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October as National Breast Cancer Awareness month began in America but has since evolved to become a global health campaign. When the assignment came up for this piece, we knew we wanted to talk about address the significance of the month, but weren’t sure just how. In a recent article in The New York Times, aptly titled In The Breast Cancer Fight, The Pinking of America, critics accused the pink movement of sugar coating the disease.
It isn’t unusual to find pink-themed products priced higher than their regular versions nor is it unusual to find details of charity contributions conveniently fuzzy. The department store flyer was a stark reminder that breast cancer awareness needed to get back to its basics.
In a report based on statistics from 2003 to 2005 close to 70,000 new cancer cases were diagnosed in Peninsula Malaysia.
This October, let’s think beyond the pink ribbon and learn how we can stay one step ahead of the most common cancer in Malaysia.
Yes, remember that illustration of a woman touching her breasts in circular motion that made you squeamish at the doctor’s office? A graphical example by the Breast Cancer Welfare Association of Malaysia of the size of lumps different form screening methods can detect. Annual screenings can be in the form of mammograms or ultrasound in addition to physical examination by your doctor. In Malaysia annual screenings with the inclusion of mammograms are encouraged for women 35 and above. While hereditary links increases the risk of breast cancer in some individuals, it can occur in women with no family history of it. The deciding factor came in the form of a department store flyer I recently received in the post. I was entitled to discounts on shoes and handbags while cosmetics came with deluxe samples to mark the occasion.

Despite the large amount raised by charities through the initiative, the move was exploitative of consumers and was just another excuse to get consumers to spend.
What’s worse are some pink-themed products which are not linked to any charities or actual philanthropic efforts. Our breasts are different at different points in a month, it is important to know what lumps, bumps and pain are normal and which ones aren’t. Globally, breast cancer may often be seen as a disease affecting older women but in Asia, it is common for breast cancer to occur in women below 50. For women below 35, the National Cancer Society of Malaysia recommends ultrasound and physical inspection. While we could have easily highlighted the promotions happening in occurence with BCA month, which surely would have tickled the shopper in you, we hope that you take a moment to reflect, check and perhaps share this with your loved ones too. This made breast cancer the most common form of cancer to afflict Malaysians, ahead of lung cancer – the most common form of cancer globally.
Start a log, or use a smartphone app such as Period Tracker (also available on Android) to track these changes in relation to your cycle. There was no link between the promotional messages and breast cancer awareness or fund raising for the cause.
It is still advisable that you get treatment as soon as possible especially if the tumor or lump has not yet become malignant. Plus, you get to spend a much cheaper medical expense if you get treated during the early stages. There is no specific explanation to that but probably the Adam’s apple of men can somehow give protection against the possible growth of malignant tumors. It can be due to hereditary or radiation exposure from a very high level.There are four major groups of thyroid cancer which are papillary thyroid cancer, follicular thyroid cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, and anaplastic thyroid cancer. Each of these types has differences when it comes to the thyroid cancer survival rate.Papillary thyroid cancer is the most common type.

Depending on the stages, papillary thyroid cancer survival rates range from nearly 100% to 50%.
Like the papillary thyroid cancer survival rate, follicular has also a high survival rate from the first stages.
The final stage has also a 5-year survival rate of only 50%.The third type of thyroid cancer is medullary which is mostly caused through hereditary. Because of the possibility of affecting the lymph nodes, the general medullary thyroid cancer survival rate is 85%. Stage 1 has the only highest survival rate but lowers down up to 80% when it turns into stage 3. Advertisements The last type is anaplastic thyroid cancer which is the rarest among the four categories.
Once it reaches stage 4, the survival rate is only 10%.No matter what type or stage of the cancer you have, it is recommended to get treatment right away. Depending on the case, there may be an additional treatment through chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
Because of the reliability and effectiveness of these treatments, the general thyroid cancer survival rate has really improved compared to the past few years.
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