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Square Enix makes good use of the realistic, 3D graphics of the virtual world you are in, and contrasts it heavily with the 2D 8-bit RPG environment of the cursed game, which is evidently incomplete (as followed in the plot) with the jagged graphics and repetitive signal jams.
There is also the effective use of music and sound, where the virtual world you are in is always oddly silent save for your own footsteps, sometimes the ventilation fans, or sudden furniture and windows getting broken. Then there is the theme song for the cursed game, which is one of the most haunting and prominent tunes you will hear from the entire game. Now, I will proceed to explain how Square Enix makes use of the cursed game inside the game, to make players feel as though the actual ‘Nanashi no Game’-game is the cursed game itself.
So with all the aforementioned elements combined, ‘Nanashi no Game’ successfully delivers a thrilling and powerful horror experience to its audience that aims not only to frighten them during the unfortunately short gameplay, but to ensure that the fear stays with them even after the game ends. A copy of Dementium II was provided to The Married Gamers for the purposes of review and evaluation.
As one of the youngest of the team Benny likes to spend his time being what can only be described as being himself.

It is a survival horror game played in first person where you discover the existence of a cursed role-playing game and are asked to investigate it. You are sent to different locations in order to explore and find more hints to get to the truth behind the cursed game, ironically, also called ‘Nanashi no Game’. This contributes greatly to the fear factor felt throughout the game as it is extremely important to identify the whereabouts of the zombie spirits and the only way you can do that is to hear out for their breathing, especially when you are running away from them. It resembles that of a typical playful melody usually played at the background of any 2D 8-bit RPG game; a low quality midi, except played in a minor key instead of a major, resulting in broken, off-key notes, very unnatural and eerie harmonies, and there’s just an overall bizarreness to the theme that will keep you at your toes every single time it comes up. The story behind the cursed game is that there is a long, undetermined background to it whereby the true creator of the game is unknown until you solve the entire mystery at the very end. Rumours have it that once you start the game, you are destined to die in seven days and throughout the investigation, you begin to notice that things happening in the game slowly correspond with what happens in reality. At every location, you will be faced with zombie-like spirits and to avoid getting killed you must avoid them and run away.

This is clever not only in heightening the sense of reality of the virtual world, making it seem as though you really exist inside the game, but also adds on to the mysterious and ominous quality of the cursed game. Making use of that ambiguity, Square Enix chose to leave the producer of the game anonymous even till this date (they have released a sequel to the first game already).
This draws a connection between you(r character) and the cursed game inside the game, as well as you and the actual ‘Nanashi no Game’ in reality.
Now it's up to Lan and his friends to infiltrate the Dark Chip Factory in the Nebula Headquarters and destroy the Dark Chip production system.

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