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Quick cleaning is recommended if you are shooting less than 500 rounds on the range at one time. Step 2 – Always visually check the semi-auto rifle to ensure that the magazine is out of the rifle and is empty.
Step 5 – Push safety button so that an equal amount of button is exposed on each side. Note: Be careful not to lose receiver and trigger housing cross-pins which might slip out of position. Step 8 – Remove the bore brush from the cleaning rod and replace it with the patch tip. Step 12 – Before final assembly of the barreled receiver to the stock wipe down with a good gun lubricant all the metal parts that will be contained within the stock and outside of the stock.
Step 13 – After the barreled receiver has been lightly lubricated, assemble it back into the stock. Step 15 – To clean the magazine use a soft wire brush to remove dirt, grime, and powder residue. Step 16 – To remove layers of dirt, grime, and powder residue the brush could not remove, use Q-Tips with a good gun cleaner on them. Step 17 – Put an empty clean magazine in the magazine well and lock it in place and function test the rifle. Step 18 – After function testing  the rifle wipe down the barrel and any other places that you touched on the rifle with a clean lubricated rag. If a gun has been soaked or submerged in water, if sand or other foreign matter in any appreciable quality enters the mechanism, the reliability of the functioning  would be impaired.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Fred TyrellFred Tyrrell is an Eagle Scout and retired police officer that loves to hunt, fish, hike, and camp with good friends and family.
Good article, however I prefer to clean from the breach to the muzzle in order not to drag crud into the receiver area. All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property.
Diopter adjustment for fine focusing, 30 X 60 zoom binoculars Central adjusting knob assists to rapid regulate vision definition Natural rubber material prevents it to slip or shake Red membrane fully coated optics for increased brightness Perfect for outdoor sport, camping, bird watching, etc.
This is a book on the survival skills needed to keep you alive by preventing your body temperature at 98.6, rather than wilderness skills. This book is for those people those hoping to learn survival skills when faced with a disaster rather than the skilled outdoorsman. This book explains the basics of survival in depth and is written for the beginner covering both the why and the how to of survival. Having the right stuff to hand and being prepared is very important to ensure you survive when disaster strikes.
Although this is more living in the wilderness than surviving for a short period in an emergency, It does show you how to survive and live on just the things found in the woods which can be very important for survival if you are lost for a period of time.
If you are going to survive any length of time in the wilderness it is important to know the plants you can eat in wild.
Unknowingly, boots, trailers, even decoys can often harbor invasive species, spread to new places and destroy wildlife habitat. Hunters often provide the first line of defense in helping to identify invasive species and prevent their spread. The National Clean Drain Dry Initiative works to provide marketing, outreach and educational services for consistent invasive species messaging focused on best management prevention.

Wildlife Forevera€™s mission is to conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife.
I celebrated that brief moment of freedom by cleaning the entire house and washing, drying, folding and putting away every stitch of laundry in the house.  I have to emphasize each step in the Laundry Phase because often it ends up abandoned somewhere along that line. You know you have completely lost your mind, when the concept of a whole day of cleaning is actually a bit exciting. Oooo … I can scrub those baseboards that have been bugging me and wash the shower curtain and liner. Yippee … I can gather up those clothes of the kids that don’t fit anymore and try to sell them or donate them! By the end of the day, I was walking like Quasimodo and fishing for compliments from my husband like Oliver Twist.
I relished in the joy and Febreze-a-licious scent of clean baseboards and laundry … until Tuesday night. A dishwasher is a rectangle.  So, why would I open it and unload the clean dishes and deposit the dirty ones?  Why?  That is just crazy talk.
A bed is a rectangle.  Why would I make it?  It is just going to get messed up again tonight?  That is just nutty. A room is a rectangle.  Why would I run a sweeper over it when there is clearly shit on it?  That is bananas.
A tub is a rectangle.  Why would I scrub it even when the grime on it is starting resemble the face of Jesus?  That is just sacrilege. Pull the charging handle back and verify that the chamber is empty and lock back the rifle bolt for safety.
Then place a clean dry patch on the tip and run it down the barrel from the muzzle to the receiver.
This is to prevent the sweat in your finger tips from rusting any exposed parts of the rifle. The purpose of such a cleaning is only to remove powder residue from internal components and as a rust prevention procedure. In this case, the gun should be totally dismantled and thoroughly cleaned by a certified gunsmith or armor.
He believes a man's word is his bond, and looks forward to teaching others what he has learned over the years. Like YourCampingExpert on Facebook to stay informed of new posts,  fun, games and competitions.
It will help to prevent you from dying from hypothermia in a short few hours from a disaster striking which is a major cause of death in survival situations.
It lets you know everything to include in your survival kit to get through the first 72 hours – covering water, protection, shelter food etc.
Dehydration is a major cause of death as in most situations you can only survive 3 days without it. It provides detailed step by step instructions on things like building a fire, making traps, shelters and more. This book focuses on the greens you can eat rather than other types of plants like berries. It covers other topics but has a great chapter dealing with emergency gear, starting a fire without matches and more. For over 27 years, WF members have helped to conduct thousands of fish, game and habitat conservation projects across the country.

At the receiver replace the dirty patch with a clean one and pull it back through the barrel and out. Wilderness survival skills are important to master if you are going out in to the wild, going off the beaten track, disaster strikes or just because they are good to know. It is a book of two halves – the first is Seven Day Survival dealing with what you need to do for short-term survival.
It written in an entertaining and irreverent but teaches what you need to know to avoid problems as well as how to handle them so you survive. It is an easy to understand book that provides you with information on the right mindset, building shelter, sourcing drinking water, finding food, navigating, what to include in your survival kit and more. It covers mindset, what gear you will need, fire and light, shelter and protection, finding water and purifying it, avoiding hazards and navigation. It is a very comprehensive guide to your BOB plus gives details on survival skills such as having a plan and being mentally prepared. In his book on wounds you get step by step instructions on how to stop the wound bleeding and close the wound. At 400 pages long it gives you a lot of detail on this very common type of plant found in North America.
They damage equipment, disrupt ecosystems, alter wildlife habitat and are a serious threat to public access. Note: many states and provinces require such steps before leaving the access and traveling. Being prepared, knowing what to do and having situational awareness can play a big part in your survival and those with you when something has gone wrong.
With over 100 techniques it covers skills like building shelter, fire starting, tool making, hunting, fishing and more.
The information is presented in a straightforward way and can be easily put to use when you need it.
It is written an easy to understand style to help you survive emergencies when off the beaten track and other situations.
It’s great for the urban or rural setting and is useful for camping as well as dealing with a disaster setting, and shows you how to drink your own urine and like it! You also can learn what it takes to be a man and how to become one with chapters on providing, athleticism and heroism. They are skills that in some respects you may not ever have to use – however the time to learn them is now before you do need them (when it will be too late) and the other thing is that they can be a lot of fun to learn and master.
The second is Beyond Survival and goes through what is needed to live in the wild longer term – using age-old primitive skills to live. The books that have made it on to our top wilderness survival books will give you a good start in getting up to speed with the skills needed for survival and they cover what to take with you, shelter, food, drinking water, keeping warm, first aid and more. If you’d like to be notified when some of the best camping and hiking books can be downloaded for free, then like us on Facebook where we will regularly share the latest free wilderness survival Kindle books. Please leave a comment or subscribe to our free updates so you don’t miss future articles, announcements and competitions.
Do you agree with our awards  or do you have a wilderness survival kindle book that should be included.

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