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How to teach kids and adults what wild plants are edible, and precautions to take in the field. For example the card that highlights wild onions, also shows a look alike plant called the Death Camus - which is very poisonous. A total of 54 (52 + Jokers) cards with vital information on edible plants found in North America.

The Edible Wilderness cards include color photographs of edible and poisonous plants, preparation techniques, seasonal information, warnings about poisonous look alikes, tips for best taste and possible side effects of each plant.
Some of the edible plants featured include: cattails, dandelion, tree parts (cadmium and more), mushrooms, insects, types of cactus, berries, seaweeds, wild mustard, purslane, stinging nettle, wild rose, chicory, wild onion, fireweed, wild asparagus, wild dock, sheep sorrel, water lily, chickweed, amaranth, fiddelheads, grasses, thistle, day lily, and more.
The Joker cards contain a "Universal Test for Edibility" - a ten step structured approach to testing plants for edibility.

Get a deck for yourself today, and grab a couple extra decks - they make memorable and thoughtful gifts for friends who enjoy the outdoors.

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