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I had gone looking online because I was in a tinkering mood and found a similiar one of these stoves for $35 and I was like NOOOOPE. I started looking around my house for materials and since I do some woodworking and I eat on a daily basis I happened to have 99% of the materials here. The material list is  1 QT Minwax stain (Any) 1 PT Minwax wood conditioner (I am sure any 1 PT MINWAX container will work though) 1 LG Tuna can 1 can if Campbells Chunky soup. Even when it is literally freezing outside, you can have a blazing hot drink in a little over ten minutes. He said his blue eyes and "non-Jewish" look allowed him to survive in the countryside before arriving in Warsaw and joining the Polish underground.After the war Willenberg moved to Israel and became a surveyor for the Housing Ministry.

After getting a good tight fit, I popped the PT can out and drilled the holes in the bottom and sides as shown in pictures. I then cut my QT can bottom air intake holes with my dremel and used the same method for my tuna can stove topper except on the top where I used my drill press.
His bronze statues depicted Jews standing on a train platform, a father removing his son's shoes before entering the gas chambers, a young girl having her head shaved, and prisoners removing bodies."I live two lives, one is here and now and the other is what happened there," Willenberg said. If you have a dremel, use the cutoff wheel to cut your square holes as it cut through the metal like a hot knife through butter. A friend on another forum found me one of the now rare IKEA Utensil Drainers to make a miniature hobo stove out of.
The larger hole on the side of the grill topper is to add more material to burn without having to take anything off the top.The extra piece of can you see in the picture I just made should I decide to use Alcohol or clean burning fuel to cook the food or MOST importantly boil questionable water.

I liked the way I can make the top fit into the bottom to gain some added space which is obviosly a plus, whats even cooler than that is you can still utilize the QT container lid to keep extra kindling or fire starting material in the burn chamber (DRYER LINT IS AWESOME AND FREE) I will be painting this badboy with grill high temp paint to aid in rust prevention and just for looks. He described his survival as "chance, sheer chance."The Nazis and their collaborators killed about 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.
The death toll at Treblinka was second only to Auschwitz — a prison camp in southern Poland where more than a million people died in gas chambers or from starvation, disease and forced labor.His daughter said he died on Friday. Hit me up with any questions you may have but ANYONE could build 1 just by looking at the pictures.

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