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Description: This Long Term Food Storage Essentials Kit has all of the food and supplies you will need to keep you safe for an extended period of time. The holidays will be here soon, and now is the time to begin thinking about gifts for the important people in your life.
Fire is a concern all year, but even more in the winter, when many people are using fireplaces and wood stoves to heat their homes. Power outages can happen at any time, but they are more likely in the winter, when strong storms can strike.
The holiday season is the perfect time to be sure that the people you care about will be protected and comfortable in the event of an emergency. Wise Foods uses innovative packaging to make meals that are better protected and easier to store and prepare than other brands.
While other companies package their emergency food in 10-pound cans, Wise Foods packages meals in four-serving family-size mylar pouches.
Wise Foods offers a variety of meals for your emergency needs, including dehydrated breakfasts, entrees, meats, and rice, and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. From clothing to flashlights to first aid kits to a tent, packing for even a short camping trip ends up being extensive.
Unfortunately, many preparing for camping trips tend to over pack food and stick with the wrong items. 1) Price – When you purchase items in bulk, you can save up to 75 percent by getting mostly canned foods rather than freeze-dried or dehydrated foods. 3) Variety – If you had to, you would eat the same thing every day, but people like variety and choices.
6) Familiarity – Many of the things families normally eat, chicken, beef, ham, fish, vegetables, beans, and pasta, can all be found in canned form. 7) Safe storage – Sometimes bugs and rodents can infiltrate boxes and bags, but very seldom do they break into a can.
Survival Supply, official government and military contractor and number one website for survival gear, will be running specials on certain items until the end of the month.
An emergency preparedness kit will already be packed with all of the things you would need to help you survive for at least three days on your own. If the electricity goes out, you will need a light source to protect yourselves and your stockpile. If you do not have a bomb shelter, or emergency underground shelter like some extreme preppers, you will still need some kind of last resort shelter. It is impossible to predict when a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or even the end of the world will happen.
Unless you are storing the food in a bomb shelter or basement or other place where flooding is not an issue, you should store your supplies somewhere high-up if possible.  While this may not always be an option, it’s suggested that you store your emergency food as high up as you can to prevent flood waters from affecting your supply in any way. You can never be sure what kind of drastic circumstances will surround an emergency situation, and when disaster strikes, the magnitude of the disaster could be such that you really will need to hide your supplies.
In case of a zombie apocalypse, for a general plan, you need to consider emergency food supplies, first aid supplies, generating power, and also an evacuation plan, in-case the zombie threat becomes imminent.  You will also need to be especially aware of having enough clean water to out-last the zombies. It is a good idea not only to store clean water in case of an emergency at home, but also when you travel.
Access to clean water can be lost a variety of ways, whether due to earthquake, or from hurricane, or from other unforeseeable catastrophes, but never is it more likely you’ll need a long-term supply of drinkable water than during a zombie apocalypse. In the event of zombie apocalypse, a large supply of drinkable emergency water will be critical. There is no way to know for certain how long a zombie apocalypse may last, but we can all agree that it is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to outlasting the zombies. The general public is acutely aware of random acts of violence and regional warfare, severe drought in the Midwest, worldwide financial crises, and other man-made and natural threats to healthy society. Lindon Farms uses the finest ingredients to create tasty recipes for nutritious food storage. Inundated with frightening news stories from around the world, people are rightfully feeling a bit on edge and looking to make practical emergency preparations.
The Harveston Farms Survival Food Kits give you an array of emergency preparedness food alternatives to ensure that you do not have to worry about meeting your nutritional needs when the going gets tough.
The variety that is part of the Harveston Farms Survival Food Kits includes grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and more.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our meats are prepared in a way that makes them suitable for any canned food storage program. You will get a total of 12 cans with 14.5 ounces in every single can, no water or broth added, simply the all-natural juices of the meat. This flavorful line of meats is prepared to provide you with the maximum quantity for your food dollars. Our canned storage meats are all natural and never incorporate any MSG, additives, fillers or chemicals. Survival Cave Food long-term canned meats are some of the very best expenditures you could make.
Our Exclusive Lifetime warranty for Berkey Water Filtration Systems ensures replacement of all Berkey canisters, spigots, washers, and wing nuts that fail due to faulty materials or workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage caused by carelessness, accidents, or abuse of the system.
