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Tough as nails San Francisco homicide detective Winter Parker runs fast and far to escape ancient threats of revenge, and small town torments. The door to the small bath slammed open and Mike stood, both hands raised and clutching either side of the door frame in a white knuckle grip. This entry was posted in Animals, Love story, Romance and tagged Desert Breeze Publishing, Lynette Endicott, Survival Instinct, Tami Dee by Lynette Endicott. Author Lynette Endicott lives in Fresno CA with her husband of not quite 40 years, a Therapy Dog, two cats and a bird. Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date!
The Walking Dead franchise is something special to me, mainly when it first started out as a comic. Telltale Games, the guys behind Back To The Future, Sam and Max, and even Monkey Island, brought us five downloadable episodes of a Walking Dead game that won over 80 Game of the Year awards, and for good reason. Let’s start off with first impressions – The Walking Dead Survival Instinct is one tacky looking game! You can throw bottles and flares to distract walkers and sneak past, which is a nice touch. Sometimes walkers will be hiding round corners, and be prepared to shit yourself when this happens. When you move from level to level you choose which route you would like to take to get there. Can equally tough Special Agent Mike Hunter convince Winter to put aside her fears and take a chance on him and their small town? He towered over her and she instinctively leaned back, until her lower back was pressed against the smooth porcelain of the bathroom sink. Learn more about Tami Dee from her website and don’t forget to download the first book in this series, Animal Instinct.
Sure, I love mostly anything zombie related to an extent but the enjoyment I got out of the original comic book series came from the brilliant characters and the harsh reality of their situation from day to day. It was truly and utterly a magnificent experience as a whole, with some of the best character progression and choice-making available. Norman Reedus lends his voice to the character and Michael Rooker also reprises his role as his brother Merle.

Following this they will leap on you and you will have to struggle to move your cursor over their head in order to deal a killing blow before your health depletes.
For example, if you choose back roads you will use up more fuel but have a higher chance of scavenging better items.
You will soon get bored of seeing the same animations when you’re smashing zombies across the same side of their head, even if the insta-kills always satisfy. Each book stands alone, but the entire series will capture your imagination and, if you are an animal lover, you will enjoy guessing what animal helpers will show up next. Fast forward a few years and the success of the comics brought forth an even more successful television series. Textures only popping up from certain distances, or sometimes not at all, are what really make the game look dated. With the intro to the game playing out like an episode of the show – with the harrowing music, and the panning camera across abandoned areas as the credits come up – this all gives the right atmosphere, and lets you know that you are in the show’s world of The Walking Dead.
If you get surrounded by more than one you will automatically move onto the next one where you must do the same thing. The fact that this game has many good ideas going for it unfortunately does not help it in the long run, as at the end of the day every level is the same. The only thing I would actually give high praise for is that I actually panic when surrounded by walkers, and therefore had to plan ahead. Now I could watch all the characters I love, dealing with the zombie apocalypse in a live-action show, even if it is both very similar and very different to the comic books.
When announced that a new Walking Dead game was being published by Activision, and that it would be a first-person shooter based on the television show instead of the comics, many questions were raised. Most of the zombies look half decent but this is seemingly what developers Terminal Reality have concentrated on most of all. Daryl saying “F*ck you” after he stabs a zombie through the head always manages to bring a smile to my face.
It may seem like a good idea moving from zombie to zombie, trying to stab them in the head as they pounce on you, trying to get through every one before your health depletes, but this just simply isn’t realistic and comes across as just plain silly in the end. Also, if you have survivors with you, you can send them out with weapons to find fuel, food, or ammo. Of course, any source of media that turns into a successful franchise wouldn’t just stop there.

Even more so when it’s impending release date was mere days away and not a word had been mentioned about it.
I say ‘shooter’ loosely as you’ll mainly be using handheld weapons to smash zombie heads in. If you shoot a gun and walkers are in the near vicinity they will all turn their heads and start wandering towards you. You will also only be able to take a certain amount of survivors with you depending on how much space you have in your car.
You’ll notice a lack of variation in them as well, often seeing the same one several times over. Blood covers your weapons, sprays across the walls, and will appear on walker’s heads as you smash them in. This can cause truly tense moments – when you’re trying to sneak through areas with walkers, or even when you have a horde of them chasing you as you try and get to safety. You lose health from zombies swiping at you but not once do you ever see a zombie bite you in the game. If there isn’t enough room then you will have to dismiss survivors of your choice, so bear this in mind when selecting a vehicle between levels. As bad as first impressions were though, animation isn’t everything, and I actually found myself enjoying moments in Survival Instinct. You can only have ten items in your inventory, and ten stored in your vehicle when on missions, so you will need to think about what you’ll need and what you can drop.
Sometimes when you’re knifing a zombie in the face it can also look laughable, especially when you see the way they fall down… on top of that they disappear into thin air after a few seconds.
The amount of dead bodies you will see littered in buildings and on streets can be alarming, especially when at any second one of them could get up and become one of the walkers. Of course when you have to stop more than once between levels, be it to scavenge, look for fuel because you’ve ran out of gas, or even spare parts because you’ve broken down, it can get a little frustrating.
Especially when on top of this you must go long distances in levels for it to save your progress.

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