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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Even in our modern technology-addicted era, the powers that be do appear to still respect the importance of farming and homesteading in America.
Emergencies happen when you least expect them, so make sure you have an emergency food supply at the ready with these vegetarian dry mix meals. The politicians may not have envisioned that 5 million or more preppers in America would seek to take advantage of the free land and farming equipment programs in an effort to ensure their survival during a SHTF situation. Each government grant or low-interest and low-money-down loan carries specific requirements.
Establishing an official business name and acquiring limited liability company status (an investment of about $200) could open the door to previously unimaginable grant and loan opportunities that allow you to make some extra cash.
Some of the grant may require that you work or volunteer on a farm, ranch, or in some type of agricultural setting for a short period of time before applying for funding.
Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program – This USDA farming grant is geared to help a new generation of farmers purchase land and equipment to foster the agriculture business in the United States.
Organic Farming Research Foundation Grants – Americans eager to grow organic produce are eligible to apply for the grant funding.
Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Board Service Provider – Grants up to $550,000 are available to provide funds to persons in Vermont seeking to boost local agricultural production. USDA Rural Development – Through a partnership with rural communities across the United States, the program offers money to fund projects that increase rural business development and create cooperatives to offer quality jobs in rural areas. Agricultural Reinvestment Fund – Landowners in North Carolina can apply for $8,000 grants for agricultural investment. RCPP Rice Stewardship Partnership Project – The USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service grants are awarded to Louisiana farmers willing to produce rice who focus on conserving water and waterfowl habitats while doing so. New York State New Farmer’s Grant – Beginning farmers who have a plot smaller than 150 acres in New York are eligible to apply for this funding opportunity.
Missouri Beef Grants – Ranchers can apply for $20,000 grants for use in modernizing and increasing their agricultural business.
Minnesota Livestock Investment Grant – Ranchers who can invest a minimum of $4,000 when improving existing structures or buying new equipment are eligible for a 10 percent reimbursement through this program. Farmers Market Promotion – The Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) was created to offer an affordable avenue that would lead to an increase in “domestic consumption of, and access to, locally and regionally produced agricultural products, and to develop new market opportunities for farm and ranch operations serving local markets.” Funds can be used to provide training, to expand or improve farms, to create a roadside farm stand, to start agri-tourism activities, or a host of other related farm-to-table opportunities in the community. Minority and Women Farmers and Ranchers – The USDA sets aside a portion of taxpayer-provided funding to offer low-interest loans to women and minority farmers. USDA Farm Service Agency Operating Loan Program – The USDA microloan program features a fairly simple application process and offers loans up to $35,000 to help cover farming startup expenses, livestock purchases, seed, farm vehicles, fertilizer, livestock, seasonal equipment and a host of other related agricultural business needs. Center for Rural Affairs – The agriculture group offers low-interest loans to farmers of all ages and experience levels in Nebraska. This entry was posted in Homesteading and tagged USDA, grants, free land, homesteading, survival, prepping, preppers, food supply on January 14, 2016 by Tara Dodrill.
Why would anyone in their right mind even consider accepting assistance of any kind from the federal government?
There was legal action for discrimination against women, also, but the dates cut off the year before my experience.
Feb 18, 2013 by Karen2 Commentslichens, survivial, winterWinter foraging or survival foraging, either way there is food out there regardless of how much snow is on the ground. Before getting into details, it is important to understand that if in a survival situation, getting a sensation of feeling full probably will not happen unless you’re trapping or fishing; and even then, it could take quite some time before you get that first meal.
Our body needs carbohydrates, proteins, fat and other nutrients in order to function properly. Carbohydrates are essential in order to provide fuel for our muscular system, central nervous system, and to our entire body. Along with protein and fats, carbohydrates comprise the major components of living matter and are used for continual maintenance of cellular functional activities. Essential fatty acids (Omega-3, 6 & 9), triglycerides and cholesterol have a positive function in our body. The cycle of making, breaking, storing and mobilizing fats is at the core of how we and all animals regulate their energy.
Now that you know the basics of what is necessary to consume to survive, what is there in the middle of winter? Now, this does not mean that the other 19,000+ types of lichens are good to eat – they are not.
Without a doubt, lichens are valuable as survival food so long as you know what ones to avoid and to be sure that what you collect is boiled to remove the acids that can cause the stomach a lot of grief. Karen I was at your walk on the weekend and you are incredible – not only do you know what you are talking about you speak in a way no one wanted to miss a word. Nov 19, 2012 by Karen3 Commentsbroadleaf plantain, cinquefoil, dandelion, fire, food, foraging, garlic mustard, goldenrod, milk thistle, motherwort, mullein, soup, survival, sweet rocket, yellow rocketYesterday was a truly a unique day for me as I spent several hours with a group of terrific people in the great outdoors. Some individuals ventured off to test their newly learned skills while others came with me on a mini-edible walk and talk. In order for a plant’s foliage (or tree) to be green, chloroplasts (a cellular organelle) are required to catalyze photosynthetic reactions. It was surprising to actually find goldenrod leaves that were still green as the vast majority has died off.  We did not measure out quantities, but I did cut the leaves into small sizes so that they could be easily eaten.
