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Ron Hubbard, an American living in California, has built this luxurious underground shelter that is all ready for use should there be any kind of disaster. In a few years, we'll be reading about the rescue of several children that had been held captive in this bunker.
If all those people are thinking of living in that relatively small space, they won't be smiling for long. This contest is subject to all federal, state, and local regulations, void where prohibited. Underground Survival Bunkers & Storm Shelters provide the ultimate protection from tornados, hurricanes, and other disasters - natural or man-made. Shelters may be constructed to allow for short or long-term occupancy and can include many of the comforts found in your own home, or just the bare necessities. During WW2 when the cities were bombed relentlessly the fear was high explosives from air raids. There are all kinds of reasons why someone might want the reassurance of several tons of concrete reinforcement around their home. Beware of the low cost, corrugated drain pipe bunkers, or fiberglass cocoons, that are little more than overrated storm shelters. An underground bunker made of heavy duty 10 gauge steel that is welded on the inside and the outside to resist water intrusion.
Smaller bunkers, urban foxholes that no one knows about and are accessed from your own home or located under your patio can be used for securing your family and your food and water and arms storage, they can be used as a safe when you are not at home, they can even be used as a wine cellar. An urban foxhole in London's elite area of Kensington features a ballroom and swimming pool with hot tub, gym, ping pong and billiards room, climbing wall, bowling alley, sauna and massage room, cinema, media suites, wine cellar, kitchen, servants' quarters, as well as 15 bedrooms, seven bathrooms and 20 toilets. Over the past four years, the local authority of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea alone has granted planning applications for more than 800 underground bunkers of a kind, refused 90, and has a further 20 bunker plans outstanding. Custom survival bunkers designing and building the best, Custom survival bunkers are build with prestressed precast concrete allowing us to provide our customers the very safest structures on the market today. 14 underground shelter ideas - homestead & survival, Are you ready to build an emergency shelter on your property? 10 impressive doomsday bunkers - survival spot, Survival spot is dedicated to helping everyone learn philosophy and fundamentals of preparedness and survival.. He was described by authorities and news accounts as a “survivalist” and five days after he murdered his wife and daughter in their North Bend, WA home, authorities tracked him to a secret bunker on a mountainside just a few miles away, where he committed suicide as cops closed in.
Nobody may ever figure out what made 41-year-old Peter Keller kill his wife, Lynnettee and their daughter, Kaylene on April 22. It took expert trackers, savvy detective work by the King County Sheriff’s Department, and no small amount of luck to find that hidden fortress on the north slope of Rattlesnake Ridge, which overlooks North Bend, about 30 miles east of Seattle.
Indeed it was, having been built into a steep, wooded slope well off a popular hiking trail and a power line right of way that traverses the ridge.
After the bunker was located by a SWAT team that quietly moved in early on the morning of April 27 – thanks to one team leader who smelled smoke from a hand-built wood stove in Keller’s hideout – heavily-armed sheriff’s deputies and a relief team from the Seattle Police Department tried to smoke the suspect out with teargas. In all, 15 lawmen ended up suffering from dehydration, and one broke an ankle during the operation.

