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This is the biggest update yet, dwarfing even 1.19, and took over two months to put together. My admin are really nice if you play right and follow the rules we try to play with people and help them out by teaming with new people and such.
I personally ignore the idea of Diamonds and just stock up on Coal, Wood, Iron and cobble stone.

You and your friend Mike went fishing with Mike's fishing boat, but a storm has sprung up and you got washed up to the coast of a small, lonely Island.
A large number of new animals have been introduced, such as sharks, rays, piranhas or camels, and their AI is much improved. We have a custom plugin to recreate dayz almost dot on so you can have the best time possible,Lootable chest refill every 12-20mins so explore the wasteland,And become the most powerful!

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