned from your research of our previous tips, you should always have a decent idea if your gear is superior or inferior to other players..
Post your comment below and share how you’re able to win as many Survival Games as you do! Essentially, you just need to spam the jump button as you’re running in this situation, and you should be able to move away from enemies that are chasing you. That means you learn as much as you can about the environment, players, and items of the server you’re playing on. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Hopefully you’ll be able to form teams, and grow together as you learn what will win fights.

If so, what kits seem to help the most right away – before most players get the great gear on the map.
These types of questions will help you decide when to run and bide your time and when might be a better time to attack. You won’t always win fights with these strategies, but this information should help you win more fights if you’ve been struggling! Knowing the physical layout of the maps will help you just like in a deathmatch of COD or Halo.

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