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This flint can be used when you’re going camping or for adventure, a great helper for your life. Sign up for our newsletter to receive special member discounts and news of selected special offers.
It works quite well, providing some impressive sparks, but it would've been nice if Gerber gave it a larger storage compartment. I bought this unit believing it was high quality due to the reputation and experience of the man who is endorsing it. We’ve seen him use a fire bow, striking flint on his knife, and rubbing two sticks together—if it can be done, Bear Grylls gets his fire started on Man vs. From what I see on his shows, you need to simply just angle the stroke near the end, and you'll feel the resistance.

Also, some technical advice for Gerber: if I engineered this device, I would've made the starter-rod be able to come out so that you can turn it around and use the length of the rod that is stuck in the handle. Im looking to buy this because i have the ultimate survival kit and first time using it the flint shaft came off. I gave this device to my spouse as a gift to help complete an emergency kit for her 4 wheel quad.
The ferro rod is generous enough for many hundreds of strikes, more than I'll likely ever need.
To those saying this product did not work, it must be in your technique, or a simple manufacturer defect.
But forget the blisters and the whole Cro-Magnon thing: the human race has come a long way from our spear-wielding ancestors.

We were on a trip and tried to use the fire starter and could barely get a showere of sparks. I could remedy this by filing it down or putting a sharp edge on it, however I feel I should not have to modify a new piece of equipment.
I was going to give my two daughters these fire starters for Christmas but decided against it as I would not want them to depend on it in an emergency situation.

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