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1) Come prepared, but make sure you have enough space in your vehicle for everything you plan to bring. Can you see Lungi tucked in among all that stuff in the back seat, feet folded under her because there’s no space on the floor? I road-tripped with two friends, Ruth and Lungi, in Ruth’s massive 1985 Mercedes Benz. Unless you have the luxury of arriving and leaving at off-peak hours, you’ll be waiting around a lot in traffic. These guys set up some kind of animal sacrifice thing, including pig’s feet, a chicken foot holding a joint, a carrot, a photo of a hyena, a cup of fake blood, and a drawing of a creepy girl. Die Klein Bar stage is small, intimate, and always less crowded than the other stages because it’s at the top of a huge hill. 9) Get back to your campsite well before dark, to change into warm clothes for the evening performances.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We Are One 2014 took place on Human Rights Day in Cape Town and in Emmarantia Dam, Joburg the following day. To celebrate the rights we have today as young people that our parents didn’t have, like living in the suburbs and working at the places we work now. Locally gay rights are protected, it’s not a taboo anymore and everyone is coming out the closet even high school kids. Something to do with independence of the Human Rights…Aargh f**k knows broer, I’m actually Zimbabwean but I think it has something to do with Apartheid f**king off. It dates back to the 1960s Sharpeville Massacre and we celebrate Human Rights Day to commemorate the victims.
Our government doesn’t respect our right to privacy because they are constantly spying on us on social networks and watching us secretly.
My parents went through a whole lot of shit in America’s Civil Right movements, but I’m not a political cat, I’m beyond the colour barrier and feel a president should be elected by how he do da job.

Before you start visiting antique shops on the hunt for antiques and collectables you will need to know how to spot an item of value. These types of antiques can be a unique find because only a few items were made for those who could afford it. When you are out looking for antique furniture for sale, you should make sure that you like its design. It’s important to double check the details of the antique furniture that the seller provides you with.
Furniture that has been restored by a professional to its original condition is also a good buy. Now that you know what to look for when choosing antiques and collectibles, you can start looking for antique furniture for sale. I locked it in my friend’s car at night and tried to protect it from dust as much as possible. As usual it was packed with thousands of party animals gyrating to mainly house grooves churned out by the DJs. It can be difficult to tell the difference between old pieces of furniture and valuable antiques.
While its scarcity can mean that it was an unpopular item, it can also mean that only a few items were manufactured for wealthy patrons. Another reason for a rare find could be that the antique is delicate so most of the items have been damaged or destroyed over the years. While some may say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are some styles that appeal to a wider audience than others.
Once you have chosen something that appeals to you, do some research to see if other people feel the same way. Do some research to check that the seller has listed the correct date of production and the correct craftsman. Over the years it is natural for furniture to show signs of wear and tear but quality items that are well looked after are more valuable than shabby furniture.

Typically antique furniture has more expensive wood on the outside layer and more affordable wood on the places that are less visible. Another tell-tale sign of a fake antique is when techniques have been used to make the furniture appear older than it really is. For those of you considering a maiden OppiKoppi voyage next year, here are ten tips for a successful experience.
At the last second we could not fit all our stuff into the car, then the trunk got stuck when we jammed it too full and we had to go to a petrol station to have it opened. I chatted with them for a while but couldn’t get a straight answer on what it all meant. Most people stuck to the all-white theme but after thrashing each other with the multi-coloured, non-toxic powder for a couple of hours, the dress code looked more like colour blocking. In between the powder throwing mayhem, Live Mag SA asked some of the revelers and DJs backstage questions related to Human Rights. Antique furniture makes a stunning addition to the design of classical homes and owning these stunning pieces of furniture can also be a good investment. Furniture that has a distinctive design is also more valuable than commonly available items.
This is due to the fact that the items which have a wider appeal are more sought after and can therefore fetch a higher price. Check if the furniture has been altered, because the closer it is to the original design, the more valuable it is. If you are buying a chair, check whether the wood that is used underneath it is the same as the wood on top. If you are looking for valuable antiques and collectables it is advisable to review the current trends first.

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