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Please realize this following truth a€“ only an instructor with years of back country experience will possess the credibility and competence to effectively and realistically train you and your loved ones for a life threatening situation.
Low Student to Instructor Ratio: Most ALSS courses consist of 6-12 students ensuring you detailed, personalized instruction with plenty of hands-on time to learn and practice skills. Quality over Quantity: At ALSS, we would rather be better than bigger a€“ and we dona€™t believe that bigger is better when it comes to survival training.
Traditional Woods-lore Skills, Primitive Technology, Home and Urban Preparedness, Bush crafting, Wilderness Living Skills and Modern Outdoor Survival Skills: We specialize in many forms of self-reliant skills allowing you optimal adaptation potential in urban, rural and wilderness environments. Minimal Bureaucracy: Our simple, focused operating style and smaller size allow for enhanced experimentation and optimal learning experiences in the field.
Cost Effectiveness: Instruction is intense as courses are packed full of information but without sacrificing attention to detail and include all field materials. The Ultimate Training Landscape: There is a reason that many of the major auto makers choose to have their proving grounds in Arizona.
We Live Where We Train, and Live What We Teach: The magnitude of this statement should not be underestimated as nature is filled with non-stop variation in flora and fauna.
Custom Administrative Options: We routinely design custom programs to meet the specific needs of individuals, groups and organizations.
Easy Access: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is less than two hours away with ground shuttle systems operating several times daily. Guaranteed Professional Instruction: Occasionally, we invite guest instructors from around the nation, hand-picked for their particular expertise. Lasting a€?Reala€? Value: All ALSS courses promote a greater awareness of what has a€?true valuea€? for humans in both good times and bad. World Wide Experience: Cody Lundin is one of a handful of people in the world who have traveled the globe learning and teaching survival skills. Supportive Training Functions: We are networked with dozens of professionals across the nation who specialize in certain skills. Youa€™ll craft your own gear from nature while living in a beautiful, southwestern wilderness setting.
Nature and outdoor skills are blended with intuitive psychology ensure you a unique, productive experience every time. The most valuable resource a successful company has is the character and commitment of its people.
The Aboriginal Living Skills School is a pioneer in offering your company fresh, new team building programs using the real life experience of primitive living and modern outdoor survival skills.
The Bushcraft Show is set to enthrall and entertain families and individuals of all ages in a celebration of all things bushcraft over the May Bank Holiday weekend. Visitors are travelling from around the world to attend the most exciting, entertaining and educational bushcraft event of the year.
The Massai Warriors make their return from the Rift Valley of Kenya will entertain and teach the visitors some of their Massai ways; from cultural dancing to native beadwork, find out if you have what it takes to be a Massai Warrior. Cody Lundin, co-host of Discovery Channel’s television series Dual Survival and author of 98.6 Degrees and When All Hell Breaks Loose is coming from the USA to teach his skills in a hands-on practical manner.
British canoeing Ray Goodwin will demonstrate how-to pack a boat and the art of portage, hear his personal accounts of bushcraft on his inspirational canoe trips and wilderness journeys.Tracking Expert Perry McGee will be demonstrating essential tracking skills on a variety of terrains.
You can also experience numerous activities, demonstrations, talks and see a host of trade stands, specialist instructors, expert speakers and so much more. There’s plenty for the children to do as well with stories from the Wild Man of the Woods, Birds of Prey, Craft Activities, Woodland Games, Low Ropes Course, Weaving and Whittling, Knife Safety classes to name but a few. Hold the world’s most extreme animals in your hands, cuddle a cockroach, snuggle up to a snake and tame a tarantula, there’s Open Canoeing, Archery, Axe Throwing, Campfire Cookery, Tracking, Firelighting, Star Gazing and Storytelling.
The Bushcraft Show this year has a new location at the stunning and privately owned Catton Hall Estate, ideally situated in the centre of England, in Walton upon Trent, Derbyshire. The show is sponsored by a select number of outdoor companies including Woodland Ways, 1948 Original Equipment, Nordic Outdoor, BG Craghoppers and Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine. With only three days to try all the activities at the show, it is set to be a fun-filled weekend full of adventure and discovery!
Our primary interest is teaching you outdoor skills, not selling you outdoor gear, thus we keep our store small and simple by choice.
We live at a remote back country location and are often filming so please allow 3 to 4 weeks to receive your order.
Unfortunately, Pay Pal has told us and many other businesses that some orders are not reaching the business owners.
Order a signed copy of Codya€™s best-selling wilderness survival book, used by many Search and Rescue teams around the nation as part of their training. High quality, garment dyed, 100% cotton Adams brand caps with the ALSS logo embroidered on the front. Available with 4 inch blade with rubber handle, or 4.5 inch blade with wooden handle (middle knife).
