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Using Facebook allows you to easily share this giveaway with others and earn BONUS entries.
This Alternate Entry Form is provided as a Courtesy for our Fans and Followers who do NOT have Facebook Accounts. It goes without saying that I am grateful to each of the authors and their publishers for being willing to open up and share their thoughts and their books with Backdoor Survival readers.
Thank you, everyone for your past and future participation in the Backdoor Survival Book Festivals. Before I start, for the benefit of the Backdoor Survival newbies, let me tell about the Backdoor Survival book festivals and how they work.
For each book giveaway, I will ask a question and request that you provide an answer in the comments section of the article.A  A winner will be selected at random and the book or e-book will be sent directly by the author or the publisher. This is more than just a collection of recipes, it is a guide to becoming aware, or more so, of the tremendous and bountiful resources just beyond the door and how to exploit them for your nutritional needs. References have been included in this book providing a wealth of information on foraging, cooking and numerous other useful knowledge for dealing with a basic survival needa€¦eating!
This little book is an excellent primer for the individual with limited experience in the application of home remedies. This little book is a charming collection of illustrations and thoughts around what it is that makes a great DIY householda€”homemade cleaning solvents that aren’t made from poison, herbs that will heal you, and how to setup a great garden.
When youa€™re in the wild and you spot a nice-looking mushroom, how do you know if it is safe to eat? Beautiful photographs adorn the pages with mushrooms in the wild as well as picked, showing them from a multitude of angles. Between GMOs, hormones, and pesticides, it sometimes feels like our food has become so artificial that shopping smart is impossible. Note:A  I wrote the forward and provided feedback to Ron during the development of this great little e-book. This is aA  lavishly illustrated must-have book for any novice or well seasoned gardener, forager, hunter, natural food-foodie or for those who want to take their food sources and health into their own hands. This is an authoritative, practical guide that details the money-saving side of greener, healthier, and simpler living.
When Morgan Cartera€™s car breaks down 250 miles from his home, he figures his weekend plans are ruined.
In Going Home, readers were introduced to Morgan Carter, the resourceful, tough-as-nails survivalist who embarks on a treacherous 250-mile journey across Florida following the collapse of the nationa€™s power grid. This a story about two expat families who struggle for survival in the midst of a global economic collapse.A  When the United States suffers a major socioeconomic collapse, a power vacuum sweeps the globe.
No longer protected by American military interests, Australia must repel an invasion alone.A  In the thick of these political maneuvers, an American family of missionaries living in the Philippines and a Texan petroleum engineer in Australia must face the fear of being strangers in a world in flux. In book #5 of the Western Front Series, darkness has descended upon the world; the fabric of society has been torn asunder, sovereign nations collapse under their own burdens, once stable governments are ushered into revolution and allies of old are thrust into war.
Eerily prophetic in its depiction of a southern landscape ravaged by extreme weather, Rivers is a masterful tale of survival and redemption in a world where the next devastating storm is never far behind. After a world-wide EMP blast destroyed the technology we all depended upon, most of the worlda€™s population perished. This is the story of the scattered survivors in and around a sleepy little suburban town who must find a way to overcome their differences and work together to create a new society a€“ one that treats everyone equally and fairly. With nothing working from cars to phones and with the total collapse of the economic infrastructure, Gordon must fight for the limited and fast dwindling resources. For Gordon, Samantha, Sebastian, Cruz and Barone, the turmoil and chaos they dealt with before will seem trivial now as the real collapse of society plays out before their eyes.A  They all have suffered great loss but what is coming towards them on the journey ahead will test their sanity. Dane believes hea€™s safe in his cabin, off the beaten path and in the woods with his own source for water, electricity and an endless supply of food to hunt.
Prepper Pete works very hard to keep his family safe by preparing for events that may happen in the futurea€¦ things such as power outages, bad storms, illness, and other disasters.A  Join our hero as he explores the many reasons to a€?be prepareda€? and fun things your family can do, too! Children will love this fabulously illustrated book that shows them, in a fun and non-threatening way, how to be ready in case things go wrong. If you have not done so already, please be sure to like Facebook which is updated every time there is an awesome new article, news byte, or link to a free survival, prepping or homesteading book on Amazon.A  You can also follow Backdoor Survival on Pinterest.
In addition, when you sign up to receive email updates you will receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyera€™s Guide. Amazon has made it easy for you by offering a free Kindle app for almost every device you can think of including all sorts of e-Book readers, tablets, smartphones and of course, a PC or laptop.A  Simply download the free Kindle app from the Amazon site and you are good to go. There are a lot new items that are put on sale each month a€“ be sure to take a look and score yourself some great products as a fabulous, sale price. Note: I earn a small commission on your purchase making this a great way to support Backdoor Survival which will always be free to everyone.
