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First I needed to ensure that the Bottle contained the most critical of the Top Eight Critical Items not already in the Daypack.
A Chemical Handwarmers will allow me to get circulation back into my hands if I am Hypothermic and unable to initially light a fire. Good Quality Striker, a FireSteel made in Sweden and sold under the brand name Light My Fire. I slipped 2 Tea Bags and an extra plastic bag to store the smaller items when the Water Bottle is in use. The Water Bottle's Versatility means that it has a better chance to be there when you need it. If you have any questions about the Aquamira Water Filtration Bottle or any other products, feel free to get in touch with us at 1-800-693-0279. Bic lighters x 2 – I was originally going to add just one lighter which is probably sufficient but I figured I had room so I added another. Sweedish firesteel – I could have found a smaller firesteel to include (without the handle) but this is easier to grasp and it fit without a problem. Rescue Howler Whistle x 2 – Again, I only intended to add one whistle but I had room so I added another. McNett Frontier Water Filter Straw – This water filter straw is quite compact and can fit just about anywhere plus it makes drinking water easier while on the move. I realize now that I could have also easily shoved in a few more potentially useful items such as wire ties, a needle and some thread, safety pins, maybe some small fishing equipment, and other small items like that.
Blogging about all things survival and emergency preparedness, including experiences with DIY projects and ideas, gear reviews, living frugally, cooking in unconventional ways, and more! I would add a small plastic trash bag that could temporarily store contents if you needed to use bottle for water. Includes scoop pouch so you don’t have to stick your face in a puddle to get a drink! Fire Starter Buckle Bracelet Kit with Compass No one plans to get lost or lose all there survival gear.
Fire Starter Buckle Bracelet Kit with Compass Pink Camo No one plans to get lost or lose all there survival gear.
Do not take chances with your life, an inexpensive item like a chemical Handwarmer can be a life saver when in trouble in the wilderness.
I glued a piece of sand paper to the top of the lid to ensure that I can always light the matches and place one piece of Tinder on top of the Matches to stop them from accidently striking the lid. Matches, Lighter, and a Striker) I packed in 6 Pieces of Tinder (Wax, Kerosene & Cotton). I supplemented it with a piece of Wire large enough to be used as the Bail for Boiling Water. Most Survival Situations are Short-Term (1-4 Days) so the Tea Bags will be a nice Morale Builder during the first couple of days.
One of the best aspects of this kit in comparison to most purchased small survival kits is that you get a full sized Survival Knife and a 1L Water Bottle.

I hope this breakdown on what a Water Bottle Survival Kit should contain make you decide to carry more Critical Items when travelling in the Wilderness. It is capable of removing virtually all chlorine, chemicals, bad taste and odors from water as well as over 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
Of course, you could choose a larger water bottle if you prefer and it doesn’t have to be hard-sided either. Besides, fire-starting can be a crucial skill and anything you can include to make it easier is a plus. Seeing as though they’re so useful I figured I would try to stuff one in there near the end. As you can tell I have fire-starting well covered with two bic lighters, two boxes of good matches, a firesteel, and Vaseline fire-starters. Take a tour to better understand the many tools and resources you can find here as well as what to expect in the future. That said, you’re quite right that if you needed the bottle for water then you have to do something with everything inside, wouldn’t you!?
This "bottled" survival kit features all the essential equipment including a BPA free water bottle, whistle, flint, emergency mirror, LED light, emergency poncho, multi-tool, sewing kit, paracord, band-aid and compression towel.
A solar still is a time-tested method to generate potable water, even from certain contaminated sources. The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!! Be prepared X-Cords Fire stater buckle Features flint and striker exposed when buckle is open Built in whistle Sold in packs of 1, 2, 4  You never plan to be stranded by you can plan to be prepared.
This small Survival Kit is based around a likely Spring or Fall Scenario; you go out Hiking, Hunting or taking Photos and it Snows causing you to get Stranded.
These types of disposable lighters have a very adjustable flame and I keep it right on top of the kit just incase I need it quickly. I also wrapped a piece of duct tape around the container so I have a piece handy for repairs. 5 Tinder pieces are packed into a Film Container and 1 in the top of the Match Container to reduced the chances of the Matches Striking by accident. The Stealth has a string so I can hand it around my neck and a small carabiner so I can attach my Flashlight, Whistle, and Striker to it. This Flashlight is fairly powerful for its size and has a flashing mode if need as a night signal. I re-rigged the top of the bottle so no plastic needs to go near the fire and it is pre-wired with two small rings for easy attachment of a Bail. The more Binding Material that you carry the more options you have when stranded and the less you need to rely on finding a good source of Natural Cordage nearby or have a need to remove it from what you are wearing. Others like a First Aid Kit or Compass are separate items and should be carried where they are can be used easily. This Kit can be easily attached semi-permanently with Tie Wraps or Hose Clamps to a Quad or Mountain Bike.

The Aquamira is easy to use, and each filter cartridge will provide you with up to 100 gallons of clean water over its lifetime. Be sure to view our other popular water filters like the LifeStraw and the Katadyn MyBottle Filter for more options. Since a water bottle is relatively small you could easily toss it into a bag, backpack, or the console of your car and not think twice about it.
A solar still uses the rays of the sun to distill water from the ground, plants, and virtually anything that contains moisture.
In this Kit I set 5 Priorities; Warmth, Fire Lighting, Survival Knife, Signaling, and Water. In addition to the Tinder I packed in 1 pieces of Chip Fire Starter and 2 Tea Light Candles as additional Fire Lighting Aids for poor conditions. Duplication of survival equipment means that you end up carrying either much extra gear and or leaving it all behind as it gets to heavy. An advantage is that impure sources, which could not normally be consumed, may be used to produce drinkable water. The Survival Items are all stored in the Water Bottle and ready to be used quickly in a survival situation. It can also be carried in any other carrying case you might be travelling with in the wilderness. These Extra Items can make a Big Difference to a reasonable well prepared person Stranded in the Wilderness.
I do not like to take chances with cheap alternatives and the sharpened steel piece of this model is excellent at producing lots of sparks. Construction of a solar still is labor intensive, and therefore, you must weigh the potential benefit of its construction against any deficit from water loss in constructing the still.
Normally I take a two Eat More Chocolate Bars (roughly 500 KCal) along for quick energy at the start of a Survival Situation.
It is useful to see What I Choose to Carry in this Survival Kit and Why I Choose each Item. Good survival guides will offer solid instruction on the construction of solar stills, and their caveats. An Aloksak 12 in x12 in SSI Certified Waterproof Bag: Will hold more than 5 Liters of water securely, and without spilling, when properly sealed.
Confirmed testing in their pressure chamber under constant pressure of 200 SFW for two weeks without leaks. Weight of Kit: 19 oz Put the sun to work to help save your life: Carry a solar still, learn how to use it, and survive!

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