Sandra, who took a break from the fire making and came on the walk thoroughly enjoyed the soup. Alpha and beta carotene, lutein, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, copper, manganese, selenium, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, Omega-6 essential fatty acids and a substantial level of Omega-3. This soup was a healthy soup that not only provided us with antioxidants, but it also helped support our immune system and is great for the digestive system. And a special message to Joe;  ok, so there is no meat to satisfy that paleo appetite of yours, but you have to admit, it has everything else you need.
If you care about your health, locate these foods without any added sugar, salt or hydrogen.

This is not a complete list, but it hit’s the major food groups and gives you a great deal of nutrition and a lot of bang for your buck. A recent trip to the dollar store got me to thinking about what kind of supplies I could find there.
They had packs of “emergency candles” that I passed on since the five-pack would probably burn less than one of the pillar candles, plus you had to figure out some type of holder for them.
They also had a plethora of plastic storage bags, from sandwich size up to garment or blanket storage bags. There were quite a few first aid items available that you could use to put together a pretty decent first aid kit in one of the aforementioned storage containers. While they didn’t have real work gloves, they did have several pairs of grip gloves that would be good for the field. I wanted to find a field knife, so I went to the kitchen knife section and looked through what was available. Some of the dollar store food is actually more expensive than your corner grocery store, so it is a good idea to have some idea of what things cost before you go shopping. There were plenty of beans and rice on the shelves that I could have stocked up on if I needed it. The real find in the food department and even the whole trip was quarts of shelf stable milk. As you can see, the dollar store isn’t a waste of time if you need to stock up on your survival supplies. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged dollar store survival, dollar store survival list on November 7, 2014 by Damian Campbell. Preparing food for storage and survival has been the standard throughout human history until the last century when people began relying heavily on grocery stores supplying foods. Having the available funds to purchase land or to improve existing land is a problem encountered by many rural preppers and non-preppers alike.
However, there is nothing in regulations that prohibits prepping families from taking advantage of the bountiful offers. Some of the loan programs have a job creation component attached, making them a great way to utilize extended family and mutual assistance group members in the project. Applicants must be involved in a co-op or a college extension group in order to apply for the funding.
The USDA distributes the funds for the Beginning Farming and Ranching Development Program grant. The money can be used to enhance existing farm structures or to improve or purchase new equipment for development. Novice farmers must have less than a decade of farming experience and earn at least $10,000 a year selling their harvest. The program, known as the Socially Disadvantaged Applicants (SDA) allows applicants who are women, African-Americans, Alaskan Natives, American Indians, Hispanics, Asians, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. The farm business requirements can be met by selling the harvest and livestock at a farmers market, local auction, or via a community-supported agriculture event. Many people are under the impression if they were to trap in order to eat food they will be fine. These carbon-containing, organic compounds are an integral part of both plant and animal life; without these, life as we know it cannot exist.
Fats are also comprised of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, but they contain less oxygen and more carbon and hydrogen than carbohydrates. As our body uses protein, there is an ongoing ‘production line’ that replaces them every day of our life.
The body is unable to produce these on its own yet they are critical for storing energy, insulating us and protecting our vital organs. Many contain high concentrations of acid that when ingested, your stomach will be in great agony. Although the location wasn’t exactly the scenic forests of central Ontario, the forests in the northwest area of Toronto sufficed. In very simple terms, there is a marvelous factory production that produces chlorophyll, glucose and sugar. We didn’t go far to discover many young strawberry leaves peeking through the fallen leaves.
Edible wild food contains a large number of nutrients that even store-bought produce cannot match.
Kinda weird saying this about what most people call “weeds” but the soup was delicious! Well, you can survive without eating this stuff, but if you want to eat a diet full of protein, cholesterol lowering fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals, check it out. Plus, you should be able to find any of these things at CostCo or Walmart and many of them will be in your local grocery or convenience store. Many of the things in a dollar store are almost useless one-time use junk, but there are gems hidden among the dross, if you look close enough. I am a big fan of candles since being without power for a week and seeing how well they lit and warmed a room. If you shopped, around you might be able to find a better deal somewhere, but the selection and price was not bad. From tiny pill type containers, up to one or two gallon-sized containers of all shapes and sizes. I looked closely at one of their laundry bags, thinking it would be a decent substitute for a backpack if someone needed to use it for carrying their supplies. However, if you are making a stocking up run and don’t want to run all over the place just to save a few cents here and there the dollar store can fit the bill. Tuna and sardines were more costly than elsewhere, but smoked mussels, Vienna sausages (2 for $1) and canned meat similar to Spam were about the same price as my local grocery.