Backdoor Survival Book Festival 4.0 is the latest article from the Survival Woman at Backdoor Survival. To make yourself proficient at bushcraft and survival skills, it is important to get outside and practice them again and again.  However, it is equally as important to make yourself familiar with what skills are best to use in each situation which may present itself. Any search of Amazon will reveal a number of books covering the topics of Bushcraft and Survival and with money at a premium these days, it is important not to waste money on books that aren’t relevant or substandard. To help you make informed decisions of which book may be best for you, I have placed below my favourite reads, in no particular order.  I have read and used each book a number of times to learn and subsequently master the skills that they offer. Smart BushcraftThis site provides knowledge and practical skills for a comfortable stay outdoors in any weather or environment, as well as survival techniques to be called upon when needed for any situation. This is gonna be a list of books you should consider keeping as reference in case of long-term emergency or a survival situation. This list is specifically what you’d want to have in your kindle to grab when you need to look up how to do something.
There are many other books that you might want to read before that happens, such as fiction or basic knowledge-building books, but that’s a little different. Because of this, I figured I’d narrow down this list quite a bit and only choose a few of the best for each subject. There are a LOT of different ways to organize books like this so I’m just gonna pick a way and go with it. This is the set of books that cover a lot of categories of how to survive, mainly in a survival or SHTF scenario. This one could fit in either homesteading or survival, depending on what subject it is but there are a lot of books that deal specifically with food only so I thought I’d make it its own subject. My goal is to help families to understand how to intelligently protect their family and their way of life against real threats, without all the end-of-the-world doomsday crap. But having a 1966 mustang with no electronics can be just pretty damn cool, and your final backup for Carrington Armageddon! FYI a Kindle is a bad choice for preppers because most of its storage is on the Amazon servers.
Also FYI I asked the Foxfire publishers if the free PDFs floating around the internet (such as this one) were shared with permission, she said not they were not.

There are currently an estimated 3 million or more individuals in the United States that consider themselves doomsday “preppers” or homesteaders (among other nicknames).
Some survival books are all encompassing, but many cover a broader spectrum of more specific topics relating to emergency preparedness.
Many agree that John “Lofty” Wiseman’s 1986 SAS Survival Handbook is one of the best guides available.
The cover to Bradford Angier’s classic guide to wilderness survival boasts over 600,000 copies sold, and each one of those readers is now better equipped to survive on their own.
There have been dozens of official Army handbooks published over the decades that are written from a military perspective. At 350 pages, Paul Tawrell’s Camping and Wilderness Survival is one of the most thorough guides to the outdoors and wilderness survival ever written. Fans of Cody Lundin from the “Dual Survival” TV show will appreciate When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes, the second survival guide written by the outdoor expert. There are hundreds of survival books to choose from and everyone has their own preferences and opinions on what the book should teach. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. This Week I’m Giving Away 15 of My Favorite Survival Books and Our Bonus Prize is a Eton FRX3 Emergency Radio with Solar, Hand Crank and Battery Power with cell phone charger see giveaway rules for details. Please Consider Partnering with Us to Keep Our FAMILY FRIENDLY Videos (and Website Content) Coming YOUR Way. With over 70 recipes from main meals to making substitute milk this book has a lot of tips, recommendations, illustrations and pictures to begin, or further yourself in, being more self-sufficient. In addition to listing common home remedies, it includes instructions for making infusions, salves, poultices and more.A  There is information about super plants everyone should have on hand and guidelines for starting your own home remedy garden.
Tips for mending clothing, preserving the harvest from a home garden, drying herbs and meat, and other money-saving ideas are accompanied by humorous handwritten anecdotes and illustrations.
These tips and tricks fill in the gaps for those of us longing to live this lifestyle but lacking the necessary know-how. Study these photographs and you will become adept at recognizing edible and safe mushrooms.
It promotes eating as much from the wild as possible and gives techniques to simplify the process ofA  making succulent, excellent meals with simple ingredients.
There are gorgeous, full-color photos for every recipe and tip throughout, and several step-by-step tutorials for a variety of recipes and topics.
It is a prescriptive handbook for making better decisions about our homes, how we get around, what we eat, and how we behave as consumers, in order to simultaneously achieve two desirable and imperative goalsa€”to be better off financially and to do what is good for the planet. Now reunited with his loving wife and daughters, Morgan knows that their happiness is fleeting, as the worst is yet to come. A newly radicalized Islamic government rises to power in Indonesia, invades the Philippines, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, and finally northern Australia. The tentacles of darkness have inevitably traveled across the Atlantic and are now tightening their grip on the American republic. The region is so punished and depleted that the government has drawn a new boundary ninety miles north of the coastline. Not right away, of course, but fast-foods were no longer available, and that meant starvation for people who never learned how to cook. Uncertainty abounds as they all travel different paths in search of a safe place to call home.
