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Inch Survival Gear Inch Survival Gear is a manufacturer of custom survival kits and offer informative articles on preparedness, survival and self-reliance. Communicate with each other using hand signals.  If you bring walkie talkies to communicate with each other, make sure the volume is set to low, use an ear piece if you have one and select an uncommon privacy channel. Every person in your group should carry some sort of protection.  This could be a stick, pepper spray, a pipe, piece of wood, a gun or anything you have access to that could help fend off someone or a group that is trying to attack you or possibly kill you.
Bring along a fanny pack or something small that you can attach to your belt to carry a small first aid kit and other supplies like a flashlight, paracord, extra ammo, etc. Bring along a flashlight and extra batteries but don’t use it unless you absolutely have to. If you have access to water bring some with you as you never know how long you might be gone. Derive a plan on where you will be going and when you expect to get back to your bug out location. Never wear bright, florescent colored or expensive looking clothing.  Wear grungier clothing that will allow you to blend in with your surroundings. Try and get squirrels or other animals and birds in a nearby park.  Many of them are used to people and you will have a good chance at capturing and killing one if there are any left.
Print PDFNatural disasters can strike without warning as well as other types of emergencies. A bug out bag is one of the first things a new prepper tackles — and for good reason. Durable. I have found that certain goods have a high correlation between price and quality.
Keep in mind the primary purpose of a bugout bag — it is not to sustain you indefinitely, but to provide your needs temporarily in case you need to evacuate quickly if a disaster should strike.
Now, admittedly, our specific plan involved seven people, so a single bugout bag was not adequate, but it was a good teaching opportunity for everyone in the family. There are links within this post on which we can earn a commission if you purchase something, but it doesn't cost you any more money.
We as a group decided to have another All American Pressure Canner Giveaway but we wanted to add one more item this time! This giveaway is open to all legal residents of the 48 continental United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry.
Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching. Canning and freezing my own food at least ensures I know what I”m eating, not to mention it always taste better.
Each section within The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook – First Edition has multiple sub-sections to help you become better equipped to handle the incidents that can occur during disaster. Wouldn’t it be a great addition to your preparedness library?  You bet it would!  So enter below. Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article.

Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites!
While you're here, be sure to read my blog disclosure, disclaimer, and Privacy Policy pages!
Be sure to check us out each month for new and returning vendors.See All EventsAR-15 Giveaway ContestJoin our contact list for your chance to win an AR-15 rifle from San Antonio Liberty Gun Show. Only bring the bare essentials that you would need to be able to get back to your bug out location. Keeping your mind open and focused on the task at hand will help you along the way.  Remember to avoid anything that is moldy or is already rotting.
The pack needs to carry everything you’ll need, but the larger the pack, the higher the weight premium of the bag itself.
Yes, you can survive three days without food, but you can’t perform at peak efficiency. Your survival knife is a separate item — for your survival kit you want a tiny folding razor, like the one from Vigilant Gear. A small LED flashlight is all you need to see in the dark, and it fits in your survival kit. In either case, I estimate that my best bugout location is my own home, located in a rural area. In general, depending on the length of your commute, you can get away with just keeping an everyday carry bag in your commuter vehicle. But it is also important to choose the right bag or else this can affect your back, joints, or muscles. The 8 glass a day is literally ALL over the internet and in books, but ask any nutritionist (NOT dietitian!) worth a damn, and they will tell you water is completely individualistic, based on body type, metabolism needs (cooling), and activity. This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links! He and his wife live as frugally as possible and try daily to live as God intends them to live. This week we have a copy of The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook – First Edition to give away!  And who doesn’t need a little survival medical instruction?
For instance, Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand of canned goods is very good despite its lower price. It actually has a built-in scabbard with a butt cover that allows you to fully conceal a weapon up to 60″ long.
If I find myself needing to bug out, I’ll have the option of stuffing the smaller bag to the gills and be able to move a little faster.
For example, some people will plan to hunker down at their home in the event of an emergency, so their bugout bag will be designed primarily to get them home.
Check your local laws, of course, but make it a top priority to have a gun and some extra ammo. Wool is better because it keeps you warm even when damp, and unlike synthetics it is resistant to scorching.

These uber-cheap lights are not the best quality, but I left one on continuously for five days before the light went out. It is well stocked with enough supplies to sustain myself, my family, and a few refugees indefinitely. For instance, we didn’t need seven shelters, but only enough shelters to shelter seven people. But if you travel long distances, you should consider keeping the bugout bag in your vehicle at all times, possibly packing separate bugout bags at work and in the vehicle. We will choose ONE winner at the end of the giveaway, and that person will be notified by email.
Bones and Nurse Amy address so many things in this 419 page book.  The book also includes a Glossary (which can be very helpful to a novice or those unfamiliar with medical terms) and other Medical References. Whether you keep it at home, at work, or in your vehicle will depend on your specific circumstances, but the basic idea is that it should always be handy so you can grab it and go on short notice. But my experience with backpacks has been that the cheaper ones are cheaper; the zippers fail, the stitching comes apart, the fabric frays.
Others will need to evacuate their home, and their bugout bag will be designed to get them safely to a bugout location, like a shack in the woods or the grandparent’s homestead in the country. I do stock three days of water, but I’m prepared to ditch it if necessary, because I have stocked a water filter bottle (I prefer the Sport Berkey) and some water purification tablets. Optional: I also have prescription antibiotics and pain-killers in case of a severe injury. Even a poncho helps; this one from Sea to Summit accommodates a large backpack and converts into a two-person shelter. But keep in mind we also get a lot of water from our food, so it depends really what else you have in your go pouch. So we put our money together to thank you our awesome readers for your loyalty to our blogs. Be cautious making this decision — it depends on availability of water along the way to your bugout location.
We also want to introduce you to some new blogs, make some new friends and learn more about being self-reliant and so much more! The one we are giving away is the First Edition that covers the building blocks to address almost every given emergency.
Recently, I was in Arizona with my family for several months working on the Jack Phoenix movie project.
Before we left, we prepared a plan for getting home in the unlikely event of a political or economic disaster, and a bugout bag was an essential part of that plan.

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