In recent years we have seen emergencies and natural disasters that have caused many of us to rethink our dependence on foods sourced from other parts of the country and around the world.

Survivalcavefood provides dehydrated meals, freeze dried fruits and ready to eat canned meats that are perfect food for survival, the best camping foods and even make great quick meals when you incorporate them into your family's daily meals. If you are eagerly awaiting the day that you can buy your dream land and build a prepper retreat or start homesteading, there are ways to accomplish the self-reliance goal without getting a loan. Grants to buy farmland, improve the land, develop an agricultural business, build structures, and purchase livestock are readily available, if you know where to look.
Yep, just nailing together some 2x4s and making a roadside stand takes you from hobby farmer to professional farmer in the eyes of the federal government. Preppers are by and large a patient lot, who do not shy away from the planning and training required to accomplish a task.
Even if the land you live on is owned by both a husband and wife, the for-profit farm to be established on the property could be created in just the wife’s name. Proteins we take in are digested into amino acids and it is these that are used to replace proteins in the body.
For example, too many triglycerides in our bloodstream increase the risk of clogged arteries, which can lead to heart attack and stroke.
There are almost 20,000 lichens worldwide and from all the books I have read there are a guaranteed two that will cause death. A combination of nutritional studies indicate that these lichen are a great source of protein, fiber, fat, carbohydrates, and they also contain vitamin A, niacin, calcium, iron, phosphorus.
Photosynthesis is a process that takes carbon dioxide, water and light energy to create carbohydrates. Of course conifers fit into this category but there are some broadleaf plants that can retain some of their goodness in the winter. As we got more into an open area we collected some leaves from the first year plant of the teasel. I was surprised at the abundance and variety of wild edibles we could find here in the Greater Toronto Area at the end of November! I’d also recommend taking some vitamins (at least a multiple vitamin and Omega-3 supplement).
If you need extra flashlights to stash around your house, this is the place to get some inexpensive ones. I also picked up some canned heat that can be used for cooking, heating, or in the field as a survival fire source. While they are not waterproof, they will shed water if set on an angle, along with blocking the wind. It can be unraveled and makes a wonderful tinder bundle, besides all the regular cordage uses. I made at least three trips up each aisle, trying to figure out survival uses for what I was seeing. I picked up one each of 1% and 2% to see how the kids liked it, and they never knew the difference. In an emergency a grocery store has no more than 2-3 days of food in stock and simply can not provide enough food for our ever growing population.
Preppers could enhance their own food growing and harvesting efforts through the grant and loan programs by jumping through relatively few hoops. Do not let any feasible requirements for grant and loan approval deter you from applying for funds to help establish or enhance your homestead. The USDA website does not state whether or not a farm jointly owned by a woman and her husband is a disqualifying factor.
Many explorers ate a steady diet of rabbit throughout the winter and either suffered severe malnutrition or they starved to death. Fats also start chemical reactions that help control immune function, growth, reproduction and other aspects of metabolism. He prophesized that lichen would become a popular food source due to its nutritive properties, and the fact that it is free. Letharia vulpine (Wolf lichen) and Vulpicida pinastri (Powdered Sunshine lichen) are a must to identify and never touch; these two are without a doubt poisonous. Almost all plants halt sugar production in the winter because in the summer chlorophyll gathers more light energy than in the autumn therefore some plants will die off while others will remain green because of the stored sugar and starches. Catnip tea calms, helps to alleviate stress, can alleviate insomnia and it has been known to treat anxiety, lessen migraines as well as relieve stomach cramps, gas, colic and indigestion.
They also had the scented candle in a jar available, along with the taller candle in a jar that I call a prayer candle.
When it was time to check out, I discovered a “Heavy Duty” rain poncho in the checkout lane, so I had to add that to the cart. But that explains why, just like Sandra, I had a higher level of energy than usual after eating them; and the energy stayed with me throughout the evening. Take the cultivation of the food you consume into your own hands now, before it’s too late. Therefore it is critical to research lichen in your area.) A rule to follow is that if you discover any lichen that is yellow or has any trace of yellow in it – do not harvest it unless you know what specific lichen it is. Ranganatha Rao found that the calcium and iron levels to be higher in lichens than in cereals and many green, leafy plants.
We provide a healthy and nutritious alternative to other foods for survival storage and budget friendly prices based on caloric intake and a full days worth of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and drinks. Peltigera canina has been found to be relatively high in protein and essential amino acids.

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