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Picture 3 shows the protractor and sundial on the right side of the blade.  The very last picture shows how the sundial works.
Click the links here if you are interested in purchasing the Mora Clipper 860 MG or the Mora Clipper 840 MG. James – you can get this thick velcro at almost any hardware store or craft store like lowes or hobby lobby.
One of the best mods for standard Mora knives, though unnecessary with the Bushcraft & Light My Fire series, is to grind a sharp 90° edge on the back of the blade so that it will throw a good shower of sparks when used with a ferro rod.

Seeing that you mentioned that it was totally wet made me think that a small drain hole in the bottom of the sheath would be a good idea as well. This was my second course at Willow Haven with Creek Stewart and the first one with Clint Jivoin assisting.
I just use a piece of dental floss (white on black is easy to see), with a crimped fishing weight attached. The course was excellent and gave me the training in primitive survival that I hope I never have to use.

The course material and needed items were well prepared, pace excellent, hands on instruction awesome, adapting to weather conditions with course structure seamless. I highly recommend attending a course at Willow Haven if you want the hands on experience and not just the knowledge from a book.

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