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Survival realty reportedly experienced a boom prior to the predicted Mayan Apocalypse on Dec. This widespread interest across varied social groups could be possibly explained by a general desire for escape: Kozlik said that survival-style, off-grid remote living has many perks that city living, say, does not. For those who are able to drop serious bankroll on a luxury survival bunker, there are some more impressive options. At American Redoubt Realty, we offer the highest level of confidential real estate referrals and expert consulting services with our Team of affiliate Prepper Partners to ensure your Strategic Relocation is a success. Learn MoreSecurityHow to select a property that will keep your loved ones safe in times of peril. Please Select the State you wish to Relocate to below.Our Consulting Staff will contact you to set a referral appointment to one our trained Strategic Relocation Realtors in the chosen State and County.
This 3 bedroom 3 bath contemporary home on 225 acres is totally self sustaining, powered by wind generation & solar power. This state of the art residence has many amenities, including radiant floor heat, high end appliances, master suite, walk in closet, spanish tile and Pozzi windows. Do not attempt to view property without specific authorization from the property owner or listing agent. The benefits of a tiny house have been summed up in the introduction, basically boiling down to freedom. Lastly there is a big benefit to choosing Maine as a permanent spot for you tiny house, or at least starting here. In conclusion, if you are looking for a change but haven’t figured out exactly what it is your searching for,  living the tiny life might be right up your alley.
We have a very nice, private house on 40 beautiful acres of land in San Diego County’s Back-country.
575 gallon propane tank for house (runs Hot Water Heater, Gas Stove, Servil Propane Refrigerator). Trees Many shade trees, primarily Black Locust, Oak, Scrub Oak, Manzanita galore, Lillac, and Red Shank Colorado Spruce and other Evergreen trees.

A four level wall comprised of approximately 3,800 interlocking blocks ensures stability of the hill on three sides. His thoughts are echoed by Michael White, a survival property Realtor in northern Idaho, who adds that as long as the fear of war, global financial collapse and government distrust exist, survival real estate will always be in demand. Kozlik himself was part of a group who built an underground shelter in 1990, and today lives in a different survival-style, off-grid shelter, where he raised his children.
A 32-by-10-foot corrugated steel shelter (see gallery above) designed to be buried 20 feet underground can purportedly withstand bomb blasts, as well as nuclear, chemical and biological disasters. Elk, deer and antelope are your nearest neighbors, and the property affords lots of privacy with inspiring views of 7 mountain ranges and the Beaverhead valley. The new American dream involves freedom from mortgages and bills versus the big house with the white picket fence. A tiny house obviously uses less energy for climate control and uses less natural resources to build. Maine has a great community of people and businesses working for green energy and low impact housing.
There is no better place to than Maine, its community and its wilderness real estate will make your tiny dreams come true. Off of a dirt road, it sits on the northern edge of Volcan Mountain, overlooking Valle de San Jose and Lake Henshaw.
Fruit trees (Santa Rosa and other plums, Nectarine, Pear, Peach, Fuji Apple, Mandarin Orange, Grapefruit, and Lemon). The structures are earthquake resistant and solid, and owners are able to be entirely self-sufficient, independent from mainstream utility grid systems. The shelter, which is being sold for $59,900, can accommodate three to four people and comes equipped with blast doors, an air filtration system and under-floor storage. Many of us feel that going back to a self sustaining life is more rewarding than becoming a cog in the big business machine. Also, in most tiny house situations a compost toilet is used along with a rain collection system for the shower.

Others know where they want to be and having a tiny house makes finding the perfect spot that much easier.
This is a huge weight off the shoulders of many people who otherwise ride that fine line of becoming a hoarder in a large home. The actual tiny house community is also very apparent in Maine making your journey that much easier being surrounded by other like minded people.
12 miles north from Santa Ysabel, 45 miles to Poway, 45 miles to Temecula, 25 miles to Ramona. The entire house and wall are fenced for approximately 600’ with 4’ tall, quality cyclone fence and six welded locking gates. Survival shelters are also usually surrounded by acres and acres of pristine, untouched natural environment.
If that sounds like you, you’re probably a great candidate to become a tiny house owner. It is one of very few houses on more than 30,000 acres, virtually surrounded by Indian Reservations for many miles in every direction. In fact, Realtors insist that the survival real estate market remains steady — and predict that it will remain strong in the future. It’s a lifestyle, he said, that is not just smart and forward-thinking, but can also be rewarding. In Kansas, there are plans to build a multimillion dollar underground missile shaft-style bunker that features an indoor farm, pool, movie theater, a stockpile of five years worth of dry food, and space for a medical center and school.
Various levels can be left opened or locked for various uses (protect children, animals, privacy, etc.).

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