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Ever loved The Legend of Zelda series so much that you wish you could take it with you everywhere? Using acrylics, he has recreated the iconic screenshot at the start of the original NES game on one shoe, and official artwork of the same game on another. If the elemental critters aren’t your thing, there are also some brilliant Mario Kart, Batman and Transformers vehicles.
To check out last week’s featured Crafts ‘N Gear, here’s the link for #6: Super Mario Christmas Tree Lights, Wooden Hylian Shield, Companion (Ice) Cubes.
If you’ve seen or made anything cool that you’d like to see featured, leave us a comment or send me a tweet!
Committed to providing you and your family with the best survival knowledge, skills and equipment.
Over the years I’ve come to trust a standard set of backcountry and photo gear that helps me to accomplish photography in the field. Of all my gear, I learned that my backcountry pack is the worst place to skimp, and I’ll pay top dollar for the most comfortable pack.
This is an inexpensive, heavy, warm-as-the-equator sleeping bag that most outdoor chain stores carry a version of.
My top priority in choosing backcountry gear is to avoid weight, which induces fatigue and reduces my productivity behind the camera. Gortex Bivy Sack-This is a weather-proof tube that your sleeping bag fits inside, which saves a lot of space and weight in your pack when you don’t need a whole tent, such as in summer on a 1-night trip. Mosquito Repellent-Water is everywhere in the high Rockies and Mosquitoes are terrible in summer. Nalgene Bottle-I bring a bottle in addition to my bladder because the bladder is ONLY good for its intended purpose; storing a large amount of water in your pack and sucking it through a tube. Multi-tool– I use my multi-tool frequently, including for removing hooks and gutting fish, as an eating utensil, gripping hot pot lids, and making equipment repairs. In addition to the photo equipment below, there are some additional items that I’ll briefly begin with.
I think by now this model has been updated, but I like the 055 because it’s somehow as light as some much smaller travel tripods, yet rock steady, and far less expensive than the highest end tripods. This head is heavy, adds a fair amount of height to the tripod and is finicky to adjust, but it’s well-built and gets the job done without spending a fortune. The Nikon D810 is currently among the most advanced and highest resolution cameras available for nature photography, for what I think is a bargain price. What originally drew me into photography were not landscapes, but close-up photos of small animals like insects and frogs, which is specifically what this lens is for. This lens is a workhorse for landscapes that have big features at relatively close distances like canyons, or a mountain face that I’m standing right at the foot of. This is an essential multi-tasker than can cover semi-wide landscapes, distant landscapes, portraits, and wildlife. Carhartt Jeep Cap-Of many cheap and expensive caps that I’ve tried, this is the most durable, warm, versatile, and inexpensive. Raindrops wona€™t normally kill you and even though you are soaking wet, you usually make it back to the car.
I think about situations I could find myself in and what I could use to survive all the time. There are hundreds of things to think about when I start planning what to pack for that trip, but it made me consider basic bug out gear that anyone should have on them whenever they are more than a few hours walk from their home base. No, I am not talking about fuel that has been treated for your generator or car a€“ I am talking about fuel for your body.
There are a lot of options out there for emergency food, but we are talking about survival here so at its most basic you need calories.
When you consider a bug out bag, Freeze dried food is an excellent option provided you have the extra capacity to heat water.
Knowledge and the will to survive are probably the most important considerations that impact whether or not someone will make it through a crisis, but tools are very important too. I just wrote a post about an entrenching tool in your bug out bag and while I personally dona€™t carry one, a lot of other preppers do and use them for digging, chopping tasks and even defensive weapons. Light is often overlooked but having a good flashlight or my personal favorite, a headlamp could help you navigate when without light you would be powerless to move quickly in the dark. When I mentioned food and water above, the only thing that could kill you quicker is really exposure.
In a bug out situation, the main considerations are something to keep the elements off you and this can be accomplished usually with a tent or even a tarp. There are so many other things we could add into a complete bug out bag checklist, but without laying out the whole plan, which you can read more about on our site, here are some other important considerations.
Paracord a€“ Cordage or rope solves a lot of survival problems like stringing up that survival tent to holding your water bottle over the fire to boil water you obtained from questionable sources.
Now you have the gear, you need to make sure it works and more importantly that you know how to use it.
This week we finally cover some Minecraft swag, Link goes on another adventure on your feet and Pikachu and friends transform into vehicles.