4-inch carbon steel blade with rubberized handle and custom printed sheath - $27 shipped priority mail. Recent ArticlesWinning Girl: Inspirational Documentary Profiles Up-and-Coming Star of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling!Learn the Most Important Martial Arts Lessons Bruce Lee Taught — From His Top Disciples! Space limitations forced the editors to trim the article and, unfortunately, to omit one report. DOWNLOAD A FREE GUIDE TITLED “14 LIFE LESSONS: KENPO AND JKD EXPERT DAN INOSANTO REMEMBERS HIS MARTIAL JOURNEY” NOW — JUST CLICK HERE!
The emphasis in the weeklong Self-Reliance Symposium is on how to survive a grid-down situation in an urban or suburban environment. To that end, the other participants and I spent a week camping in the Arizona desert in July, when daytime temperatures exceeded 100 degrees. There was also a lot of lecture and discussion regarding how to be prepared for a grid-down situation — food, water, shelter, medicine, communications, mobility, etc.
For me, possibly the biggest take-away from Lundin’s course was this: In a survival situation, there’s not much backup. Example: If you and your family get food poisoning on an average day, it’s unpleasant but probably not life-threatening.
Just after getting married, my wife and I had a seaplane drop us off deep in the backcountry of New Zealand. Buy author signed copies of When All Hell Breaks Loose for $26 per book shipped priority mail!
When the book was finally released, When All Hell Breaks Loose sold out its first printing of 10,000 books in less than three weeks. Below are ALSS benefits that set my school apart from the hobbyist as well as many a€?professionala€? schools. The US military trains its Special Forces soldiers in small groups for a reason, as they know it's the most effective way to deliver hands-on information. We choose to stay strategically sized to focus on continually developing and providing a level of training and training methodology that is virtually unmatched in the industry. One day of instruction at an ALSS course is typically worth a day and a half or more at other schools. Our state provides the greatest number of outdoor terrain and weather variables, within the shortest travel distance, of any geographic region in North or South America.
Custom courses allow flexibility within each program to meet agreed upon goals ensuring you a quality experience from start to finish. In addition, the town of Prescott features its own airport with sky shuttle service available from Sky Harbor International Airport as well as offering landing opportunities for your personal or company aircraft.

Unlike the a€?big boxa€? schools, every ALSS course you enroll in has the flavor of a custom experience from start to finish. The self-reliant skills we teach - and practice ourselves a€“ have been integral to sustaining life upon Earth for a very long time. His experiences from Canada, Laos, New Zealand, Belize, Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, Thailand, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Hawaiian Islands, Zambia, Romania, Fiji, Panama, Sri Lanka, Oman, Norway and several bio-regions in North America add unmatched depth to his 26 plus year career.
If after training at ALSS you desire further experience in a particular area, chances are we can point you in the right direction for continued, quality learning.
A tribea€™s success is directly related to its commitment to the group and the resourcefulness and efficiency of its lifestyle. Gourds become water canteens, fire is made from sticks, stones are transformed into cutting edges, and plant fibers are twisted into rope.
Metaphor, humor and personal reflection are used to integrate robust course experiences into your hard working business.
Amazing diversity, from snow-capped mountains to wildflower covered deserts; allow us to conduct a fun, rewarding team adventure for you all year-round. Our specifically developed corporate programs are built upon the power of simple skills used the world over for millions of years to maximize gains and increase productivity. The show provides an all-inclusive experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world… Why?
Also coming over from the USA is David Scott-Donelan who is regarded as one of the world’s most effective and capable tracking instructors, sharing knowledge and experience gained over almost 50 years. As an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces, he has spent over 30 years in nature’s most unpredictable environments. This survival expert ran the SAS Survival School and is best known as the author of the SAS Survival Handbook.
In addition, there are many leading bushcraft, wildlife, woodland craft and survival experts on hand at the show.
Whether you’re a bushcraft enthusiast, love the outdoors or simply want to learn more about this fascinating topic, there is something for everyone. The 250 acre Estate has been owned by the same family for over 600 years and is perfectly laid out for The Bushcraft Show 2014, having a 10 hectare Showground and Campsite surrounded by a lovely deciduous woodland with the River Mease to one side and exclusive access to an exquisite lake and the River Trent. Whether ita€™s hard core modern survival know-how, a primitive living skill, an urban preparedness angle, or a sustainable living tid-bit, we hope you enjoy the information!
Anyone who provides training or advice that a€?guaranteesa€? your safety during an emergency is either a fool or a liar. In a conventional home, windows let in short wave radiation that strikes a thermal mass object such as a concrete floor where the energy is stored .
What the clothing material is made from, how it is worn, and where it is worn on the body all influence the clothing's effectiveness in repelling extreme cold or heat to maintain thermoregulation.
