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Looking for a course outside of our regular scheduled dates or do you have a group who might be interested in an amazing survival course and two day adventure? Introduction to basic food sources and some edible plants found in the mountains and boreal forests region (berries, shrubs, grasses, fungi, and plants with useful or medicinal purposes). To keep prices down participants are responsible for their own transportation during the program. As our courses are focused around the outdoors, accommodation will be in the form of the highest quality four-season tents. Inside Out Experience provides fun, safe and memorable Canadian Rockies adventures for all ages and skill levels.
The following are reviews submitted by customers who took place in an activity with this provider. From Calgary: Travel west on the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1) towards Canmore & Banff for about 45 minutes from the edge of the city. BWI's Complete Wilderness Survival (CWS) is One-of-a-Kind, World Class, Professionally Taught Modern Wilderness Survival Course, combining the Survival Core Seminar, Winter Field Session, & Winter Field Training together. Locations Change Yearly and vary depending on Snow Conditions, Road Conditions, Weather, Location Availability, and Fire Bans, etc. Practical Survival Techniques are Emphasized along with How-to Mentally prepare yourself for Surviving in the Wilderness. Reality is that Survival Training is Not Like Survival TV, it is something you can Easily Learn & Master. Whether it’s in the wilderness or at home, a disaster can impact mobility and access to basic resources such as electricity and water.
Cell phones might not always be functional, and it’s important to have access to current situation in a disaster scenario. The timeframe of a disaster has a large impact on precisely which skills may or may not be applicable. However, if one were to find themselves in a setting and scenario that predicted long-term independent survival, certain skills begin to apply that did not before.
Totally agree with your take on this, the more you know, the more self reliant you will be. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.
This Site is Dedicated to Providing Quality Information about Wilderness Survival in Canada. This two-day survival training and bush-craft course provides an introduction to basic outdoor survival skills and northern bushcraft. Give us a shout and we can organize your very own personlized survival course program or course outside of our scheduled course dates. Using improvised materials, various shelter types, survival camping techniques and how to stay warm at night. Our team of guides and educators are extensively trained and certified with recognized accredited institutions.

All of the Inside Out Experiences take place amidst spectacular mountain scenery that is unparalleled in western Canada.
It is intense Science Based, Practical, Hands-on Training, just what you need to Survive in the Wilderness of Canada. It Provides the Information you need to live Comfortably in the Canadian Wilderness in Winter or Summer. Water is, of course, the number one requirement in a disaster scenario where water is not available. Even if the scenario itself is just a heavy storm, it’s important to know when it will be safe to go outside. For example, the large majority of every-day western homeowners in their usual habitats (i.e.
Learning how to use weapons for self-defence and for hunting will become a key element to the survival of anybody who is in a disaster scenario for longer than one month. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. It is a clearing house of Information & Survival Resources from Canadian Survival Schools. Participants will focus equal amounts on theory, basic awareness, how to be prepared, and practical bushcraft and survival skills. All guides take part in extensive training programs, and each guide offers a unique set of skills. Your instructors will outline the necessary information and expectations, as well as the itinerary, for the next two days. If time permits we will move on to more advanced survival topics including: finding alternative food sources, basic traps and snares, making improvised rope or cordage out of natural fibers, as well as survival saws. Alberta and the Canadian Rockies offer an unforgettable vacation experience in incredible locations near Banff, Canmore, and in Kananaskis Country. Drive about 2 minutes down the road and then just after the bridge is a right hand turn into a parking lot. This Highly Practical 1-Day Survival Seminar is for anyone Working or Travelling through the Wilderness. Each Participant Receives the Course Manual, Canadian Wilderness Survival by Bruce Zawalsky.
It is world class training that will provide the knowledge and confidence you need to take the next step in Your Survival Training.
It could be out in the wilderness during an adventuring weekend, it could be on a plane over the Atlantic, or it could simply occur at home, during a perfectly ordinary day. One great way to ensure that there is access to essential government issued warnings is by purchasing a wind-up radio. These periods are important because it’s necessary to know exactly which skills will be needed at specific points in the timeline of the disaster. Participants will also learn many practical skills which can be used in a variety of different outdoor situation, and we provide opportunities to hone and develop new abilities.

After packing up all the necessary equipment, we drive approximately 50 km to our training location into the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
Try to avoid cotton fabrics as they provide very little insulating value when wet and are very slow drying. Enjoy exciting adventures such as whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding with our professional and knowledgeable guides.
Park there and then walk across the other little bridge towards the green trailers and teepe.
During the 5-Days you will Learn Only Real Wilderness Survival Skills, Concentrating on Fire Lighting, Shelter Building, Safe Tool Use & Use of Critical Survival Items. Learning survival skills can help prepare us for the worst, and the same skills can be passed down to children who in turn pass the knowledge on to future generations. Preparation is the best way to secure a viable water source in the event that the primary source becomes unavailable or restricted. Now, a regular radio that is 100% battery powered will also suffice, but is not necessarily reliable if the batteries run low. Most homeowners deal with power outages and intense weather conditions – and while many of these pass in a matter of hours, they do still provide immediate dangers in terms of physical safety, and dangers in terms of an absence of heat, electricity, water and food. Those interested in survival strategies may spend too much time learning about the most interesting methods of survival, and in turn, neglect the more basic elements that are statistically more likely to apply to their situation.
The Rugged Canadian Wilderness provides us with one of the Best Recreational Playgrounds in the World, but also a likely place to get stranded if you are not prepared. You must acquire a positive mental outlook and the Survival Skills to make the situation as easy as possible on your body. They love to teach, be in the outdoors, and share their contagious enthusiasm with everyone.
Rely mainly on fleece, wools and synthetics as these fabrics still provide substantial insulating value even when wet (which can frequently occur in the outdoors).
Half-day, full-day, multi-day and combination tours are available as well as corporate day adventures, team building and first aid programs. Filters are available from DIY and survival stores, but inexpensive iodine tablets and flavoured mixes are an easy way to convert settled water into clean, drinkable liquid that will provide hydration and energy. A wind-up radio can be used at any time by simply cranking the lever until a signal starts to come in.
Proper Training and Planning can drastically shorten the time and effort needed to have a search initiated and for you or your group to be Rescued.
In early and late summer it is not uncommon that 0 degress C or below freezing temperatures can occasionally occur, thus it is important to always bring enough warm clothing. When selecting equipment pay attention to quality as this may greatly enhance your enjoyment and comfort.

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