To take advantage of your lifetime warranty on Berkey canisters, spigots, washers, or wing nuts, contact us at 877-886-3653. All other items have a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 90 days, and some are up to a year. Three days, three weeks, three months, if you did not go shopping today could you feed yourself and your family for any, or all of the time frames listed. First, you have to calculate how much food you need for a specific period, and one way to determine this is to carefully note what you actually consume. Once you have an accurate figure on consumption add 10 to 15 percent more, to account for waste, spoilage, charity and just from simply eating more because of the crisis.
Remember you are stockpiling food now that would need to be edible through the crisis and beyond, so how food is stored before disaster strikes is critical. 1.) Temperature control is important and high temperatures will reduce the shelf-life of most food products. 2.) Food not sealed properly will spoil because oxygen is hard at work encouraging oxidation and bacteria growth, which will cause food to go rancid and can cause sickness.
3.) Pests are always looking for a free meal so foods must be stored to prevent infestations.
The cardboard packaging and cloth sacking that certain pastas and rice come in are not barriers against weevils. 4.) Humidity will reduce shelf life, and it will over time ruin canned foods by rusting the metal containers.
Storage containers to reduce the effects of humidity include Mylar bag, glass jars, and food grade plastic buckets or other food grade plastic containers that have airtight seals. 5.) Time has an effect on everything and regardless of how the food is packaged time will degrade the product. 6.) Light will degrade food products and packaging material so it is important that none of your packaged foods are exposed to light, in particular natural light. Certain products now such as coffee are packaged in essentially cardboard containers coated with food grade materials. Make sure you know the type of packaging material dehydrated foods are packaged in before buying online, otherwise you may have to repackage, which of course will reduce the shelf life. You will need food supplies when sheltering in place, but what happens if you have to evacuate.

A mixture of foods and different types of packaging are ideal, so you always have a supply regardless of the situation. There are 44 Long Term Food Storage Meals in this kit that will feed 1 Person for 14 days or 2 People for 1 Week. One of the best ways to show someone that you care is to provide a useful gift that can keep that person safe and comfortable in the event of an emergency. A car emergency kit can help your family member or friend be prepared in the event of a motor vehicle problem.
A kit contains all of the products needed to treat many common medical problems and can make a difference in the event of an emergency when a hospital is not close by. Help your friend or family member be prepared with flashlights, lanterns, and an emergency solar generator to provide light and power even in the face of a storm. Wise Foods uses a packaging technique that removes the majority of residual oxygen from the pouch and packs it with nitrogen. Yet, amongst all items on the list you put together, food stands out: How will you put together a nutritious meal in the woods without carrying too much?
To avoid contamination, avoid bringing raw meats, which may spread bacteria throughout a food supply.
However, if you are on a tighter budget and want to increase your food stash, you should invest in canned food.
If you have canned food in your stash, be sure to rotate it and eat foods that are coming close to their expiration date. The protein will help keep your strength and the higher calories will be good for you when you are in survival mode. In the event of a disaster, being able to eat foods your family is used to will help normalize the situation.
All of the special items come with free shipping to the Continental United States and have discounted prices.
With Survival Supply’s pre-packaged food you can have 60 servings of food that only need water to prepare. They are a great way to have the essentials ready in an easy to carry bag in the event you must flee your home quickly.
The Kaito weather radio for sale on the Survival Supply website uses three AAA batteries, is compact, and has several functions and features.
A person can survive days or weeks with little to no food, but only a few days without water.
Flashlights that have batteries are great, but there are flashlight and radio combos that are powered by crank. Extreme cold can be a silent killer, and without a source of heat, you will be susceptible to this.
Hopefully, it will not happen for a long, long time, but you can always be prepared for the worst.
In many cases, you are going to need your survival food to be in the same area that you plan on doing your surviving. Moisture can cause problems with stored foods like rice or anything else where bacteria could grow, and you should always be cautious of where you’re storing them.
If you have these supplies stored in your home then you should keep them out of the way and somewhere only you have access to, like a locked room or a safe. The best place you can hide your emergency food supply is somewhere that hasn’t been mentioned here, because it hasn’t been thought of yet.
A lack of drinkable water can be a devastating consequence of a disaster whether man-made or natural (zombie attacks can be either).
Whether going on a camping trip or traveling a long distance, emergency water packs are a very wise choice.
Zombie attacks are steadily on the rise and they stop at almost nothing to feast on the delicious brains inside your cranium.
