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It wasn’t easy tracking down movies that met my criteria of including both survival and romance! Jeremiah (TV series) is two seasons in a post-apocalyptic world where a disease killed all the adults. Sliders (TV series) is not one that leaps to mind for the Survival genre, and yet they had to survive all kinds of disasters and be prepared for, fairly literally, anything.
Lost (TV series) is about a group of plane crash survivors who last six seasons on a deserted island. Jericho (Cable TV series) is a real favorite in prepper and survival circles and includes a bit of romance and meaningful glances between characters. Cabaret (Liza Minnelli) is a musical set in 1930s Germany and shows how a group of Cabaret singers manages to live in denial of what is happening in the country around them.
Gone With the Wind (Vivienne Leigh, Clark Gable) is the story of a woman who is a born survivor. Les Miserables (Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried) is about survival in 19th century France. Tears of the Sun (Bruce Willis) revolves around a mission by US Navy SEALs to go into a hostile area of Nigeria and rescue an American doctor. Blast from the Past (Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone) is fun, light-hearted movie about a family who goes into their Kennedy-era bomb shelter shortly before their son is born, and emerges 35 years later. Joe Versus the Volcano (Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan) is an utterly unrealistic, awesomely sweet, movie about love, living, and the importance of really good luggage. Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O’Sullivan) has been done more than once, but this is a box set of four with the original Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller. Warm Bodies (Nicholas Hoult) is the story of how his love for a living girl helps one zombie return to (nearly) human.
Zombieland (Woody Harrelson) chronicles one mans search for Twinkies during the zombie apocalypse. Swiss Family Robinson has a romance story line that will have you rooting for one brother or the other to win the cute girl!
The Amazing Adventure (Cary Grant) follows the adventures of a rich, bored playboy who agrees to spend one year earning his own way.
Atlas Shrugged trilogy (various) is thought of as being more about politics than romance, but I’ve always thought of it as a romance.
Contagion (Marion Cottilard, Matt Damon) follow the chain of events that cause one small action to lead to a deadly global epidemic.
There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. Liz Long is an eclectic writer who lives in the exurbs (that's what comes after the suburbs) with her husband, sons, and cats.
I don’t watch as many movies as I used to, but I still enjoy a good survival movie from time to time. Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs.
Climate change is and always was a big lie , you need to study real science instead of drinking your koolaid . If there is one thing I think we could all get  an easy degree in its a Zombie Survival University Course at Michigan State Unviersity.
Brendan Knapp dropped me a line to inform me of this new class which is going to cover how to survive the apocalypse. Share in the comments what you think the key topics are that should be covered in this course.
Survival Zone - Download movies, Watch full movies online, Tube, Ios, Mp4, Divx, 1080p, Android, HD. During the eighties actor Paul Hogan played an Australian character known as Mick “Crocodile” Dundee who is bushman that falls in love with a woman from New York. The Crocodile Dundee knife has some minor changes to it which gives it a different look from a Bowie knife. People who earn their living in the wild think that the Crocodile Dundee knife is the ultimate survival knife.
The Dundee knife was also used in the second film featuring Crocodile Dundee and it too created a huge demand from audiences and fans. The knives that Rambo used in the films are known as “Rambo” knives and they are unique weapons and tools that were designed and created by Jimmie Lile and Gil Hibbens for all four films.
The Rambo knife used in the fourth Rambo film wasn’t designed as a ultimate survival knife. Hunters, fishermen and individuals who work outdoors in a rugged terrain can use the original versions of the Rambo knives to perform many tasks. During Microsoft’s XBox conference today the publisher announced a new survival horror game from developer SOEDESCO. While exploring and finding your way out, you will uncover more information about the serial killer holding you captive. Rudy Reyes from "Ultimate Survival Alaska" stars in the National Geographic Channel reality docu-series.
His skills include paratrooping, mountain warfare, precision shooting, ropes and climbing, combat diving, and urban warfare.
Ultimate Survival Alaska Star Found MurderedUltimate Survival Alaska's Jimmy shot and killedExclusive Ultimate Survival Alaska Video: Like Shooting Fish in a Boat!
12 competitors take part in a game of life and death where the innocent must take out the Mafia in order to win the cash prize.
I also included movies that focus on mental survival skills and surviving financial disasters. For those who aren’t familiar, this five season series followed a small group of four people as they jumped between parallel dimensions, each one slightly (or radically) different. Her life-long Scouting skills have been a help in becoming a prepper and she has been writing for The Survival Mom since 2010.
Sure the nerd down the block might be good at math, and your older brother might be the greatest football player in town but who knows zombies and survival better then us? It will look back at zombie literature, movies, media, written survival guides and video games to educate students on how to survive the walking dead. If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges. He was approached by the studio that produced Crocodile Dundee film and asked to make an original knife for the Dundee character. The blade on his knife is between 6 and 10 in inches long and it is at least 2 inches wide. The Dundee knife has a half of a brass guard which is facing downward instead of pointing up.

