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Sleeping is useful for avoiding the night, where visibility is low and dangerous animals like werewolves can sneak up on you. A rye farm is useful for making bread, a cotton farm will clothe you for the foreseeable future and a pumpkin farm will fill your stomach in no time. Farming works best on tilled soil that is placed next to water, and is fertilized with saltpeter. Pumpkin seeds can be removed from pumpkins by putting one in a crafting slot, and planted on high quality soil.
Trees do not need watered or fertilized soil but they must have enough humidity and the right temperature range for the species. Tall Grass seeds can be obtained by putting a tall grass into the personal crafting interface or the crafting table. Once you have a good spot, you should lay out the area you wish to plant, especially with crops that need tilled soil such as rye, pumpkin or cotton. Get your fertilizer - saltpeter, or dried bird droppings, and break it on the soil by tapping the soil (don't throw the saltpeter.) It will spread to a block on each side of it, fertilizing up to 9 squares per chunk.
Once your farm is fenced in and the soil is tilled, irrigated and fertilized you can now sow your seeds. You can take some of the harvested plant and use it to create more seeds for the next crop. Flowers, ivy, and grass do not need fertilized or tilled soil and can be grown anywhere the temperature and humidity are good for them. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
Skins (and worlds and textures) can be downloaded completely free from Community Content or from other sites including the official forum.
When you are in the Community Content list screen, there is a drop-down menu at the top-right, where you choose to see only skins. If you have the link copied into the clipboard, you can use this method to download and automatically import the skin into the game.
When you download ANY file from Community Content or use the Copy Link method, the file is NOT backed up to the SD. This is beyond the scope of this article but there are good resources for skin makers on the official forum.

Rideable animals are useful for getting from place to place quicker, and avoiding dangerous animals (As they can't attack you when your riding an animal) stables can be as simple as a fenced off pen, but if making it a building make sure the entrance is three blocks high and two blocks wide (to allow you to ride in and out) this can be done with two doors and two trapdoors. To plant a seed, tap on a grass block with a rake, which will transform it into dirt if it isn't already. Rye seeds can be obtained by uprooting it's wild counterpart, which when planted in a good enough environment will grow into yellow edible rye. You get flower seeds from flowers, using the personal crafting interface or crafting table.
You can do this with rye, but it is not recommended since it takes so much rye to make bread you will want to keep every rye seed you harvest, to make bread. Pumpkins will grow to maturity even on grass, but they grow better on tilted, moist soil so planting them just anywhere may not get the best results. Then tap MANAGE and this will bring up the list of all content that was imported into the game. Eg; you are chopping a tree down to gather wood, you try to pick up the logs but you can't, your inventory is full.
Planks, sand, dirt, leaves, wicker lamps, chests, crafting tables and grass are all suitable for sleep. But it's annoying when you have to walk all the way to that lake or ocean just to get water right? Then rake the dirt again and tap the top of the block with cotton, pumpkin or wild rye seeds in your hand. But you can farm several other plants as well: cotton, ivy, cacti, trees, flowers and tallgrasses.
For any plant to grow, the temperature must be warm enough but not too hot and the humidity must be high enough. Also in order to save saltpeter it's a good idea to make the plots not only three rows wide, but also three rows long, or in lengths that are multiples of three (6, 9, 12). This way you have more chance to find ores and don't have to waste resources getting back up again. The player can sleep on as little as one block, as long is it is suitable for sleep and under good shelter. The soil should also be fertilised with Saltpeter Chunks, fenced off and have plenty of water.
A thermometer and hygrometer are very helpful to determine a good location, especially for trees.

Crops and tilled soil can be ruined by you or animals walking on it, so it's important to protect your crops with a fence, spiked planks, lava, etc., or placed up high, like on top of your house.
When placing water dig a trench at least one block deep into the ground right next to your soil and then add water. If you have lots of saltpeter and hate raking then you can make your plots in rows of one or two blocks and just not step on the soil when harvesting. If you use harvested seeds to grow the next crop, you may only get one seed per plant to make into bread. You do not need the seeds to craft anything, so they can be collected to plant the next crop. One pumpkin will make three seeds so you can eat (or use) two other pumpkins and still have seeds for the next crop. If you cannot get a chest for some reason, a good way to save space in your inventory is to stack things. A simple way to make an unlimited water source is by simply digging a two by two ditch that's one block deep, then fill it with water. Keeping a bull around isn't a good idea, because if you attack one of the cows accidently when milking them, the bull will attack.
Other crops aren't affected as much by the environment except crops that need to be irrigated by water since if it's too cold the water can freeze and the soil will dry up. Don't try to put water on top of the soil and plants because it will wash them away and ruin them. If you do not have extra cotton seeds, they can easily be gathered from wild cotton plants. If you plan on growing pumpkins, you should NOT eat the first few pumpkins you find as they may be scarce to find. Whenever water is taken from this ditch it will just fill back up again, making it infinite.
Also if you haven't found malachite ore yet in order to make a Bucket you'll need to place your farm next to water in order to irrigate the soil. Put flour and a bucket of water in a crafting table to make dough, then smelt the dough in the Furnace to create Bread.

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