Your average non-zombie needs one gallon of water daily just for drinking, but needs vary depending on age, climate, and other factors. Zombies have been known to live for up to three months without feeding on human brains, so taking refuge from their attack could be an extraneous endeavor.
Health concerns follow worrisome depictions of Ebola outbreaks in Uganda and rising flu concerns as an H3N8 virus jumped from birds to mammalian harbor seals in New England. For a limited time, you can purchase a 90 Serving Emergency Food bucket from Lindon Farms at a tremendous savings. In addition to the current sale price, the 90 Serving Emergency Food bucket from Lindon Farms ships for free within the contiguous United States and with added shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Are you presently ommiting the essential necessary protein such as a emergency canned chicken might supply? This is actually the highest quality meats in the marketplace and it is hand packed within manageable 14.5 oz cans. Each of our canned meats are prepared in a very different manner than most canned meats you can find. There’re simply hand packed and “non mechanically separated meats” so we also NEVER ADD WATER or broth.
Every one of these high quality meats are low-cost all of which last for several years and permit you to definitely make the best possible financial investment that is achievable, FOOD.
If not then it is time to get started, but rushing out without some careful planning is not a good idea either. Next decide if you want enough food stockpiled for three days, three weeks, or three months and beyond.
Typically, your cupboards would not hold enough non-perishable foods for 90 days, and it would require some effort to keep track of the shelf life of the food, because it would be assumed that food for daily use would be mingled in with your long term food if you used your cupboards and pantry shelves for storage. You could start stockpiling today and you may not experience a crisis for several years or longer, so you want to ensure your food would be edible whenever disaster strikes.
You need to check dates, inspect for insect infestations, deterioration for damage from rodents and humans.
You can get along for a few days on just snack foods, but when it comes to weeks and months the food must be nutritious and taste good.
Vacuum sealers, proper hot bath canning methods along with oxygen absorbers can all be used to seal off foods from damaging oxygen. In some cases, the weevil larvae can already be in the grain if the hulls are intact, or if you process your own grains.
The lower the humidity the better, so while root cellars are ideal places for vegetables they are not ideal for storing packaged foods and underground bunkers unless carefully designed and crafted will expose foods to high humidity as well.
Keep in mind dehydrated and freeze dried foods will require water for reconstitution, suitable containers for preparing the foods and a means of heating water.
Car emergency kits include booster cables, tow ropes, tools, and protective clothing needed to help someone deal with an auto emergency. You will not need to remove an oxygen absorber from each pouch, which will make preparation easier. Wise Foods are packaged in compact four-gallon square buckets that are easy to store and carry.
Take advantage of Survival Supply’s special offer and stock up on Wise Emergency Foods today.
This means planning each meal down to the number of cups or items a meal requires to prepare.
Although often (and erroneously) considered unappetizing, freeze dried and dehydrated foods are considerably lighter and just require water and a stove to rehydrate. Rather than have unique items for every meal, bring items, such as dehydrated vegetables or freeze dried meats, that will work well with multiple meals throughout the day.
Produce, however, is better in breathable mesh bags, and liquids must be kept in polyethylene containers.

No matter if you’re taking pasta or coffee along with you, any camping food must be able to be prepared with just heat from a stove and water.
The emergency freeze dry meat grab and go kit has a shelf life of up to 15 years and if you order before Match 31st you will get 20 bonus servings of rice. The emergency preparedness mini backpack that Survival Supply has on sale is for one person and has the essentials needed to survive for three days.
The radio is connected to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) through the National Weather Radio (NWR) network that is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). To aid them in doing so, emergency bags are created so they can have all the basic supplies and gear easily accessible. The kit will help you whether you need to grab it and go quickly or if you have to stay inside. Always have one available at school, your work, and even in your car because you never know when an emergency will happen.
Who knows the validity of any of those predictions, but there is nothing wrong with being prepared. Because you do not know if the world will end tomorrow or in 10 years, you need to get food with a long shelf life. You should be sure to have a collapsible water container and lots of water purifying tablets. Also, if you are storing any canned goods, you will want to be sure that there is no possibility of rusting from excessive humidity or moisture. The packaging of the water allows for long-term storage with the peace-of-mind of knowing it will be safely consumable even after a vast span of time passes. When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’ll want to be prepared, and the water sanitation plant will probably be shut down due to there being zombies everywhere, so clean water could be hard to come by. Exposed to such troubling news on a regular basis, it is only natural and practical that survival instincts kick into gear and people want to prepare for unforeseen emergencies. Packaging is moisture and light blocking and includes oxygen absorbers to maximize shelf life.
