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As with most bug out bag survival tools, you’re looking for something that is easy to carry, light weight, and preferably has multiple uses.
We looked at a number of factors including overall weight, length, form factor, and of course – secondary usability. The E-Tool has been US Military issue standard equipment for decades and certainly stands the test of time.
The Cold Steel Special Forces shovel combines a no-frills straight handled (does not fold) hard steel shovel with an extremely sharp blade suitable as a self defense weapon and light duty cutting and chopping tools.
I started this site to help spread the word about prepping and chronicle my own progress in working to keep my family safe from just about any situation.
For those of you who have Tactical, Special Forces or Military Shovels, we can sharpen them to a cutting knife edge so that they may be used for protection. We Sharpen Cold Steel Special Forces Shovels, Marble's Devil's Tail Shovels, Gerber NATO Shovels and Crovel Survival & Tactical Shovels.
Our Service Includes: Cleaning and minor rust removal, sharpening and lubrication of your garden tools. Mutool Military Folding Shovel and Pick with Carrying Pouch, Tactical Army Entrenching Tool, Survival Steel Spade.
What it lacks in portability, it makes up for in overall strength and solid construction that Cold Steel tools are known for. Each shovel performs better than the rest in one feature, but clearly trails behind it’s competitors in other features.

He lives with SurvivalWife and SurvivalBaby at their bug out location and homestead in Northern Maryland. Our goal is to help people survive, whether you're lost on a hiking trip, preparing for natural disasters, or a man-made event. This Entrenching Tool (E-Tool) design provides rapid assembly to enable the digging of holes, pits, etc., as well as providing a pick function for other tasks.
The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!!
Bring us your military, tactical or yard and work shovels and we'll sharpen them better than new! With a sharpened edge on one side, the E-Tool doubles as a small emergency camp hatchet in a true emergency, or as a bladed self defense weapon. The shorter overall length provides less ability to provide leverage for any use other than basic digging in medium to soft dirt. The straight handled design makes this difficult to put in your bug out pack (21″ in overall length) without a handle sticking out to snag on. The M48 Kommando features a sharpened edge for light chopping or self defense and a partially serrated opposing edge. With no obvious choice in mind, my personal preference goes to the M48 Kommando mostly because it just looks like the baddest shovel one can carry in a survival situation.
Each tool is hand crafted by Scorpion Knives and is able to carry out the toughest and most arduous tasks with great efficiency, year after year.The beech wood handle is contoured to fit the hand so comfortably it can be used for extensive periods without discomfort.

For light duty such as digging a latrine hole or small fire pit – this tool provides reasonable duty with a compact and lightweight design at a reasonable price.
A little short for heavy duty shovel use, but with less mechanical parts to break or rust – the M48 is a great overall use shovel that should last basically forever.
Used by militaries around the world, the E-Tool is a vital piece of equipment for survival and emergencies. To ensure consistency, the handle is CNC milled by master gunsmiths Boxall & Edmiston, and being beech wood it can be tuned by an individual to their precise grip.The 11" (280 mm) blade is curved to give maximum cutting ability with minimum effort. The weight of the blade is carried to the end and is perfectly balanced with the angled handle to effortlessly chop wood. The coated blade resists corrosion better in environments with salt air or when it may come into contact with salt water. This has all of the features of the 11" blade and out performs everything in its size range.

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