In other words, Pay Pal's software is screwed up and we're not getting notified about some orders. Ita€™s a power-packed 450 pages of critical survival information whether you live in town or country. 216 brutally honest pages introduce you to survival methods for desert and mountain regions and everything in between. All of the shirts feature original hand drawn art work from Russ Miller, Cody's illustrator for both of his books. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL.MEN'S T-Shirt in chestnut, city green, or black with white imprint. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL.WOMEN'S 'Bella' T-Shirt in purple or black with white imprint.
Available in sizes S, M, L, XL.MEN'S Camel T-shirt with black imprint or Black T-Shirt with white imprint. Wea€™ve had a smile on our face ever since our friend, the legendary Mors Kochanski, turned us onto these tried and true work horses more than 24 years ago. Due to Cody's work load, primitive fire sets will no longer be available for purchase until further notice. Part 2Learn the Most Important Martial Arts Lessons Bruce Lee Taught — From His Top Disciples!These 10 Silat Strategies Will Expand Your Consciousness and Make You Better at Self-Defense! Ramp Up Your Reality-Based Self-Defense With a Train-Cation That Teaches Lifesaving Skills.” In the story, Eisler evaluated eight training camps that are sure to be of interest to martial artists. This may be a little outside the typical purview of the Black Belt readership, but I think most martial artists’ goal is to increase safety in general, not safety solely from human attackers. In other words, what would you do to ensure the safety, the comfort and ultimately the survival of your tribe if you were suddenly living at home but with no heat, no running water and no power? During that time, we experimented with different kinds of shelter, different kinds of food, different kinds of water decontamination, different kinds of fire generation and so on. What would be not much more than an inconvenience during ordinary times can suddenly prevent you from accomplishing tasks that are critical to your survival. We set out on our honeymoon with an "emergency locator beacon" in hand and a week's worth of provisions in our packs. It offers advice on how to escape from quicksand, land a plane or survive if your parachute fails to open.
Lundin explains how to treat wounds, dispose of dead bodies, and a€” of course a€” how to cook mice and rats over a campfire. They initially wanted to use 98.6 as a framework for the new book, and even offered to help write it (cringe).
However, even though I tried to keep it simple, the more I delved into the realities of what an urban calamity might entail, the more the book gained page length. The neophyte survival instructor, regardless of their zeal and paper diplomas on the wall, does not have the field time of a seasoned instructor with decades of experience. In any event, I encourage you to check out my choosing the right instructor page for core values that I feel are important in deciding who you will ultimately train with. From all four North American deserts to snow-covered alpine tundra, Arizona has the topography to meet your training needs. We have been family owned and operated since our inception thus still offer a truly unique, a€?family stylea€? training atmosphere featuring some of the best quality instruction youa€™ll find anywhere.
We teach a system of skills and methodologies that have developed over eons of time by the natural world itself.A  Knowing how to provide shelter, procure water, make fire, find food, create lighting and implement emergency sanitation options will always have real value for real people. We at ALSS believe the most effective team building involves intimate groups living in the wilderness with limited modern gear.
While pushing your comfort zones you will fulfill group needs as well as challenge your own intellect and emotions! Youa€™ll develop time-honored, proven strategies to keep your employees creative and motivated as a team. We are committed toward helping your employees maximize their productivity while renewing their gratitude for and optimism toward life. Cody Lundin will work closely with you to design the right adventure for your needs, and he instructs all corporate adventures ensuring you a quality experience from start to finish.
Today he works at Fjallraven as an equipment expert and test manager and he will be sharing his skills and expertise at the show.
Add to this delicious locally sourced food, local ales, evening entertainment in the Tipi’s and an evening campfire surrounded by newfound friends.
Neither Cody Lundin, ALSS, nor anyone else associated with this web page is responsible for your ultimate fate upon using the material contained within these pages.
Put the sticks too far apart and you die, (lack of the interplay of long wave radiation from one burning stick to the other).

A quality match safe should float, keep your matches from getting wet, help prevent the match heads from oxidizing, prevent matches from breaking while keeping them all in one place, prevent them from accidentally lighting, and be highly visible.
During times of fuel shortages or compromised access for whatever reason, having an alternative means of getting around is wise.
The absorbed radiation changes to long wave radiation, which has a hard time traveling back out through the glass, thus the heat is somewhat trapped within the home, (free heating!) I have visited Indian ruins where a south facing cave entrance was improved upon by the creation of a thick mud plaster floor. Once a person is dehydrated, they are technically one to one and half quarts low on body water.