This canned chicken may be the food that you may possibly need during periods of emergencies.
USDA inspected Survival Cave Food canned meats are just manufactured using 100% USDA inspected meats. This Exclusive Lifetime warranty exists in addition to all other stated warranties on Berkey Systems.
Have every family member sample the foods to ensure everyone knows what they taste like and that you know how to prepare the foods and know how to portion the product out if it comes in number 10 cans for example.
Grains in particular are susceptible to weevils so they must be stored in containers to keep the insects from burrowing in and laying their larvae, which will hatch and start consuming the grain. You can destroy the larvae by placing the grains in the freezer for a few days then sealing in glass or food grade plastic containers. Cardboard packaging will deteriorate quickly when exposed to humidity in your garage, basement, storage shed, and root cellar and so on. If you do your own canning the glass jars cannot be easily transported in a vehicle or backpack. As a good rule of thumb, no matter the items you take, do not exceed two pounds per person per day.
Those who have a good supply of canned food will be able to deal with the crisis better than others. This feature will automatically activate the radio to inform you of any hazardous weather conditions or warnings, including natural, environmental, and public safety while the radio is set to the “Alert” mode. What happens when emergency personnel is not quickly available because of natural disaster or other event? There are different kits that will provide the basic needs for an individual, family, school, or workplace. Freeze dried food has a long shelf life and can be found already stored in containers for you.
Other supplies you could store somewhere, or you can have some of your food in storage, but emergency food should initially be kept where you’ll be the most likely to have access to it, which is also where you would probably need it the most, as well: at home. You won’t be able to venture out of the house to the grocery store because there are zombies everywhere, and you won’t be able to order emergency water online after the zombie apocalypse comes, since there will be zombies everywhere.
These packets are convenient for camping and hiking as well as for sustenance in challenging times. Stored in a cool and dry environment, you can expect a shelf life approaching twenty years. This sale provides a chance to improve long-term emergency preparedness to contend with the prospect of future financial difficulties, food shortages, environmental disasters, and more.
After you open these cans they are simply ready to eat and delightful in just about any recipes you’d utilize fresh cooked meat. Various other canned meats are foreign meats or state they are prepared in the USA however the meat in reality comes from other countries and are only packaged in the united states.
So when you would like to purchase something that your household is guaranteed to enjoy in addition to benefit from, Survival Cave Food’s long-term canned meats are precisely what you ought to have and are the very best selection for you and your family.
We will process the claim and, if it’s approved, ship the replacement parts to you within one business day. To prepare the entrees, just add water, and they are ready-to-eat in as little as 10 minutes.
Retail canned goods are not ideal for backpacks but can be transported in vehicles without damaging the product. Rather than find yourself tired while walking through the woods or over some rocky peaks, be prepared to consume up to 1,000 additional calories per day for energy. Each kit, either in a bucket or bag, will contain things like emergency food rations, clean water, and first aid supplies. Many foods are offered freeze dried, giving you the variety you are used to, even in an emergency.
Each 90 Serving Emergency Food bucket contains enough food to feed one person 2,000 calories for a week.
All entrees have a 25 year shelf life, and light weight buckets are easy to grab on-the-go in an emergency. Advertisements do work, especially when it comes to food and a crisis, but you need to consider certain things first. If it is warm one day and cool the next the damage has already been done by the heat, and food will lose some color and taste when it experiences temperature variations and in many cases, the shelf life can be reduced by half or more when exposed to higher temperatures. Give some thought to the type of foods and packaging needed for backpacks and vehicles in the event you have to leave. With an emergency preparedness kit, anyone will have the basic amenities needed to survive for at least 72 hours. There is even a cooking show that will show you how you can prepare freeze dried food in different ways.
There is also a website that you can use that will calculate how much food you and your family needs to survive. This is a great opportunity to begin emergency food preparations or bolster existing rations. Based on an algorithm using how many people over and under 10 years old there are, you will know how much food to store and what it will cost you per serving.There are also emergency food packs that you can buy.
They have a shorter shelf life but can be a good first food source and there are flavors like lasagna, terriyaki chicken with rice, and alfredo pasta with chicken.

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