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Charles Bentley, left, uses a ham radio while sitting next to station leader Steve Barnes at Byrd Station during his second winter of the IGY. As the expedition’s seismologist, Bentley took charge of measuring the underlying snow and ice. Mount Bentley, at 4,274 meters, in what is now called the Ellsworth Mountains, bears his name. Bentley credits Paul Mayewski, director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, for reviving the overland traverse in the modern era. The younger scientist, who has trekked across much of the continent by foot, ski and tracked vehicle since 1968, credits Bentley and the exploits of his contemporaries for helping inspire his own career. Today kids are reading about the work polar scientists like Mayewski are doing for the International Polar Year (IPY), a multi-national science campaign much like the IGY, but focusing on the Arctic and Antarctic in the context of climate change. At some point, we can expect our supplies to run down, and our equipment to fall apart, and even the simplest of tools require a fairly specialized division of labor to make. Fortunately we can still master some of the basics that would help civilization get back on its feet. Written by scientists and researcher Lewis Dartnell, it details how humans could rebuild civilization after a global catastrophe, and gives a run down of crucial skills like agriculture, metallurgy, and power generation. Our world is built on countless mechanical devices, many of which we never see or acknowledge.
Making your own paper is one of those skills that most people haven’t thought of in a really long time. Whenever there is a major disaster, ham radio operators are often the last remaining line of communication to the outside world.
Despite a history spanning several thousand years, soap was never widely accepted until the discovery of bacteria.
Like many prepper’s, I understand the importance of communication following a disruptive event.  To that end, I took the easy road and purchased a couple of portable Baofeng radios so that I could communicate with the rest of the world when the grid is down.
In our last get-together, we looked at setting up a ham radio just like you’d prepare a nine course meal. Today we’ll continue with putting the information we want into the radios using a programming cable and software. While Baofeng – great radios in the under $50 class – do have their own software for programming available, I prefer to use a ham radio community project called CHIRP. When you click on this link consider going down to the “daily builds” and hitting the “Click here”.  Also, you will want to install CHIRP for whatever OS you have – Linux, Mac, and of course, the Windows 32 versions.
I used to prefer manufacturer software, but the ham community (as invariably happens) came up with a better idea. Hams are very big on cross platform interoperability!  Furthermore, sometimes, you’ll find a ham club that has a decent selection of CHIRP files and that can save a lot of work. When you first open CHIRP you might get something of a start: There’s almost nothing to look at.
Now we will click on the NOAA Weather Tab and select the channels we want.  Click NOAA1 and you’ll see it turns blue (meaning it’s selected). The last step to take is click back over to the Untitled file tab (in the new file we’re building) and click on the first unused line. Next, you will get this next challenging warning, but don’t fear this late in the game – go for it! But be sure to click the checkmark to end this timewaster (lawyers have to make a living, too).
Next you’ll see a checklist of things you should already have done, if you’ve been following along closely. Open the file you just saved with the weather channels on it, highlight the channels we want to move (I moved all of them) and paste them into the tab called Baofeng UV-5R (Untitled)*. One last trip to the Radio menu on CHIRP and click UPLOAD to upload everything to your radio. Here’s why: They have a very solid repeater list of almost everything that you’d be interested in working (talking on) as a newly minted ham. Popped open in Excel, it took about 20-minutes to build a perfect list for Gaye for both 2-Meters and the 440 band.
1) VFO [variable frequency oscillator] settings is where you put in the receive frequency and then declare the transmitter offset. 2) When you have set up a frequency pair for a repeater (don’t forget to set the right PL Tones!) you will then save it to a memory number. In the meantime, as our newly minted hams get their licenses, they will not only have freshly programmed radios with good selection of local 2-Meter and 440 ham radio repeaters, but they will also have all the NOAA weather channels, all the GMRS, FRS, and even a few local cops and police agencies. Once you get the hang of programming with CHIRP into one of these little low cost radios, you can build up image files for anywhere you want to go.
To begin with, I would put both radios on 146.52 – the National 2-Meter Simplex Calling frequency. The ideal length for any antenna may be calculated by simply dividing the desired frequency into 234.