The result is you get unique, quality goods and we spend more time outdoors and less time at the post office. Part TwoThese 10 Silat Strategies Will Expand Your Consciousness and Make You Better at Self-Defense! Presented here is the review that didn’t fit: Eisler’s write-up on a symposium presented by Cody Lundin, renowned teacher of survival skills and former co-star of the Discovery Channel reality series Dual Survival. At least, it is for me — which is why I took one of Lundin’s courses and why I hope to take others. To mitigate all this, planning and preparation are essential, and Cody Lundin’s course provided me with a terrific foundation. He had already done 3 seasons walking around in snow and any other condition with no shoes.
The language is pithy a€” so pithy, you could probably finish reading the chapter on quicksand, while still sinking in the sand. Don't bother to skin these critters, Lundin says; the fur will burn right off, and the guts will pop out naturally over the coals. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. They have not had the back country time necessary to build wisdom and exercise sound decision making skills - skills often times gleaned from very painful experiences. Our courses, skills and field operating techniques are continually researched and refined allowing you to experience some of the most well rounded, honest survival instruction available. Interstates I-17 and I-10 run through the center of the state offering quick, hassle free access to all life zones. This gives us, and you, the advantage of intimately knowing your landscape inside and out, from summer to fall and winter to spring. In times of falling stock markets, bank closures, violence, and general economic distress, knowing these and other tangible core value skills will bring you greater peace, confidence and options for keeping you and your family safer during changing times. For a tribe to thrive the members must understand the economy of their supplies, and the conservation of their efforts.
By fully immersing yourself into a challenging, hands-on experience, honest leadership, teamwork and communication emerge, reinforcing the power of cooperation across the board. Yet the lions share of people interested in survival skills don't know anything about human physiology; let alone the ramifications of psychology upon the body and how fear and panic change and dictate our physiology. The floor not only kept the home cleaner, but absorbed the winter sun into its mass, similar to the concrete flooring mentioned above. The sheer volume of snow that would need to be consumed to achieve hydration would dramatically decrease the body's core temperature through the colder conductive properties of the snow itself within the body. And if something even relatively minor goes wrong, it can quickly cascade into something cataclysmic. Then you could simply maneuver onto your back, spread your arms and legs, and float toward safety a€” or so the book says. I received three extensions on my contract deadline that ultimately ended up being nearly six months over-due.
Whenever a€?human naturea€? and a€?Mother Naturea€? are mixed - the hallmark of all survival scenarios - all hell can break loose with a literal limitless array of deadly variables.
Against challenges, competition, and often under stress, the tribe must maintain harmony and resolution of purpose. Using the metaphors of primitive living and survival skills, youa€™ll reach new levels of performance and productivity, increasing your companiesa€™ operational effectiveness while maintaining sustainable growth.
Wea€™ll help you exceed your companya€™s long and short-term goals and look forward to serving your organization. The wise survivor will spend twice as much time learning about the physics of fuel and oxygen placement - building a fire - than on learning ignition. Learning basic first-aid skills gives you a clue into how the body works; and what kills it first. All terrain bicycles - in good repair with a tire patching kit - get you from here to there with a minimal expenditure of personal energy.
Small amounts of snow eaten periodically when the body is not already hypothermic may be acceptable.
If the local hospital can’t handle it, you can get medevaced to a better-equipped facility. This is an encyclopedic work, with detailed drawings of medicinal plants, venomous snakes and easily built shelters. Over the months, I had grown even more disgusted with what was happening to my country, and how a€?feara€? seemed to hold sway over the masses. The last several months of the project were grueling and consisted of six day work weeks writing 11 hours a day.
His self-designed, hand built off-grid homestead in the high desert wilderness of Arizona incorporates the very best of ancient and modern self-sufficient technologies.
Your renewed awareness will effectively help you squeeze more profit from all areas of your business and personal life.
Knowing what the body needs to survive from a medical perspective will give you insight into what you truly need to prepare and pack in your survival kit and more; without being held hostage to other peoples opinion, bias, ego, fear or ignorance. Motorcycles and mopeds are still a slave to petroleum, yet offer their owner extended miles per gallon. Melt snow or ice if at all possible before ingestion if using this source of moisture to prevent dehydration. Apparently, they read the note, assumed our unpacked food supplies were the fishermen's food and had themselves a feast.
True survival, the reader soon realizes, depends upon such mind-numbingly boring tasks as tying complicated knots and studying storm clouds. I knew I could offer people an alternative to fear, vulnerability and powerlessness, and it was this knowingness that led me to want to pursue the project. As a result of this experience, you will excel at improvising and adapting to the pressures of a changing business world.
After months of contract wrangling and negotiations, I started to write When All Hell Breaks Loose sometime in late 2005. Maybe they will give him a show by himself, or with someone else that has insight to notice what he does works. What matters, however, is that when my wife beseeches me for my opinion a€” at the critical moment a€” I will, at long last, have something to say.

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