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We offer standard, 3 day express, 2 day express, and overnight express shipping options for your convenience. The electronic fobs are on a separate keychain - remotes, WiFi Finder, RadDetect, Flash Memory, etc. This UZI Tactical Pliers features heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum construction with a black finish and a spring loaded grip. The Combo Set comes with an additional key chain survival tool that features 5 tools: bottle opener, can opener, blade, Phillipes head and flat head screwdriver.
Having a bunch of small gear on a keyring ensures that you always have access to some very useful items.
That is a lot of stuff for a keyring and I am in no way saying that you will need all of it…these are only suggestions. If you don’t want to carry all of the gear on a split keyring there are other systems. Strong and reliable enough to have been used by paratroopers during WWII, this cord rope will hold 550 pounds of force.
Completely weather-proof and water or moisture resilient, this nylon cord will last more than a decade and still counting.

Paracord was first deployed on the battlefield as actual parachute cord during World War II.
Not a certified life-line, but is tested to hold 550lbs of weight only from our manufacturer.
Write a review to share your experience with other people and make sure your review focuses only on this product. If you place your order Monday - Friday by 2:00 PM EST using one of our express shipping options, your order will be processed and shipped the same day it is placed! Other EDC kits might go with you in your car or even to your office but not be on your person at all times (like when you go to the bathroom).
For instance, if your main vehicles key is on a long paracord looped through the keyring, you can remove it and put it around your neck for easier access. Have fun putting one together and keep on tweaking it until you are satisfied that you have the most useful keyring of anyone that you know. You may want this paracord keychain to hold all your keys or to hang around your neck on an outdoor expedition but some day you might need it for something else. Do not settle for any other paracord except Atlanta Slings & Things name brand for reliability and longevity under any conditions.

This keychain can be unwound in survival situations to produce approximately 6 feet of usable survival cord. Seven nylon core strands are covered in a nylon sheathing exterior making this paracord stronger than conventional rope.
It could be used for shelter building, splint building, spear lashing, building animal snares, restraints and many other tasks. Now, it is even weaved into cobra stitched patterns and worn as a necklace or keychain when going on a hiking trip through the mountains. Tightly weaved blue and black braid, the keychain necklace is tied into a cobra stitched combining two sections around a key ring forming a tactical keychain on one end and a large necklace loop on the other end.

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