Since we know from the study of the ham radio materials, that a typical 2-meter frequency is 147 MHz, we can figure that the right antenna length would be 1.592 feet. In ham radio, the longer the antenna, the more efficient it can become, but there’s always an asterisk in ham radio.

If Gaye can’t get out well enough with the rubber ducky antenna that comes stock with the Baofeng, (or the upgraded longer rubber duck she purchased), then it would be time to brace for a zoning fight and go for a serious antenna. A little smaller than this 17-foot megalithic powerhouse is the Diamond X50A which will get some solid gain, isn’t portable, but is almost a hundred bucks cheaper.
Then you could sign up to become active in your state RACES organization, and there’s always a club volunteering to provide communications for big projects like street fairs, and the like.
The starting point is the testing of the radio to see what repeaters it can hit along your typical daily wanderings or commute. With a simple to follow approach adding and deleting frequencies in CHIRP, in hardly no time you will have a perfectly adapted radio for your travel and use habits. Close your radio into the spousal unit and first thing you know, you’ll have free family communications without a monthly bill, although I think we contribute $50-bucks a year to our local ham club. I am so very grateful that George, my personal Elmer, has set up my two Baofeng radios so that Shelly and I can hit the air waves running when we get our licenses.  I am even more grateful for his willingness to share the various steps involved so that everyone who has a ham radio festering in the closet and get it set up and running. Even if you are not licensed, you can still listen to radio transmissions without a license.  Better yet, initiate steps to get a license. Whatever tools you use, please do get started.  After attending my first local ARRL club meeting, I can assure you other friendly and like-minded folks that be there to help you become an expert at emergency communications using Amateur Radio. If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for Backdoor Survival daily at Top Prepper Websites!  In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide.
Bargain Bin:  Below you will find links to the items related to today’s article, including some free resources to enhance your Amateur Radio experience. USB Programming Cable for Baofeng UV-5R UV-3R+ Two way Radio With Driver CD:  You are absolutely going to need this cable to set up your radios. Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices.
Thanks for this great article, I am sharing the link with the folks in the new ham radio club here. Gayle, Can you expand on why they are getting BaoFengs for those of us who don’t know please? The process involved unrolling hundreds of meters of cable outfitted with geophones (a sort of motion detector) and setting off explosives that sent sound waves down to the base of the ice sheet below. Bentley says the team believed they saw just a few small peaks, and each morning expected to reach the outcrop of hills. A principal investigator for the International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE), Mayewski completed the final leg of a trip to the South Pole on Christmas Eve 2007. Most striking, he says, is that 50 years ago the researchers were busy with discovery and description. But before he heads into the field, he must take an overnight outdoor course required of anyone working in the field. Bentley made it to WAIS Divide despite the weather delays, and even spent a couple of extra, unexpected days there. We understand the fragility of our society, and the many ways it could quickly fall apart, and we have prepared ourselves to defend our homes and families. Eventually, we’d have to move beyond survival, and start trying to build a new future for our children. Here are seven books that will help you learn some of the essential skills and cornerstone technologies of civilization. At around 121 pages, this short book gives a basic description and diagram for every gear, pulley, and screw configuration you could possibly think of, and many more that you never even knew existed. Modern society has made paper cheap and ubiquitous, and the rise of computers has made it a lot less important in our lives.
If a global catastrophe were to occur, they would be crucial to the rebuilding of civilization.
Without a global network of distribution, everyone would have to produce at least some of their own food, and many of us would not have the workers, animals, or equipment required to run a large farm.
Up until that point, is was very common for people to enter a hospital with a mild illness only to leave in a coffin (a situation we’re beginning to experience again in modern times). In fact, the ability to produce alcohol may have been responsible for creating civilization in the first place. He is a writer and researcher focused on principles of self-sufficiency and liberty at Ready Nutrition.
