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This inexpensive First Aid Flip Chart is handy to keep in a wallet, purse, car, caravan, boat or office. Crises Survival is a book that describes specialist training techniques to help improve your chances of survival. Including more than 300 artworks and handy pull out lists of key information the SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Crisis Survival is the definitive crisis survival guide for anyone wanting to be ready for anything life can throw at you whether it be a natural disaster or a man-made one it can help to save your life. This revised edition includes new case studies and survival scenerios that can help to save your life.Covers any climate in any situation.

It offers easy to follow advise on how to survive many types of life threatening situations. This book presents the field tested skills of the most elite commandos including the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Delta Force, Green Berets, French Foreign Legion, Australian SAS and more.
The handy pocket sixed guides provide students with the essential information that they will need on placement, acting as a super quick reference guide to assist nursing and health students and those that are newly qualified.The laminated wipe down paper will be very useful for students on placement. Full of expert survival techniques, this is one little book that is worth it's weight in gold!

Maths & Medications contains basic mathematical concepts, standard formulas, and essential information on safe medication administration.

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