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You’ll love this knife if you like hunting and skinning because I’ve used this for dressing out rabbit and deer and the blade holds up really well. Thanks to the laminated VG10 steel that’s used to manufacture this knife, the blade performs well in a number of scenarios.
This pilot survival is a fixed blade survival knife (not a partial tang) and it comes with a choice of 2 different kinds of sheaths: The Zytel or F1 black leather.
With an easy rubberized grip, the Thermorun handle is the perfect size when camping, fishing, hunting, and wood. The only part where I was not so happy with the Fallkniven Pilot was that I found the placement of the lanyard hole in the handle quite questionable. The best part about the Fallkniven F1 Pilot survival knife is that it’s very economically priced and at the current deal on Amazon, you can get this at a great discounted price. An interesting trivia to note is that even the Swiss Air Force has been using the Fallkniven F1 Pilot since 1995 and it’s now become their official tough situation survival knife!

Don’t be confused by weight though, this one sure packs a punch thanks to the 59 HRC hardness rating. I go along on a lot of camping trips and have often seen other fellow campers use the F1 Fallkniven for cutting kindling wood.
Not only does its handy size lend itself naturally to demanding tasks, the great thing that I like about the F1 is that it’s extremely easy to sharpen and clean. It doesn’t matter if you have large or small hands because you’ll love the nice grippy handle and I think it’s safe to say that this knife is jack of all trades and yet, masters them all. To sum up this detailed F1 Fallkniven review, I’d say go for it if you want a no-fuss and extremely effective survival knife. I personally love the F1 black leather sheath that comes along with the knife and have found it to be extremely durable.
No wonder then that this beauty is so highly rated by fellow survivalists and knife aficionados.

I’ve used this in all types of weather situations (mostly wet ones though) and believe me, even after all these years, the blade is free from both corrosion and rust. Manufactured of high quality Zytel, the double safety, one-handed style also comes in a left-handed model. Other than this minor hiccup, the F1 Pilot performs admirably well and is just the perfect size and weight, not to mention, great edge retention as well. The knife has a good rubberized grip that’s comfortable to hold and the blade is super sharp.
You’ll also love the black Zytel sheath that comes along with it and no wonder then that the Fallkniven F1 Pilot survival knife has received rave reviews from all types of users.

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