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January 15, 2015 by The Survival Mom 59 Comments Modern Americans probably have more food choices than any other group in the history of the planet Earth.
For people used to such plenty and variety, beans and rice alone is clearly not a long-term menu plan.
This product is a sure-fire way of having shortening on hand for all your baking without having to worry about it going rancid.
Peanut butter has an amazingly long shelf life, even after it’s been opened, but powdered peanut butter is still very useful. When you buy this in bulk, you have the main ingredient (besides macaroni) for mac-and-cheese but also cheese sauces for veggies, casseroles, and the all-important survival food, nachos!
These 10 unusual foods will go a long way toward letting your family diet stay closer to normal in a disaster. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product.
I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years.
Yeah, I gotta add all of those, exept the TVP– my soy allergy would only allow for occasional Bacos. You mentioned the butter powder reconstitutes & forms well in the fridge – how does it *taste*? Here’s a list of general preparedness hints for the survival food pantry and kitchen.
One thing this means is to beware of storing foods which may be nearing their end of shelf life. Some are tempted to store some of their long-term food storage in a shed out in the backyard. For example, if one of your shelves holds a variety of canned beans, when you remove a can, take the one all the way over on the right.
When your shelves are deep enough to store multiple rows of food items, place the newest items in the back while moving the older items to the front. Most all serious preppers will have a storage of dry goods, including wheat (wheat berries).
A serious goal should be to really begin to eat as much as you can from the foods that you store. By adding either of the grains (wheat, corn, or rice) with beans – makes a nutritious combination. Where I live, in the past 4 years we’ve had a high temp of almost 108 and a low of -12. We buy cooking spray, it is easy to rotate and lasts a long time it keeps it self in a cool dark space. Well I was expecting something a little different than Foods, but you’re correct on all aspects of your thinking. 4) Someway to store fresh foods like Vegetables and Fruit you may gather, keeping insects and rodents out of your food will be a MUST! 7) A way to preserve foods, Pressure cooker, canning equipment, Salt, dehydrator, sun dryer, etc.
9) A rug for the dog to lie on, ever see a Norman Rockwell painting of a kitchen without a dog lying on a rug?
Also, look at all your kitchen appliances that you use and see if you have non electric alternatives. You mean that $18-$20THOUSAND (do the math) worth of appliances I have are now scrap iron????
Also I think a survival kitchen would benefit from sturdy plastic plates other than ceramic plates. Funny how some folks think washing your own dishes is a hardship, though it is def not one of my fav chores! Although I do have a dishwasher it is load, runs forever and does a cr*ppy job so I am in effect the dishwasher. I keep spray bottles around the house too and mostly fill them with colloidal silver that I make myself. It certainly doesn’t hurt to try out some of the different food storage powdered items. Hey, when you make tomato sauce and blanch the tomatoes, save the skins and dehydrate them. Make corn tortillas from the wet ground hominy grits or simply dry them and put it up later for regular grits or dry the slaked corn to cook down later as posole or even grind it for grits.

