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Christmas has just ended and the New Year has begun, so it's time to look back fondly on the year 2015 and give one more well deserved shout out to the best films of 2015! I'm not going to claim that I was a huge Amy Winehouse fan when I saw this movie, but “Amy” ends up being more than a simple documentary about a famous singer.
Based on the real life experiments that took place in the early seventies, “The Stanford Prison Experiment” was one of the most controversial studies of all time because of what it revealed about human character.
If you need an example of how to make a great action movie, “Mad Max: Fury Road” is all you need to see to understand just how good the genre can be. Speaking of directors who like to reinvent themselves, if George Miller is the guy who shows an old dog can still learn new tricks, then Alejandro G. Being released at the tail end of the year (and thus making this list by the skin of its teeth) is Charlie Kaufmans most ambitious project to date. Despite concerns from the Catholic Church that “Spotlight” would ignite hate towards religion, this movie is not an anti-religious film so much is it an anti-crime movie. Now then, despite my comments on how Hollywood doesn't want to make innovative films like “Spotlight” anymore, there is at least one major Hollywood studio that does: Pixar. Not only is Riley herself an interesting character, but the emotions inside her head are all interesting to watch and study.
Six health organizations, including American Medical Association, support the finding that being exposed to violent media increases aggression, especially in kids.
Some may argue that violence has always been around in American movies and does not affect aggressive behavior in kids. On a more personal level, I think extremely violent films with a profuse amount of guns and explosions can scare and slightly traumatize younger audiences as well.
Overall, the MPAA should be more careful with rating PG-13 movies, especially since studies have shown that they contain more violence than R-rated films.
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I have to say, this year was so good I almost scrapped my top ten list to make another top twenty list.
It is actually a deeply intimate look into a famous woman who had a great talent, lots of fame, but would give all that up if she could just walk down the street without having her picture taken. With great acting, explosive special effects that blur the lines between what is computer animated and what is real, and a smart story that is told visually as opposed to verbally (among other things). Here is a movie about a man who was insanely talented, had great ideas that revolutionized people's everyday lives, and he could command an audience better than any rock star could.
Making his first animated movie, “Anomalisa” follows a man whose world has become mundane and monotone. While they've been bit by the sequel bug just like all the other studios, the fact that they still have it in them to produce something as innovative and deep as “Inside Out” is proof that they are still a creative force to be treasured. This is a film that is not only entertaining but deep on many levels you cannot possibly see coming. It is the best film of the year regardless of the technique behind the making of it, and it is one of those rare movies that people of any age can watch and gain something valuable from! These movie list of survival movies is a good way of storytelling, getting inspiration, hope, emotional and sometimes lead to mind-twisting situations you’ll never expected. A 2013 news report in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which was in response to the Sandy Hook shooting, showed that the gunplay has tripled in the PG-13 rating since 1985, while violence in R-rated movies declined.

