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Being able to survive any situation that you find yourself in takes knowledge, certain skill sets and the right frame of mind. Something to keep in mind, Mathematicians have calculated that you can only rely on luck 33% percent of the time so mathematically speaking how does this apply to the rule of threes for survival which states that. Rapid blood loss will result in death almost immediately so you must stop the blood loss before any other treatment even before administering CPR. The amount of venom that could be sucked from a bite is minimal and venom can cause damage to persons’ mouth, throat and stomach or enter the system through a cut or an abrasion. The body will attempt to raise the temperature of a full bladder while sleeping which means more work for the body and thus it may not be able to maintain the proper core temperature.
If you find these games too scary to play, you can always try playing some room escape games. Shoot the evil monsters while trying to pick up the gems before the monsters get too close. Make your way through the dark smelly sewers shooting vampire bats and chopping up zombie worms.
Its trick or treat night and you need to decide if the person knocking is a kid or a monster. Guide Scooby and Shaggy through a series of scary interactive action and logic based puzzles.
Kill the zombies and defend the only road connecting the safe zone with the infected area! End the zombie invasion with your shooting skills in this special edition of the Boxhead series.

Help Shaggy and Scooby escape from an ancient egyptian tomb before the Ghost of Anubis catches them. Help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so that he may be able to sleep again.
Help Scooby Doo find his way through three exibit halls before he ends up on permanent display. Shoot and kill the zombies and evil creatures that appear on your radar before they kill you. Jump over obstacles and grab new weapons and treasures while shooting the ghosts and monsters. In this creepy game you can drag your enemies, throw them into the air and rip their heads off. The heart is overworking trying to pump warm blood to the organs so any stimulant can cause cardiac arrest. Each person has a different weight so the amount of fluid lost is a percentage of a persons’ body weight. The venom is injected by the fangs well below the first layer of skin and is already in the system before you can begin to extract it. Some games aren't actually that scary but some others really do scare the people playing them. A lot of the best scary games are jokes or pranks meant to be played on unsuspecting friends or family. You have to work out how to escape from the rooms in these games and they're not scary at all!

Rubbing the body vigorously can also cause cardiac arrest because of the exertion it has on the body. Some medical professional also phrase it as when the cells in the body lose 15% of their fluids. Medical professionals know what venomous snakes are in the area and typically can identify them through the venom in the bite. The digestive process helps raise the body’s core temperature so it is best to eat just before sleeping or when you know you will not be active for a period. But there are also scary games that you can play to scare yourself, many have tasks to complete, hidden objects and a mystery to solve. This means you need practice and real world experience to develop the necessary skill sets.
Muscle cells for example are 75% water so as a percentage, they can lose more fluids and still function but as a whole, the body will succumb to dehydration when the total percent of lost fluid reaches 12%. How about if a tornado suddenly appeared on the road in front of you?Take our ultimate survival quiz to find out how you well you would do in an emergency.

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