You may have prepared your zombie apocalypse survival plans, but have you ever considered the inevitable Creeper onslaught? My trips include day hikes, extended backpacking trips, and multi-day 4×4 expeditions, and I have a designated set of gear for each. Instead I simply use a high capacity standard backpack, currently the Gregory Palisades 80. It keeps your camera tactical right on your chest where you can grab it and start shooting while wearing a full-sized pack.

I use this pack for short trips when I need extra clothing or gear, such as in inclement weather or for an over-nighter. The Nalgene bottle lets me pour water into pots, carry around smaller amounts of water, mix in flavorings and scoop up snow. If you intend to make very large prints, then not even entry level models from good manufacturers reduce camera vibrations enough.
Macro lenses posses a long focusing tube, which allows them to focus closer than regular lenses, while still working perfectly at regular distances. As with all zooms, this lens performs ok at the margins of its range, but has great clarity and lack of distortion in the middle, which is when I use it most. When viewing prints, there’s not a blatant difference in clarity, but you can certainly tell when comparing files at 100% magnification on-screen.
It has enough material to pull down over the the back of your neck, and folds up over your ears. In typical high altitude Winter conditions, with no gloves you’ll be unable to use your numb fingers after a few minutes, and will get frostbite shortly thereafter.
I use cheap, gas station glasses because they’ll eventually end up at the bottom of a creek or forgotten on a tree stump somewhere.
I’ve found some great alternatives including inexpensive dried soups from the bulk section of supermarkets and Whole Foods. I dona€™t mean when you are sitting in the living room watching a football game and the commercials for the Big Screen TV sale coming up on Black Friday start to play non-stop.
A lot of people have jumper cables if you are in a safe area or have access to a cell phone you are usually fine, but what if the a€?If I only had aa€™ moment happens when you are completely alone?
This is the survival gear you will need in a crisis situation and a lot of this gear should be considered for your Bug Out Bag if you plan to maximize your chances of survival. The number one priority for any human outside of the extremes of hot and cold are water and food. In the car survival example unless you brought along a stove and water to boil, that freeze dried food wouldna€™t be worth eating. I know some purists out there talk about only needing a good knife and while I agree that a sharp sturdy survival knife is probably the most important survival tool, there are others you should have in your bag that meet other needs.
Machetes offer some similar capabilities in the defensive department as well as being useful for cutting and chopping your way through brush. You can die from extreme cold or heat faster than from being without water, so a plan for shelter cana€™t be ignored either. Tarps are light, inexpensive and work in a million ways as long as you have something to tie it off to.
For that a survival bivvy sack is one option that is very light and takes up almost no room.
Small cuts and scrapes arena€™t something you would normally need to worry about, but major blood loss is. Unfortunately the officially licensed item is out of stock at the time of writing, but keep an eye on ThinkGeek if you’re planning on purchasing the perfect festive gift for yourself or a Minecraft fan.
From the age of 4 he had his filthy mitts on a Game Boy, PSOne and Sega Mega Drive (Genesis to you Americans!),. To carry my photo gear, I either use a chest pack (see below), or store items in a separate camera case that I put inside the backpack. After trying most large packs on the market, my current backcountry pack is the Gregory Palisade 80. Though small on the outside, it easily carries my big D800 with a full-sized mounted lens, an additional large lens, and all my filters, batteries, etc… If you really cram things, it can carry a third smaller lens.
To avoid soiling the environment I only use soap if necessary, but this soap is supposedly all natural and biodegradable. In my opinion they’re essential to landscape photography and contribute significant impact to all photos that include sky, clouds, water, reflective surfaces and a lot of color, so pretty much all landscapes. Its purpose is to make the tripod head perfectly level as it pans across a plane when shooting multi-framed panoramics. I use the D810 because it has a full frame FX sensor with 36 megapixels, which allows me to produce sharp 60″ prints. When on the move I quickly overheat and have to open up, but when standing on frozen lakes in sub zero temperatures I’m totally comfortable. Tasty examples are corn chowder, black bean soup and potato stew, which I store in large Ziplock bags and spoon out as needed. No, I mean when you are out away from home or in a situation where you cana€™t just walk down to the basement or out to the shed to grab that special tool that you need.
What if you forget something that could very well save your life and nobody is going to come if you call? For instance, I have another long car trip planned next month to visit family that will require us to be on the road for two days. The food you choose should be appropriate to where you are going to store it and how you will eat it. According to the situation you are planning for, ensure that you have prepared food and water for everyone with you. Multi-tools bring tremendous variety to your abilities that you are carrying and can perform a surprising variety of functions. The downside is that these arena€™t meant to last a long time and in some cases, a sleeping bag would be a better option.