In the movie the original knives were used for close up shots and the replicas were used for combat sequences.
The Crocodile Dundee knife isn’t manufactured by any company though Bowring makes the knives available for customers.
They also try their best not to use their Dundee knife since would cause the item to depreciate. Actor Sylvester Stallone has brought this fictional character to life in four feature films which feature different experiences in John Rambo’s life. There is a replica of the Rambo III knife known as the miniature Rambo III knife and there is also a Rambo III dagger. They can be used to clear brush, fell small trees, to hunt animals, for fishing and to build a shelter. With multiple endings and an extensive randomization system that will ensure that every playthrough will always be different from the previous one, whether you as a player succeeded in escaping or not.
Locked up in a dark cellar, the player only has a short time to figure out what has happened and how to escape from the clutches of a dangerous serial killer. But should you be able to find a way to escape, you will be granted one of the many different endings depending on how many secrets you managed to unlock while escaping. Ancient occult magic and mysteries will be revealed, and you will discover that there is far more at stake than just your life… Inspired by authentic occult and religious texts, ENKI is under development by Storm in a Teacup, and will delight fans of horror, the supernatural and mystery.
Marine Corps recon sniper and combat diver who now works as a counterterror instructor and stunt actor. When it comes to survival entertainment, do emotional (not physical) survival stories count?
This is a knife.” Dundee was referring to the large sized knife that he usually carries around with him. The blades on the knives are made out of stainless steel and are very durable in the water. After the films were completed Paul Hogan and another person received the original knives with the promise to never put them up for sale. A lot of knife enthusiasts were amazed by Dundee’s knife and wanted one for their own collections.
It has been almost 30 years since Crocodile Dundee was popular Bowring probably no longer makes this type of knife available for the public since it has been nearly 30 years since Crocodile Dundee was a popular movie.
This design allows Rambo (or any other user) to be able to saw through wood or other objects when needed.
However, the blade he was creating was not the same type of knife that he was used to fighting and surviving with in the previous films. The miniature Rambo III version doesn’t have a compartment like the original Rambo knives but uses a simple wooden handle. The knives could also be used to start fires even though stainless still blades are not commonly used for that purpose.
By finding items and solving puzzles the player can escape, but because of the smart randomization this will prove a challenge every time. The main reason I enjoy them is because they’re inspirational and they make me think. Hogan has supposedly honored his commitment and still retains the original Crocodile Dundee knife.
However, many of them realized that the knives were not mass produced by any particular company. Lile Hibbens died in 1991 and Gil Hibbens knife designs were used in Rambo which was the fourth movie installment of the series. The newer model Rambo knife still had the same name but it was a complete makeover from the survival knives that audiences and fans typically associated with Rambo. There were not any saw teeth in this particular model and the tip of the blade was cut off leaving a flat and wide knife with a sharp edge.
In some of the films, Rambo converted his knife into a spear and owners can do the same thing as well. The knife that it is used in both Crocodile Dundee films is considered a hunting or Bowie knife. The knife can be formed into a spear and used for situations that call for lashing objects. There isn’t a hallow handle grip on this particular Rambo model and it didn’t have the style and charisma as the initial Rambo knife. The Rambo III dagger is an unfinished lightweight piece of steel that is designed for throwing at targets. Sparking fires and skinning animals are two other benefits that this type of blade offers to owners.
They’re also expensive and owners could charge a person thousands of dollars if they decided to sell one of these knives. In all four films the character Rambo has not only been defined by his superb fighting skills and military knowledge; he is also defined by the legendary knives he uses to dispatch enemy forces. The handle on a Rambo knife is hollow and survival items such as fishing hooks, line and matches are stored within this compartment.
All of the knives are manufactured and sold worldwide either directly from United Cutlery or from Gil Hibben.
This type of knife was issued in the past to soldiers but now it’s more commonly used out in the wild. When a person goes camping into a wild and not at designated camping site the Dundee knife could be a practical tool for them to use against wildlife. Since the knife is molded after a Bowie it too can also be used for combative situations, though most people do not use this type of knife for that purpose. The Rambo knife also has two holes in the guard that allows a person to lash objects and it a fixed blade design that should be kept in a sheath.
A few things I want to mention first: I stayed away from the really over-the-top movies like 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow. I also avoided movies about aliens (like Independence Day) and Zombies (like Dawn Of The Dead).
For the same reason, I also didn’t include any documentaries (although many of these movies are based on true stories).
Against the Sun – During World War II, three men end up adrift in a lifeboat with no food or water surrounded by shark-infested water.
Children of Men – For years, no one has been able to have children and the world faces the potential end of the human race.
Damnation Alley – A post-nuclear movie in which nearly all life has been wiped off the face of the planet, leaving only a few survivors. Dances With Wolves – A lone soldier makes friends with and eventually joins a tribe of Native Americans.