Make some Succotash with the canned corn and some of the other “canned” vegetables (or fresh if you have them) like butter beans, carrots, tomatoes and snap beans and throw in a little fresh ground corn meal as a thickener and flavor enhancer. Wheat, oats, barley, rye, corn, brown rice, white rice, buck wheat and any other dry grain, can be cooked and eaten either whole or ground to various grades and mixed together or with any number of fresh or canned vegetables to make great meals.
When we get tired of eating just plain wheat bread we mix it with other things and make different types of bread or noodles. What we have for baking is two cast iron Dutch ovens, one is a 10 inch the other is 16 inchs with grates for the bottom, we use the smaller one to bake potatoes on our propane kitchen range as it uses a lot less propane than heating the entire oven, the larger one can be used on a propane burner or over a open fire, we wouldn’t get rid of them ever. The main thing I learned yrs ago is that what ever is being baked has to set up on a grate and not contact the cast iron. This is the reason I grow peppers, onions, garlic as well as parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme and oregano. I think it is important, not in a negative way, but a thoughtful way to mentally think how would I go through said part of my daily routine if we were off grid- a cyber down grid versus EMP has implications.
Hauling water for instance, without using piped water, and having to haul it ? mile uphill; Water is heavy (VERY heavy), carrying 5 gallons at a time…. Another book to add to the Survival Library because it addresses off-grid cooking is: Expedition Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson.
Having travelled by backpack (mostly) climbing ropes (when I was young and skinny) and horses (for work) The meals were simple and the menu options were limited when in the backcountry. Cliff Jacobson has been an Outdoor Educator for most of his adult life and was guiding trips into Canadian wilderness well into his 70s. Consider the events and circumstances that have caused this to happen.  A total collapse of our economy, perhaps?  A horrific natural disaster or civil war?  A complete and abrupt end to your income flow?  Whatever the case might be, when the time comes that you must rely solely on what you have stored, you can count on high levels of stress and anxiety.
But I agree with your point, the longer you go in a survival situation the more morale become key. What security measures do you have in place to keep "predators" out of your comfort foods? I had Zone Bars (note the past tense) behind other things in our grocery store food storage, double wrapped in plastic bags. Good Madras curry, freeze-dried chicken, onions and peppers, sugar and rice are prominent storage items at the family compound as well. Since 2009, Lisa at The Survival Mom has been one of the most read and respected voices in the prepping community.
Keep in mind, that by repackaging these foods you will also be protecting them from oxygen, pests, and humidity, three of the five enemies of food storage.
Pasta, rice, and potato convenience mixes, such as Rice-a-Roni, Pasta-Roni, instant potatoes, scalloped potato mixes, etc.
Why Does Hillary Clinton Think She’s Important Enough To Protect With Guns, But Your Life Isn’t? With the help of suggestions that have come in from our readers, we have compiled a list of the top food items and emergency supplies that you can buy at the grocery store.
Soft grains: These soft grains will last around 8 years at 70 degrees sealed without oxygen.
Beans: Sealed and kept away from oxygen the following beans can last for around 8 – 10 years. Ramen Noodles – not the greatest food in the world but they are very cheap so they made the survival food list.
The products listed below are all shelf-stable, meaning they do not need to be refrigerated, and are available from companies such as Thrive Life, Augason Farms, and Ready Reserve Foods.
Once reconstituted and chilled, it hardens and has the same consistency of refrigerated butter.
Just a handful can add the flavor of chicken or taco meat (a little can go a long way), and you can’t beat the price. I first sampled FD cheddar cheese a few months ago and was amazed by how beautifully it melts. Canned grapes have never quite caught on (ewwww!), dehydrated grapes are raisins, but FD grapes have the same color, shape, size and flavor as fresh.
Add some to mashed potatoes or a creamy casserole, and you’ll never know the difference. Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios.
I can always seem to spend an extra $20 at the grocery store, but paying $30+ for one 10# can and then shipping is hard.
This will help assure that your preservation method coupled with long term storage will result in a more nutritious and tasty meal later on.

When you restock, put the new can on the left while sliding the remaining cans to the right. This will assure that what you take from the front is the oldest – which should be consumed first.
I suspect that too many people do not actually proactively consume (rotate) from their deep pantry stores.
I know this sounds confusing but ground field corn and ground slaked field corn are not the same. Regular bread, French bread, sourdough bread, pita bread, corn bread, rye bread, rolls… the list is almost endless. You can build a box under your house in a convenient location with a trap door and you have a root cellar of sorts. I know it’s not totally like what may happen, but it will give one an idea where to put prepping efforts.
It is amazing and I have gotten so spoiled I won't even eat store bought sauce anymore. We also store a mix of canned stock and bullion cubes to complete our particular comfort food picture. We are excited to be sharing some of her most popular articles right here on Survival Life.
The list contains foods with a long shelf life, items that have multiple uses, and supplies that are great for bartering. Even more important, you can sprinkle some in a hot skillet, and when it melts, you can pan fry!
It adds all the flavor and nutrition of peanuts without any of the fat found in peanut butter. You might have already filled your kitchen shelves and cupboards, and maybe even a small kitchen pantry. Additionally, this excessive moisture will work its way into many types of packaging and eventually affect the food. This technique always ensures that the can on the right is the oldest (and the next one to consume). So definitely keep in a cool and dark (dark is important) place (maybe in a box, sitting on the cool basement floor). The consumption of the two together provides all the essential amino acids and it is no wonder that this combination is a staple of many diets throughout the world. The simple explanation is that the niacin in regular field corn is bound and not usable but becomes available after the corn has been nixtamalized but, making nixtamalized corn is way outside the scope of this post. And for the folks who’ll kill for a cup of coffee keep your eyes open for an old fashioned coffee grinder.
I have to make several trips up there per year to get a case, yes she makes it by the case. Or in the middle of a box of books that everyone has outgrown, but no one wants to get rid of. After all, how likely that your spouse or kids will disturb the spare socks or underwear tubs? Check back every Monday for her latest article so you never miss any of Lisa’s expert knowledge!
Once opened, though, they will absorb moisture in the air and go from crunchy to sticky and chewy. If the grid is down and you want homemade lasagna, that shouldn’t be a problem with this and freeze-dried mozzarella cheese on hand!
Not only a variety of foods, but also a variety of storage such as canned, dry goods, freeze-dried, dehydrated, etc..
Also, also… save and dry the cobs from field corn to make a corn cob pipe or use the cobs in the privy (my grandfather told me two reds and one white were best.) LOL.
Just too bad that we dont seem to eat much of the jams and jellies around this household, but it was really good.
I’m sure there are many more ways to prepare and use corn but these are just the things I’ve done with dried field corn and sweet corn from the garden to date. Anyway these are just a few of the many things we have done to enhance our survival kitchen capability.

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