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If the first part of developing a well-performing ROBLOX experience for the iPad is ensuring stability through memory optimization, the second part is improving the frame rate to the point it’s as smooth as it is on a modern desktop or laptop computer.
As mentioned in our previous Engineering ROBLOX for the iPad article, the Client Team has been neck-deep in ROBLOX’s source code, identifying inefficiencies and re-engineering them in exchange for quantifiable and positive impacts on performance. In this article, we’ll describe how we improved ROBLOX’s iPad framerate by making our performance-monitoring and quality-adjusting system more aggressive, and hunting for inefficiencies in ROBLOX’s code with a special, internal tool. ROBLOX’s engine monitors each user’s computer to determine whether it’s striking the most efficient balance between visual fidelity and performance. FrameRateManager is a fixture on the desktop version of ROBLOX and one of the reasons why two machines with a 20x performance differential can play together in the same level. One thing that causes significant slowdown on the iPad is rendering individual parts in the environment.
In other words, iPad users will stop seeing individual, resting parts at a shorter distance than will users on more powerful hardware.
This technique is of particular value in dynamic games with environmental destruction, such as Crossroads and Natural Disaster Survival.
All of the performance and memory optimizations discussed thus far relate to ongoing rendering – GUIs, textures, physical objects, etc. Senior Rendering Engineer Arseny Kapoulkine essentially built a game mode that records the actions of someone playing ROBLOX. The top-right section of the window shows the render frame durations; render frames are the most important because you notice render lag the most. The bottom-right section shows the individual tasks that ran during the currently selected time range.
The top-left section is a general picture, with each color representing a different thread of execution. The bottom-left section either shows the actual log stream (all events in the time range with event data, such as part name for rendering, property value for part updates, etc.) or the Lua profiling information that is extracted from these events. Second, we can distribute the load over multiple frames, making the spike into a speed bump.
As was the case with memory optimization, some of the performance improvements we’re making for the iPad version of ROBLOX will apply to the PC and Mac. Why work on an app for Ipad, not everyone has or can afford an Ipad, these little things are expensive! Can there be Roblox for Xbox, Playstation and Ouya (the newest gaming console soon to be released) too?
At least let them get the iPad version out first, seen the amount of post its in the video? Don’t forget building and Roblox Studio because I was really hoping to build on my phone! This might be a stupid question but will the roblox Ipad version be able to work on iphone too?
Although that is a great idea, many people prefere Apple over Google, strange I know, so many of these apps never get created for things such as Android, and if they do, it’s extremely late.
With the screen size, with both of your thumbs on the screen, you’ll barely see the game. Making Roblox mobile is great… But I want to see it on the high-end dual core android phones and tablets. Though TylerMcBride has dabbled in ROBLOX game development, something interesting happened while he was developing this particular game that has never happened to him before. TylerMcBride went on to cite two ROBLOX features that really helped him shape the game into what it is today: badges and custom audio.
It all comes together for a unique experience, blending classic ROBLOX action with modern-day polish, and TylerMcBride isn’t even close to being finished updating it. Honestly I believe ROBLOX has come a long way since it first started with not just the amount of users but also the creativity. Indie gaming hit critical mass in the mid-2000s – arguably with the release of the community-driven Xbox Live Indie Games in 2008.
Independent game developers can now distribute games via popular digital services, such as Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, mobile app stores, home-grown websites, web-based Flash and HTML5 technology, and social networks1. Distribution doesn’t mean much if your games aren’t high-quality, so it’s just as important that the gap between what a small team and a full-fledged development studio can create continues to narrow.
Finally, without publishers, independent game developers have freedom to escape guaranteed-to-sell, but tired game mechanics3.
While creating and distributing a game independently is easier today than ever before, there are still barriers to entry. Bottom line: ROBLOX is the type of platform that can set users up for a dive into independent game development. In the literal sense, ROBLOX users already are doing independent game development through user-generated gaming. It’s logical for your first instinct to be to replicate something you saw in another game.
ROBLOX users have to find ways to organize and get things done without the benefit of experts sitting across the office.