Dante’s Peak – Great depiction of how an unexpected volcano eruption could devastate a small town. Death Hunt – Charles Bronson stars in a movie that details the determination of two men in a manhunt across the Canadian tundra. Defiance – True story of the Bielski brothers, simple farmers who turned a group of war refugees into powerful freedom fighters. Deliverance – The story of four men who test themselves against the elements and set out on a treacherous ride on the rapids of an Appalachian river.
Doomsday – To save humanity from an epidemic, an elite fighting unit must battle to find a cure in a post-apocalyptic zone controlled by a society of murderous renegades. Eight Below – Eight sled dogs and their guide are stranded in Antarctica during one of the most brutal winters on record. Farewell to the King – During WWII, an American soldier escapes his Japanese captors and flees into the jungles of Borneo. First Blood – Green Beret vet John Rambo wanders into the wrong small town and gets the living hell kicked out of him by the local law enforcement.
He strikes back the only way he knows how, leading to a visceral flight and fight through the local mountains.
Gallipoli – The story of two young men who cross continents and great oceans, climb pyramids and walk through the ancient sands of Egypt to join their regiment at the fateful battle of Gallipoli. Into the Wild – The true story of Christopher McCandless who gave up his money and possessions and went in search of adventure.
Iron Will – Based on a true-life story, a young man and his team of sled dogs embark on a grueling and treacherous cross-country marathon, in hopes of winning a $10,000 prize. Jeremiah Johnson – One man’s effort to shed the burden of civilization and learn to survive in the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains.
Kon-Tiki – In 1947, an explorer travels thousands of miles across the Pacific ocean on a balsawood raft. Lost in the Barrens – The story of two very different boys in the Canadian wilderness. Only the inhabitants of Australia and the men of the US submarine Sawfish have escaped the nuclear destruction and radiation.
Outbreak – Disease experts are called in to identify and stop a deadly virus which was carried into the country by an illegally smuggled monkey. Panic in Year Zero – A post-nuke survival story of a father who fights to protect his family from looters, rapists and murderers. Rescue Dawn – Real-life story of a US fighter pilot Dengler, shot down and captured during the Vietnam War.
San Andreas – During a series of earthquakes, a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot attempts to rescue his ex-wife and daughter.
Shackleton – In 1914, a crew of 28 men must survive in Antarctica after their ship is destroyed. Special Ops commandos struggle to rescue innocent missionaries amidst the bloody horror of Nigerian ethnic cleansing. Testament – An unexpected nuclear strike has occurred and no one knows who did it or why it happened. The Bounty – The story of a sea captain who, in 1787, steered The Bounty on a 27,000-mile voyage into danger, chaos and madness.
The Condemned – Brought to a desolate island, a death row prisoner finds himself trapped in a fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world. The Day After – The inhabitants of a small town in Kansas learn along with the rest of America that they have fewer than 30 minutes before 300 Soviet warheads begin to appear overhead. The Earthling – The story of a dying man with a fascinating past who teaches a small boy not only how to survive in the wild but how to survive in life. The Edge – Two men up against a giant Kodiak bear, and their own inner demons, when lost together in the Alaskan wilderness. The Flight of the Phoenix – Robert Aldrich’s tense, 1965 drama about a plane crash in the Sahara is a unique psychological study of men in desperate circumstances. The Grey – Six oil workers are stranded in Alaska after their plane crashes, and a pack of wolves stalk them every step of the way. The Killing Fields – Schanberg is a journalist who covered the war in Cambodia, and Dith is his translator and aide, who is exiled to Cambodian labor camps where millions of others have died. Miracle Mile – When a man finds out he only has an hour before nuclear missiles destroy Los Angeles, he searches for the one girl with whom he wants to spend his last minutes. The Naked Prey – In the late nineteenth century, colonialists are captured and hideously tortured.
Only one is released, without clothes or weapons, to be hunted for sport, and he embarks on a harrowing journey through savanna and jungle and back to a primitive state. Los Angeles is a windswept ghost town where Robert Neville tools his convertible through sunlit streets foraging for supplies. The Poseidon Adventure – Follows ten survivors as they struggle to escape from an ocean liner capsized by a tidal wave. The Postman – A drifter leads the resistance against a military tyrant after the collapse of civilization.
The Road Warrior – In a post-nuclear war world, Gibson plays Max, a lone adventurer who drives the roads of outback Australia in an endless search for gasoline. The Snow Walker – The story of an Alaskan bush pilot and young Eskimo girl who survived a plane crash in the Alaskan outback.
The Trigger Effect – When the power goes out in the big city and society starts to break down, husband and wife Matthew and Annie find out that not even suburbia is safe.
The Way Back – Based on the true story of seven prisoners who escape from a Siberian gulag and travel thousands of miles on foot to freedom. Touching the Void – Two British mountaineers attempt to climb the previously unconquered mountain Siula Grande. A mixture of overconfidence in their own abilities and underestimation of the climb’s difficulties bring them to grief. Tracks – The story of a young woman who leaves her life in the city and treks across 2,000 miles of Australian desert. Walkabout – Two teenage siblings are lost in the Australian outback where they meet an Aborigine, who teaches them how to survive in the wilderness.

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