This goes hand in hand with “the weapons effect,” or the well-researched theory that seeing weapons escalates hostile behavior. The amount of violence and gunplay can have a negative effect on youth by increasing aggression, a possible contributor to the increase in school shootings.
The only reason I didn't because in practice I came in two films short to be able to do that without coming off forced, and thus the list was scaled back to ten. This is a movie about how we as people prey on people's suffering and misery, all for cheap entertainment that we won't even remember a year from now. Sad because of the inhumanity we see on screen, yet compelling because of how it all plays out in front of us. After directing last year's Best Picture winner “Birdman: Or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance” most directors would decide to take it easy for a few years.
He is desperately looking for some brightness back in his life, and feels he may have found it in the form of a woman named Lisa. With a great ensemble cast and sharp directing, this is a reminder of just how good movies can be, and why it is important to continue to support independent films because these are the sort of movies Hollywood just doesn't want to make anymore, and if they don't get made movie lovers and audiences in general lose.
With a concept that is out of this world even for them, the movie takes place inside the head of a twelve year old girl named Riley, and follows the inner workings of her mind and how her emotions work and play a part in how she lives her life. It is one of those rare movies that helps us understand life a little better and gives us a world we can only imagine in our wildest dreams. But as the movie gets going, you realize that it is filled with nothing but blood, guns, and explosions, and your little sibling looks a bit overwhelmed.
According to the report’s co-author, “The MPAA website clearly says that R-rated films contain more violence. In movies, teens and children not only witness the weapons effect, but also see characters using the guns.
But, from the 1980s-2010s, during which the PG-13 rating was established and the Pediatrics study showed that violence was increasing, there were a whopping 120.
If you have seen the movie, you know that gunplay and bombs are a significant part of the movie. So before you take a younger sibling to see a possibly-violent PG-13 movie, take a look at some of the movie reviews to make sure it isn’t overly intense. Anchored by a great performance by Billy Crudup, this one sticks with you long after it is over.
What is most amazing is that this was directed by George Miller, who directed the very first “Mad Max” over thirty years ago.
The film argues (quite convincingly) that Jobs had no real friends, no personal relationship that wasn't marred in dispute, and regardless what was going on in his personal life, it always took second place to the next product he was going to launch. This film is way too complicated and creative to perfectly sum up in a sentence (heck, my full length review doesn't do it justice), but believe me when I say this is a beautiful movie that has a lot to say about life and the human condition. 127 Hours is a story about mountain climber Aron Ralston acted by James Franco, gone on adventure alone in Blue John Canyon, Utah who falls and his arm trapped under a rock. But PG-13 films now contain significantly more violence than R-rated films.” The Motion Picture Assn.
The Pediatrics report said, “The presence of guns in films also provides youth with scripts on how to use guns.
I came out of the theater overwhelmed and wide-eyed at the overflowing violence, even though it was a good movie.

By returning to this reboot at the age of 78, he's pretty much schooled all of today's current film makers on how to stay relevant and keep evolving as an artist after so many years in the business.
This film also gets bonus points for having some of the best dialog in any movie of the year performed by great actors who know how to chew up the scenery for maximum effect. And though this isn't a religious film by any means, it does strongly suggest that looking for long term happiness in the world is a losing proposition because that happiness simply doesn't exist on Earth. In addition, children no longer need to go to movie theaters to see films; they are readily available on the Internet or cable. That night, I could still hear the explosions in my dreams, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Like “Mad Max: Fury Road” the story is told almost completely through the visuals, as very little is spoken for great periods of time. This is a great example where greatness in your field does not make you a great person in real life. Of all the movies on this list, “Anamolisa” is likely to be the film that sparks the most conversations when it is over.
Alright, don’t forget about the big badger, pay attention to it!Life of Pi One of the best movie in the top 8 list. Thus, children much younger than 13 years can easily view films that contain ample gun violence.” In other words, these vicious films are actually teaching teens and kids how to use various weapons.
Anchored by career best performances by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, “The Revenant” is one of the most brutal and gripping survival tales I've ever seen. It takes its time, it's slow to build, and when it pays off it does so in the most emotional ways possible.
Life of Pi is a storytelling adventure movie about a young Indian boy named Pi who stranded in the deepest ocean when the ship sinks during thunderstorm. After all, not only has violence in PG-13 movies risen in recent years, but so have school shootings.
This is a great movie of what it means to be American, and finding out that home is truly where the heart is. I not going to spoil your mood because this is a must watch adventurous survival film.Cast Away Have watched this movie for few times, its so entertaining! Cast Away tells you what you need to do in order to survive alone if you’re stranded in a deserted island. But make sure you don’t talk alone to a volley ball!Frozen (18+) Frozen is a survival horror movie not to be viewed by the fainted heart. This movie is about a group of skiers who are trying to keep themselves alive from freezing to death.
Well, i don’t have much comment on Buried, it does make you bored in the beginning but the story will keep teasing you to find out what are going to happen at the end of the movie. His iron will to survive guides him and fellow prisoners in a death-defying escape, only to discover the harsh realities of an unforgiving jungle outside the POW camp.“Rescue Dawn is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned).

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