ROBLOX lets users see the full cross-section of game development – everything from initial concept to distribution, promotion and post-release development. Personally, I believe that creating a PLACE on ROBLOX, clicking and dragging (sometimes scripting lua), is a start, but should not be considered an indie game.
The process is a balancing act: push performance optimization to its limit without noticeably degrading the quality of the experience. One of the best benchmarks for illustrating their collective progress is Crossroads, a classic level the team has been using as an iPad testing ground.
The system that makes this happen is FrameRateManager, which ramps up and down effects, particles, ambient occlusion, shadows and draw distance based on trends in a user’s frame rate. To put it in perspective, it’s more resource-intensive to render one individual part – with its own unique properties and data – than it is to render that part when batched in a geometry buffer. While the difference in distance depends on what FrameRateManager decides is an appropriate quality level, Simon offers this example: if the current draw distance for parts is 450 studs or more, debris might be culled at 220 studs (assuming your device is running slow). The objects still exist in the world; they’re just not rendered from certain distances on iPad players’ screens.
It sends the recorded actions to a special tool that lets us analyze what happened in each render frame and drill into the code that caused spikes.
Generally, performance was okay (green frames are approximately 30 FPS), but it dropped in a few frames. You can see that in the selected time range we logged 100,000 events across four seconds of gameplay, which equals roughly 780 events for each frame.
We can see that it traverses the children of a node and by reading the code we can try to optimize it — in this case by keeping all the tools that belong to loadout in a Lua table and updating it whenever a tool is added or removed. We may ship a tool like this in the future to help ROBLOX game developers profile their scripts, but there is a lot of polish and interface work to be done. Say a player blows up the Tower in Crossroads, causing it to deconstruct into individually rendered objects. To generate a part, we have to traverse its sub-tree in the data model to figure out whether it needs decals, etc. This is something ROBLOX already does, but the load has been distributed to more frames on the iPad.
Plus, there’s more performance optimization than what this article covers; namely, featherweight parts – known colloquially as the 500k parts update.
I was thinking big and making a game for the Xbox, like you can Browse games and stuff and maybe even change your charachter, tune up the graphics a little and make it run smooth on every console, i for one will definitely buy it, i’m pretty sure most people would agree to this brilliant idea, come on Xbox LIVE! They did state that they have a non-public release date, but we’re not allowed to know, because if we did, and they were late, everyone would start raging. My droid bionic handles Minecraft because it is dual core, my laptop that PLAYS ROBLOX can’t even play Minecraft. Since emerging earlier this week, it has sat proudly at or near the top of the Popular games sort, and has been gaining massive popularity among hundreds of thousands of players.
You and a group of others are dropped into a map, and bombs and missiles proceed to rain from the sky. Once the basic gameplay mechanics were developed, he found that it was difficult to keep progressing because the game was already fun to play. Each of these facets are certainly explored in Super Bomb Survival, certainly, but what exactly caused the massive surge in popularity that’s been keeping Super Bomb Survival at the top of the Games page all week?
Taking in feedback can be tough sometimes, but it’s always important to keep the best interests of your players in mind. It happened for a few reasons: distribution, technology and a market saturated with tried-and-true game concepts.
One of the most common ways to enter game development – whether your aspiration is to go indie or not – is to modify an existing game. You could start with a game like LittleBigPlanet, where you can practice level design and use a game engine to create interactions and systems of play. It features about 30 character classes and, on top of that, vehicles to pilot and special weapons for each class that you can unlock through play. Some of the most popular ROBLOX games – Call of Robloxia 5: Roblox at War and Apocalypse Rising, for example – are directly inspired by high-profile games, then expanded and warped in unique ways. For example, Gusmanak, the creator of Apocalypse Rising, connected with ZolarKeth, a long-time friend and ROBLOX scripter, to execute a grander-than-most vision5. While some independent studios – TellTale Games, for instance – do have that luxury, it’s often not the case.
Like most independent game developers, they use web resources to promote and distribute their games.
