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A classic survival horror adventure about a lost and lonely motel and a spiral of death and murder. Le survival horror est l'un des genres les plus mythiques et les plus prenants du jeu vidéo. Apasionado de todo tipo de cacharro, amante del deporte en general y de la ensenanza bilingue en particular.
If this title holds up to its own promises, then we might see a resurgence in the franchise for fans new and old, recapturing a return to the things we loved about the original (especially the cheesy acting in the intro FMV!).  Look for it to come out in four days on May 21, 2013! Among the Sleep, a title still being built by Norwegian developer Krillbrite Studios, has you starring as the toddler protagonist overlooking the odd, the creepy, and the oddly creepy in your 5 lb 3 oz. Shooting enemies in the face can be the ultimate form of payback, but this is far from what survival horror is truly about. Part of the charm of survival horror is its ability to take normal, everyday surroundings and transform them into something truly terrifying.
Survival horror functions best in its ability to transport you to high anxiety, thinking-on-the-fly moments, making you feel like the prey. In fact, entering a terrifying situation and seeing how you’d stand up against the challenge encapsulates the genre. Schools, subways, hospitals, and homes are all real-world places, but if you can transform them into darker versions of themselves, they can become downright horrifying, making the overall experience more authentic.
Voici les 5 jeux les plus cauchemardesques de tous les temps, responsables de nombreuses nuits blanches !

Remember your first glimpse of Scissorman from Clock Tower or Pyramid Head from Silent Hill?
Realistically, guns won’t be around every corner, and if you do find one, ammo is limited.
Part of what I loved with the original Silent Hill games is that they actually made you feel like your character was firing a gun for the first time with their shaky aim. Others offer complex puzzles that are about uncovering hidden codes to unlock secret rooms. But in this generation, it feels like the genre has almost been abandoned with only a few series sticking around. Resource management is essential, as it teaches the player to choose wisely if they want to escape; with every bullet comes a decision.
Dark, foggy, and practically silent except for the sound of your own footsteps, it exudes creepiness.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a great example of a game that builds up your anxieties before you even step foot in it.
However, the environment is usually the biggest puzzle in these games – using it to your advantage is make or break. For instance, the original Silent Hill captures something so real with Harry searching desperately for his daughter, and you’re drawn to unraveling the mystery. With all these things working together, when Slender Man finally does pop out at you, it’s hard not to jump.

Clock Tower, Amnesia: Dark Descent, and Haunting Ground test your ability to find hiding spots in the environment to escape enemies and use objects from the landscape for safety. The biggest strength of these puzzles is the mix between fast, panicked thinking and piecing together the complex set of items at your disposal.
Games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender have running and evading attacks as an integral part of survival. That game throws your basic surroundings into a grotesque, blood-soaked alternative version. For survival horror to work, you must always be on your toes; wondering if your next move could be your last. Solving these puzzles provide not only a sense of accomplishment, but also further exemplify why brains and street smarts are important to escape your predator.
We’re at a crossroads in the survival horror market; with HD graphics and sound, scary games should be reaping the benefits, but are they?
The image shifts further confirm that you don’t have any control over your environment, creating a powerlessness that intensifies the surroundings.
Let’s get that heart pumping by forcing panic and not providing the safety that comes from the barrel of a gun.

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