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Our countryside is packed with wild foods and useful plants – if you know where to look!
This course assembles Friday evening for an initial safety brief at 7pm and finishes at approximately 4pm on the Sunday.
It's a good idea to bring a camera on the foraging walk to record images of the plants we don't gather, although remember you've got to carry it all day! Your gathered ingredients along with some wild game will form a late lunch to be cooked over the embers back at camp. Lots of people combine this day course with our Deer in a Day to make a whole weekend of it, camping overnight in the woods.
If booking online please read and follow the instructions carefully or contact the office for assistances. UK COURSES INTRO"Bushcraft and survival skills are something our forefathers learnt from their fathers, these  survival skills became second nature to them.
Here at Bushcraft Expeditions we have some of the most experienced and well travelled bushcraft instructors who can draw on a wealth of knowledge gleaned from living and working with indigenous cultures from around the globe.
Our Bushcraft courses are many and varied, so whether you are just setting out on the road to discovery, a seasoned practitioner or rekindling memories of days gone by and have an interest in wildlife and nature, primitive survival skills, green woodworking and campcraft or you just want to experience something completely new "click" on the individual course buttons on the right and join us on the road to learning more about this fascinating subject that is Bushcraft. These five survival plants every wild food forager should know and be able to identify is the first step in wild crafting.
The five plants in this article are easily identifiable, widely distributed, relatively common, easily processed, between them represent available food year-round and provide a very favorable return on energy invested.

To explore all of our articles and upcoming projects be sure to follow us on Facebook and Google Plus. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no medical claims, nor intend to diagnose, treat, or heal medical conditions.
Here at Wildside Survival we aim to teach you the key skills to live comfortably in the great outdoors, Our courses are run in a lovely part of West Sussex which is only an hour away from London. Wildside Survival’s main instructor is Kevin Wadey who was bought up in the local area of West Sussex and spent most of his childhood learning about the outdoor life. To gain this qualification Kevin had to show an Understanding of the natural environment along with various teaching skills, legislation and Health and Safety and of course Bushcraft.
Wildside Survival School - providing a range of survival skills and bushcraft courses in the Sussex countryside.
They had the ability to live at one with their environment and to utilize the resources around them, brought about by a greater understanding and respect for the natural world.
Learning the safe identification and testing of edible plants and weeds can be a life saving self sufficiency skill that can put a variety of food on your family’s dinner table during hard times or healthier every day eating. It applies to uncultivated plants wherever they may be found, and is not necessarily limited to wilderness areas. From a survival perspective, they should be at the top of your list of plants to learn as quoted in the article. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get tons of homesteading ideas and plans from all around the web!

Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions should consult their physician before taking any herbal products.
We want all our customers to have fun and to go away from our course with a sense of achievement.
On this two day course you will live out in the woods, sleeping under a lightweight shelter and cooking over open fires.
All our instructors have many years of practical instructing experience on both civilian bushcraft courses and military survival courses.
Care is taken to only remove a few plants, flowers, or branches, so plenty remains to continue the supply.
This qualifies Kevin to take groups of people out for walks in lowland britain (Kevin is hoping to do his Mountain Leaders award some time in the near future) Kevin also holds a creative craft certificate which involves wood carving and he is also a qualified First Aider. You will be shown how to identify edible and poisonous plants, learn which species are good for medicine, cordage, making fire, insect repellent, natural glues, soap and even dyes.
We pride ourselves on the professional delivery of all our courses and above all promise you a fun, safe and educational experience.

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