It’s actually persisted for years – for example, the Independent Games Festival was established way back in ‘986 – and crystalized recently because distribution technology and development tools got really good. And we think exploring that cross-section gives our users a leg up on their increasing indie development competition. When we first launched the ROBLOX code stack on an iPad, Crossroads with eight players ran at an unplayable five frames per second (FPS).
With debris culling, we aggressively cull individual parts that are sitting idly in the environment.

Simon estimates debris culling increases ROBLOX’s frame rate from roughly 20 to 30 FPS, making it a valuable tradeoff. This is a resource-intensive process involving many events that causes the iPad to go into “shock” – it can’t process everything quickly enough.
Another thing, my family has two computers, but ROBLOX doesn’t work on one, and my sister always wants to play with me on ROBLOX.
It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to port it to the dual core android phones out there. The game is highly polished, featuring addicting gameplay, fantastic player interfaces, and awesome power ups that drastically change the way players interact with one another.
The environment is destructible, meaning layers of terrain are wiped out by explosions — to the point that killer lava is eventually unearthed beneath you. And in the future, we believe user-generated gaming platforms, including ROBLOX, will not only sustain the explosion, but grow it, as more and more people pick up on what it takes to independently develop games well before going pro.
Indie developers often eschew photorealism – once the end-all-be-all of video game technology – and instead captivate players’ imaginations with style. ROBLOX takes it a step further by letting users not only practice architecture and manipulate physics, but also develop an original game from scratch. It’s been played more than 13 million times, which we consider a legitimate game-development success and the kind of foundation its creator, d4rk886, could conceivably use to develop better, even more successful and profitable games. Sure, you may have once watched a tornado or towering monster wreak havoc on your SimCity, but these games pit ROBLOX players in the midst of wacky disasters. So, they create focused, contained experiences and iterate on their games to improve the quality and expand the scope over time.
ROBLOX hosts the game for free, so it’s easily available; it’s up to the developers to spread the word through their networks and advertise wherever they see fit, including on ROBLOX itself.
Today, app stores and digital distribution are helping independently developed games reach new – not to mention large – audiences7. When we do not even put a link to anything you delete stuff with the word minecraft in it often. But if one frame takes 100 milliseconds to render, there will be a visible “spike” in the rendering and the observer will perceive the resulting animation as jerky. As each round plays out, nimble movements and platforming skills become more and more important, but, on the bright side, you do have special abilities you can use to jump insanely high or even create (and kick!) your own bombs. Survive the duration of a round, and you win in-game currency.
There are plenty of tools, such as platform-specific development APIs (application programming interfaces) and Unity, readily available and capable of producing professional-looking games.
You can’t deny that it’s a useful exercise in learning by doing4, but it’s not exactly entry-level. The most successful games are not only aesthetically pleasing, but built with a lot of thought put into design, interface and performance.
Being that everything in ROBLOX is physically simulated, you can’t just run to the nearest house and hide – because it’s probably going to come crashing down on you.
They draw on web resources – such as ROBLOX’s forums and scripting websites – to find the knowledge and help they need. We’re thinking a lot about implementing and simplifying the distribution of ROBLOX games across other platforms and media, but that’s still well into the future.
Is the part a file mesh?) and update it whenever the children of the part change or the part changes its ancestor. You’re not likely to see many major publishers taking a chance on chaotic, disaster-survival mini games, but they’re a sensible risk for the ROBLOX developer. Something to practice when creating is to never give up, try to find a way around your error. A common view of game development that I agree with is that your main complications will be on plotting you ideas, not actually writing the code.
You would first, before writing the actual code (since you wouldn’t know what to write yet), 3D positioning is defined by x, y and z.
So moving forward, you would guess to simply add to your x position, but what if you are rotated on your y axis?
Or what about when you rotate on your x axis too, and you would need to calculate your z, x AND y. First person player controls are just a somewhat basic step to 3d game development, 2d is much easier because you just need to manipulate the x axis and the y axis. Now, game engines could be come very handy though, as long as they are not doing EVERYTHING for you (bad practice).
The best solution was to use an engine, that was based completely on physics (we don’t want to ruin on all of the fun). Well, that goes to my next point, usually you will feel accomplished whenever your hard work pays off :D.

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