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Aktuell werkelt Entwickler SKS Games mit The Forest an einem brandneuen Survival-Horror-Abenteuer, welches vorerst nur fur den PC geplant ist und schon bald als Early Access-Fassung via Steam erscheinen soll.
Although the game doesn’t have much of a story, the idea behind it is that you are on a plane (a rather empty one at that) to somewhere unknown with your son who is peacefully sleeping on your arm until the plane hits some turbulence which jolts you both back to reality.
The Forest handles survival very well – always keeping you on your toes at the moments you least expect it. Lastly with cooking You can’t eat raw meat as of now but you can put it on a campfire and cook it.
Luckily it is not all bad: you can collect quite a few useful items in here such as the rusty axe which can be found embedded in a body on the chopping table.
As well as crafting traps you could just hit the cannibals with anything from: a rock, a bomb, or even the first axe you are given (the rock quite frankly is not ideal). The first cannibal kill, the first time you see your trap brutally murder an inhabitant and the rest of the brutal and sadistic joy this game brings on. The game has massive amounts of potential as well, but as of now it is feature complete enough to be worth 15 dollars.
Allerdings wurden bereits ein paar eigene Karten von der Community erstellt, die schon eine gro?e Hilfe darstellen! Allerdings wurden die Macher auch gerne eine PS4-Version von The Forest entwickeln, wie nun via Twitter verkundet wurde.

Wie SKS Games nun jedoch uber den Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter mitgeteilt hat, wurde man auch gerne eine PS4-Version von The Forest entwickeln. So gilt es in der offenen Spielwelt grundlegende Bedurfnisse wie Hunger und Durst zu stillen, wahrend verschiedene Tageszeiten, Wetterbedingungen und sogar Ebbe und Flut fur weitere Herausforderungen sorgen. The plane points it’s nose directly towards the ground as the cockpit is torn out and you hit the tree canopy at an alarming rate only to plummet to the floor of the forest. This however did not work for me, I kind of just said to myself “Get off of me you freak” when he attempted to rest his head on me. The only thing it’s actually good for is sleeping and saving.Then you can upgrade to a log cabin which take an obscene amount of logs to build. If a  piece of lizard takes your fancy or maybe a bit of rabbit and fish,  just take a little stroll through the forest (careful not to bump into any human eating lovers) and you will be bound to find one of these edible creatures. If you were to wonder over past the small indoor lake you can find a flare gun along with some ammunition – The flare gun is great for lighting cannibals on fire, but we’ll get into that later. The plane axe is formidable but when it comes to a melee weapon the rusty axe is probably your best bet as it swings in a much larger arc. Overcoming some optimization issues (which are being worked on) the game should have a lot of customization when it comes to the graphics and rendering of the game. Es befindet sich momentan noch im Aufbau, aber wenn ihr Zeit und Lust habt, konnt ihr uns gerne dabei helfen, dass Wiki mit aufzubauen!

This in itself brings on a feeling of fear not to mention that there is a table in the corner with a half dismembered body with an axe jammed into it’s hip surrounded by candles embedded in human skulls dimly lighting the surrounding bloodstains and loose limbs.
If you are in desperate need tp for disbanding a group of cannibals molotov cocktails are great, as all you can take great pleasure in watching them burn for a few seconds before finishing them off when they’re on the ground (by making them disbanding them into a pile of limbs and body parts). The animations are smooth, the AI is challenging, and you get extreme satisfaction when you watch your first tree topple.
Although you never talk to your son the game does it’s best to form a bond between the two of you which by the looks of things, seems to be working in most cases. You see a child’s shoe dangling from it’s lace and of course your first reaction is “That is probably my son’s shoe”.
If you care enough you can use the custom building which at the moment isn’t very elaborate (but please note we have only looked at an alpha review copy). They are very powerful but as of now they need to be crafted with electronic circuits which are very hard to find however the flare gun is a very different story. It takes very little skill or accuracy to use, does high amounts of damage and can light multiple enemies on fire with a single shot to the body.

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