Why not set up a kind of standard, put it into a comma delimited file (.CSV) so if you have a great selection of channels on your Baofeng, you can simply email me the CHIRP image file, and I can load it into my Wouxun or my Kenwood FT-6F? So when you click NEW under File, you’ll be treated to a blank pallet – just itching to be filled in with your favorite radio hang-outs. You will be able to add all kinds of channels easily through a simple copy and past system. You won’t have to do anything to get there – simply click on Files and drop down to Open Stock Config. During read and writing on the radio, a little green light under the red VFO button will blink. For example, when I tried to put in some local FM radio stations, even though the radio specs say it should work, CHIRP declares it out of the radio’s range. Oh, and did I mention the Vessel Traffic System for boats at both ends of Puget Sound and….

Next time we go up to visit friends of ours in Oklahoma, I will junk the image off my Wouxun and pipe in the new image for Oklahoma…simple as that. This is why I always like to have pairs of radios to program…makes testing a piece of cake.
Don’t forget we need to tack our first 12-inches back on, so it comes out to be that a perfect one quarter wavelength antenna would be about 19.1 inches. When mounted vertically, it would radiate about 3 decibels better than a quarter wave antenna.
I have a 50-watt radio and a ? wave antenna mounted on my old pickup truck and we can talk upwards of 40-miles on that set up. It’s a mish-mash of engineering terms that would make your ears bleed, but the antenna is a combination of curled wires that forms a vertically phased array that has tremendous gain. Beats the heck out of paying huge monthly cell bills and, as an added bonus, the wee ones might actually learn a thing or two along the way. This little book will not only suggest things you can do with your ham license, but more importantly, how to have fun with amateur radio!  The Kindle version is $2.99 but a print book is also available. Includes D-Star and APCO-25, references for operating practices, tips for handling interference, emergency message handling, guidelines for severe weather reporting to SKYWARN and the National Weather Service, and more.
I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here.
This is an easy tool for finding products that people are ‘wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. Finally, in November 1957, they rumbled away from Byrd Station to the interior of Marie Byrd Land. In this way, they were able to measure the ice thickness and the depths of reflecting layers within the ice. He worked on several more such traverses around the South Pole until the NSF canceled the program in the 1960s. The traverse collected data that will help the multi-national program reconstruct the continent’s climate over the last 200 to 1,000 years. Now, scientists study processes and dynamics, such as measuring how fast a glacier is moving.
He hopes to be back after he turns 80 to witness the final season of the WAIS deep-core project.
The things we own have become so intricate and sophisticated that we have no idea how these things are made. It is by no means a complete list, so feel free to include some of your own ideas in the comments.
What’s more important is that he describes which technologies would be the most important and the logistics of making them, rather than how to actually make them.
However, any kind of calamity that would threaten our computer reliant society, would turn paper into a hot commodity.
Small societies after the collapse would need a way share news and trade for supplies that they can’t produce in their locale.
Most families would be on their own for a long time, and would have to learn how to grow lots of food on small manageable farms.
Now that we know what germs can do to us and how they’re spread, soap has become an essential part of healthy living. Nothing throws a wet blanket on festivities like putting the radio back on a charger because you didn’t charge it up first. So to load up Gaye (and Survival Hubby’s) radios, I simply downloaded all of Washington State’s frequencies for the bands I wanted. Even with small “rubber ducky” antennas, several miles minimum – LINE OF SIGHT – is what to expect.
Don’t forget with your tech licence you can use 10m and talk all over the world for not much money. Our society hinges on millions of people working together, often over long distances, and radio would likely be the only way for these people to communicate and cooperate. Life after any disaster large or small, is going to be unbelievably unsanitary, and knowing how to make soap will could save your life. Door Breaching Using Your Shotgun during A SHTF Situation Obamaa€™s Mental Health Screening in Schools Will a€?Disarma€™ Gun Rights: a€?Databases to Follow Academic Career and Beyonda€? Detergent Pods Are Harming Kids, So Why Not Make Your Own Laundry Soap? The driver is usually unique to the cable manufacturer and is determined by the chip installed in the USB cable. And once you build the image file for what you want, reloading a radio is nothing more than a 3-minute upload process to complete. While it certainly wouldn’t be able to completely replace oil and natural gas, it would likely become the next best thing until society is rebuilt.
I tried to let Windows Update find something that would work, but that was a waste of time. Make sure you have an available USB port you can access because we will be plugging the cable in shortly.

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