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Two Million Bullets (2MB) is a campaign that serves all hunting and shooting enthusiasts who have used and benefited from our nation’s outdoor heritage and want to see its traditions continue for generations to come. Camp Compass (CC) is a nonprofit program comprised of a unified effort to assist urban, disadvantaged youth with life through a structured program. It was survival of the fittest last week as students from SIAST braved the elements and spent the night in the cold.
Pillipow took a group of 28 students to Camp Kinasao in Christopher Lake last week for a 24-hour survival camp.
Students needed to use materials from the environment to light a fire and build a lean-to, which is a type of structure.
In case of an emergency and they need to be rescued, students were taught how to send a signal with a mirror and how to properly send smoke signals.

Caitlin Lee, a student in the resource environmental law program, was excited for the survival camp and to learn skills she will need in her career as a conservation officer.
The Prince Albert SIAST is currently recruiting students for a variety of programs including integrated resource management and natural resource technology. We just wanted to let you guys now about the students who stayed outside for the night did not endure much We were in the bush last year and had to endure -34 degree cold the entire week.
Founder, John Annoni, and his staff make a difference in the inner city by providing hunting, fishing, archery, tutoring, social guidance, and other outdoor youth activities.
Students were also taught techniques to determine direction if they became lost in the bush and did not have a compass.
Lee's group used spruce to insulate the bottom of the lean-to, which helped protect them from the frozen ground.

The students were allowed to bring one bottle of water and a bag of trail mix to last the duration of the camp.
Pillipow said if anyone is thinking of a career outdoors, the Woodlands SIAST is the place to go. CC also works to foster self-esteem through positive role models and assistance in making positive life choices.
Pillipow said if a person wants to be noticed by a plane, they would need to send a signal within three to five minutes of seeing it.

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