Have a basic first aid kit and augment it with blood stoppers or something like Quick Clot and antibiotic cream.
I used to have a plastic BPA free Nalgene, but I moved up to a stainless steel Nalgene bottle just so that I could put it over a fire if needed.

Open to any system and genre, he remains completely unbiased as a proud owner of a Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS. I like the big front compartment that can zip open to accesses the main compartment without having to go through the top, water bladder compartment with port, small pouch on the hip belt for my compass, and a more efficient way to tighten the waist strap than on other packs. The strap system that goes across your back distributes the weight well with no pressure points or pulling on your neck.
It accommodates only the lenses that I need, survival itmes, a snack and water, a light jacket and my tripod. I’ve comfortably used it in Winter in well below freezing temperatures while my Nalgene bottle froze solid overnight. I need a setup that supports a full sized DSLR and lens stably enough to shoot long exposures without wiggle. A perfectly leveled head is important because otherwise you end up with a diagonally tilted panoramic stitch that must be corrected through cropping, which robs you of pixels.
In that situation changing lenses that often isn’t practical or healthy for the equipment. I use it most often for panoramic stitch-together simply because I often shoot each frame at exactly 50mm. When you are out hiking in the woods and it starts to rain and you remember you didna€™t bring any rain gear. On a normal trip that long you could expect all manner of surprise inconveniences to pop up. Granted, you can go a fairly long time without food, but do you want to when this is so relatively easy to avoid?
For example, If you are stocking your winter car survival kit in anticipation of being stranded you probably wouldna€™t want to pack a couple cans of peaches. This might not be a smart idea for a machete, but you would be surprised how often some of the other items will come in handy. I recently hiked with this bag and my backcountry pack 10 days across Patagonia for a total of 80 miles with total comfort.
Unfortunately there are only a few such packs in this size class on the market, and their prices are preposterous.
This bag is thickly padded, and the outside canvas is durable enough to endure dirt and abuse. Among other functions, this lets me take a photo without having to press down on the shutter button, which produces a sharper photo when longer shutter speeds are used. The tripod must rise to full height purely through leg extension, not by having to raise the center column, which is wobbly. The Pan & Tilt head is not as quick to position as a Ball Head, but I find the adjustments to be more precise, and the range of motion greater. The other option to level your tripod head is to painstakingly adjust the tripod legs, which is time consuming and imprecise.
The gravity of that fact is that until lens glass can be produced clearer for the same cost, using sensors much beyond 36 megapixel may be impractical. Or when you are in the parking lot late at night staring at a dashboard that should be lit up but isna€™t because your car wona€™t start and you dona€™t have any jumper cables. On a two-day trip during December you have to throw Mother Nature in there as well so my thoughts have already turned to what I need to pack to ensure that my family and the survival dog are prepared for any situation that occurs while we are over 1000 miles away from home. This might be great for your pantry back home, but emergency food in this situation would ideally be something that you didna€™t have to cook, provided a load of calories and could be prepared without any tools. On most backcountry trips I only carry 2 lenses and minimal gear because I’ll only be shooting landscapes.
I’d rather use this great pack and adapt it to carry camera gear by placing a photo case inside. I use it with a full length Thermarest mattress and a sleeping bag liner for easy cleaning.
I also consider Photoshop part of my camera equipment because I use it to post process every photo that I release. The tripod must be made from carbon fiber because it’s stiff yet extremely light on long hikes. Those moments suck and if I find myself in a place like that I start mentally kicking myself in the rear. The same home that has all of my supplies that have been carefully considered, acquired and assembled for a€?anything that happensa€™. You need fuel in your tank to power your survival engine, so ensuring you always have some emergency food isna€™t just a good idea, it is vitally important. Sure you can open a can without a can opener, but if you are stranded in the winter would you want to do that? It isna€™t the hardest thing in the world, but you dona€™t want to take off down the trail only to discover you left your pole bag back at the last spot. I paid a staggering $90, and it has plenty of external lashing points, bottom straps to carry a sleeping pad or tripod, water compartment with port, separate compartments, and an outside throw compartment to stuff a large item.
Because I prefer not to use split-field neutral density filters, Photoshop allows me to blend multiple exposures of the same photo together so that I get perfectly exposed sky and foreground. It must also be small and mobile enough for outdoor photography, thus the truly full-sized tripods are out of the question.

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