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The Wilderness Survival Card packs in a ton of features centered around food gathering, gear repair, and other functions. The Wilderness Survival Card is made from stainless steel, all of the tools in this one-of-a-kind survival tool offer superior strength and sharpness, yet remain lightweight. It's hard to think of anything that's 8.5mm thick being more useful than your phone, but thanks to its ability to carry your ID, cards, and a slew of tools, the Jackfish Survival Card Holder comes close.
Designed to be a handsome home for all your mobile gear, the Tech Dopp Kit from This Is Ground organizes your essentials and surrounds them in luxe leather.
As inconvenient as it can be to have to carry coins, they're a part of everyday life for most of us. The first is their Hostage Escape Card which includes tools deigned to be used for escaping illegal restraint. This size (and almost the thickness) of a standard business card, this Cut through rope and wood. The Tactical Survival Revolution Has Begun – At Last, A Breathable Survival Sleeping Bag in Tactical!!

Everything looks just as it did on your website and I am impressed with the solid quality of each item. In fact, it's arguably more handy in an emergency, thanks to pack-ins like a Spyderco Bug Knife, a firesteel, a windproof match, a compass, a glass vial for carrying water-purifying iodine, and a 120 decipel whistle.
There's now a place for your cords, headphones, favorite shades, and every iteration of Apple charger that you own.
So instead of fumbling for that quarter for the meter or taking forever to find the random coins you need to make exact change, look to the Coin Fold from Bellroy for a perfect solution. I have been able to personally test the components of this and they are functional though a bit rough which is to be expected with these types of cards. Thank you very much for the great service and I definately will be ordering more items in the future!
For everyday situations, it also has a micro screwdriver, both Phillips and flathead standard hex bits, a telescopic pen, and a micro SD card reader for keeping your most important documents with you at all times. It opens quickly and easily with just a pinch, which releases a leather ridge that allows the coins to be set free.

Nine fishing hooks and four snare locks will let you keep your belly full while you're playing Eric Rudolph in the mountains. May be used as a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap lifter, wrench, butterfly wrench and saw blade. Your change is also held secure and sits flat, helping to minimize bulk while maximizing functionality. Made in the heart of Los Angeles, the Tech Dopp Kit is available in two sizes (grande and regular) and three colors (whiskey, grey, and charcoal). Made using vegetable tanned leather, and available in Black, Java, Tamarillo or Blue Steel.

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