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The following animals use pumpkins as a food source: Player's Character, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Ostrich, Wildboar, and Cassowary. If the vines disappear from the block, this means that the pumpkin has stopped growing and will remain as an unripe pumpkin. Early in the game, it is suggested that you harvest wild pumpkins and save some of them, as pumpkins can be very hard to find in other biomes that you might settle down on. Pokemon go - unbelievable game with augmented reality where pokemons got into a real world and walk along the streets. Take off - become a real pilot thanks to a realistic model of the plane cabin and picturesque surroundings. 2016 shark spearfishing - start hunting the most aggressive inhabitant of the ocean, a shark.

Toca: Hair salon me - is a funny game with the help of which you can turn into a hairdresser and create crazy images of your friends.
My cafe: Recipes and stories - start your own cafe and make it prosperous with exquisite menu and original interior. Watch the indicators, weather conditions, remove the appearing disorders fast and accurately.
All you need to do is to make a photo of your friends or granny and bring your ideas to life. Introduce new dishes and improve the menu inviting guests to your cafe and learning about their preferences. In order to find new resources the mankind went far to the Solar system and reached the dwarf star Nemesis.

Explore Hawaii, complete rescue missions, emergency landing, air touristic and cargo traffic.
Pumpkins should be grown without saltpeter, since planting them will actually destroy the saltpeter.

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