On the morning of April 28, deputies using explosive charges blew off part of the bunker’s roof and inside they found Keller lying in a pool of blood, a Glock pistol in his hand. After Keller killed his wife and daughter, and the family pets, he tried to burn down their home in an attempt to cover the crime. The bunker was something of an engineering marvel, with multiple levels, electric wiring, a water system that enabled him to pump water from a nearby creek and a loft for sleeping.
Now that sheriff’s detectives have removed more than 100 pieces of evidence including all firearms and ammunition, the bunker will be destroyed so that it cannot become an attractive nuisance. Constructed entirely from steel; this fallout bunker is 10 feet wide by 30 feet long and equipped with all the essentials for living "off the grid". Eligible contestants must be residents of the United States, it’s territories, protectorates and commonwealths, of 18 years of age or older on or before the official start date of the promotion or the listed date and time of the activity. All contests are subject to all federal, state, and local regulations, void where prohibited. Contests are open to legal residents of the United States, it’s territories, protectorates and commonwealths of 18 years of age or older on or before the official start date of the promotion or the listed date and time of the activity.
This contest is being managed using third-party software and could be subject to technical difficulty. Contest winners are responsible for all applicable state & federal taxes and may be required to visit the Rising S Company office during regular business hours and sign an affidavit of eligibility and release in order to obtain prize. Rising S Company LLC and their associated sponsors assume no responsibility for damage, losses or injury resulting from acceptance or use of prize or liability for unreceived prizes. Rising S Company LLC reserves the right to revoke the prize(s) if the winner does not meet any or all of these eligibility requirements even if it was announced officially that such individual was the winner. Rising S Company LLC’s interpretation of the official rules of this contest shall be final. Winner is responsible for personal items, gifts, tax, additional transportation, installation and any miscellaneous out of pocket expenses involved with the said prize.
Bunkers were built of brick and stone, covered with arched corrugated metal, and then buried under few feet of dirt. Economic collapse, social collapse, anarchy created form the collapse of our own monetary system, pandemic, coronal mass ejections, terrorism and other natural disasters such as tornados and hurricanes.
Bunker is sandblasted down to the bare metal and then coated with coal tar epoxy and painted on the interior with a white gloss enamel.
In these systems you will enter and exit it throughout the day or night and take cover in it when needed. An obvious necessity in case of a zombie apocalypse is a car lift and turntable to evacuate Ferraris into underground vintage car museum. They believe he spent the past eight years building a split-level bunker using hand-cut logs and timbers in preparation for doomsday, and retreated there following the killings.
When that didn’t work, they mounted an all-night vigil in near-freezing temperatures, leaving a couple of officers suffering from mild hypothermia.
Several gasoline cans were found placed around the house. But North Bend firefighters arrived quickly on the scene and doused the flames.

In all, sheriff’s deputies recovered 13 firearms, including several that were disassembled and inoperable. Keller allegedly built the shelter to survive a doomsday scenario, and apparently he planned to go it alone. Entrants must have permanent residence in the United States, be stationed at a military installation or be a valid full time student registered at a campus, university or educational institution within the country.
In the event of such technical difficulty Rising S Company LLC is not responsible for lost entries, and shall void any entries that are inorganically reproduced by electronic means or otherwise. By participating, where allowed by law, all participants and winner(s) grant Rising S Company LLC exclusive permission to use their names, characters, photographs, voices, and likenesses in connection with promotion of this and other promotions and waive any claims to royalty, right, or remuneration for such use. See also pictures from the Churchill's underground bunker in picturesque Dollis Hill, north-west London. The cold war era shelter was a deep underground bunker able to be self sufficient for very long periods of time and protect from nuclear blasts and radiation. They can be stocked with food, water and fuel for a minimum of one year for a company of 4 or 12. Have a real, concrete and steel bunker that is built to survive virtually any catastrophe that may be ahead.
During times of civil unrest your family can sleep in the shelter, and someone will always stand guard in the main parts of the house. After the bodies were discovered, detectives investigating the double homicide found images on the hard drive of Keller’s computer that led them to the location of the hidden bunker, about 1,300 feet up the side of Rattlesnake Ridge, and in direct line uphill from North Bend’s popular Outlet Mall. Various descriptions of the shelter said that despite its elaborate construction, it had been designed for a single occupant. Various images showed the progress Keller made on his hideout over the course of several years.
One additional entry will be given for each time the customized contestant link is used by another contestant for entry.
If the home has to be abandoned because of flooding, everything will be safe while you are gone.
One sheriff’s deputy expressed a concern that Keller might have been able to fire shots from the bunker down toward the mall.
Entries that are inorganically reproduced by electronic means or otherwise will disqualify the contestant from the contest completely. And remember, you never want you bunker to be your coffin, so make certain you have an emergency escape!

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