With her bug-out bag and emergency food already in her truck, her only goal is to get to her familya€™s hidden bunker and wait out a pandemic. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. This is going to be a living document so you may want to come back to it on occasion to see any changes. I use a kindle paperwhite without the ads (I heard the rotating ads deplete your battery quicker) because the battery lasts for four months and it doesn’t take up too much room in my bugout bag. Also, because some of you want to have an actual book to read (or burn if it comes down to it), I’m also listing some paperback books with the same, or similar information.
Just realize that a lot of these books are gonna overlap in what information they give you. This book is the one book that I would have (and most likely anyone would have) to understand how the brain works during a survival situation. This group is more about long-term survival in a bugout location or new place that you’re planning on being for a long time.
However, a very small percentage of that population are an Eagle Scout, Army Ranger, or wilderness guide with years of training and practice on various survival skills. They cover everything from natural disaster preparation and survival, gardening and food self-sufficiency, self-defense, home security, relocation, and living frugally during an economic collapse. If anyone knows a thing or two about the physical and mental preparation needed to survive in the wild its Wiseman, who spent 26 years in the British Army’s elite SAS forces.
The book has been in print without much update since 1956, but the content is timeless and the information presented is what has worked and will continue to work for survivors of levels. Military history writer Jay McCullough sifted through their contents and compiled a comprehensive guide on all aspects of survival in a format that soldiers and civilians alike can learn from.
The book includes everything from basic skills like using a compass, reading the sun, and starting a fire to more advanced animal tracking, shelter building, and first aid.
A book that may be elementary to a survival expert may be a beginner prepper’s outdoor bible.
We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation.
This manual is a treasured addition to the library of anyone interested in keeping costs down, being more self-sufficient, and cultivating new skills.
Inside its neatly arranged pages are fifty-two edible mushrooms as well as the mushrooms with which they are often confused, whether edible or toxic.
Along with tips for heirloom gardening, canning, preserving, saving seeds, raising bees and chickens, and more, she gives extraordinary simple meals for the family using these natural ingredients brought in from the garden or from the farmer’s market. There is no electricity, no running water, no Internet, and no way to know when normalcy will be restoreda€”if it ever will be. Though for years Morgan has been diligently preparing for emergency situations, many of his neighbors are completely unready for life in this strange new worlda€”and theya€™re starting to get restless.A  With the help of his closest companions, Morgan fights to keeps his home securea€”only to discover shocking information about the state of the nation in the process. Life below the Line offers no services, no electricity, and no resources, and those who stay behind live by their own rules.A  Cohen is one who stayed. Supermarkets were ransacked and burned, leaving even those who knew how to cook with nothing to eat.
Ten years later, he is still struggling with the ghosts of his past but must now face a new reality thrust on him and his family.
I also know that if there’s an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) event like the Solar Storm of 1859 (also called the Carrington Event), or an attack from a crazy country exploding a high-altitude nuke, my electronics may not work.

Most websites I’ve found out there either have just a few useful books listed for download or hundreds and hundreds. It not only explains what happens due to starving, dehydration, combat, and other stresses, it gives you information that you can use to help people who’ve gone through those things.
It could also be used as a bug in plan after society collapses or during a long-term Katrina-like emergency. Better choice: Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch, which has a micro SD slot (32GB a crack).
For the rest of the population that hasn’t received some kind of hands-on training, a survival book may be your next best option.
Whether you are filling a niche in your library of survival books or looking to buy your first guide, the books below contain some of the most practical information and are among the most popular currently available.
The book features everything from navigation skills, shelter construction, identifying edible plants, predicting weather patterns, and every other basic skill needed to endure life in the wilderness. HTSAITW is broken down into four sections: Sustenance, Warmth, Orientation, and Safety, each offering detailed instructions and accompanying (though somewhat lacking) illustrations.
The book covers first aid, distinguishes between surviving in different environments and whether conditions, surviving biological and chemical attacks, shelter building, and the often overlooked factors of mental fitness and fortitude. In an emergency situation, this book has the resources needed to teach you to take care of yourself if sick or injured, find your way out of the desert or off a mountain, or procure an endless supply of drinking water. The book addresses topics like finding fresh drinking water, heating and cooling the body and shelter with unconventional methods, composting human waste, catching and storing nutritious foods, and even disposing of a dead body.
Remain hopeful that whatever book you chose will have a tidbit, if not an arsenal, of life-saving information. In it, leading public health advocate Samuel Epstein, MD, and coauthor Beth Leibson provide all of the information you need to make the best food choices for you and your familya€”in language you dona€™t need a PhD in biology to understand.
North America, Europe and the Far East have all suffered a devastating Super-EMP attack that has caused catastrophic damage to the power grids and all electrical devices. With each passing day Gordon makes choices that would seem extreme in today’s world but necessary in this new world.
Shea€™s out of gas, her route to the bunker is now a two-lane parking lot with no alternative in sight, and her only weapon is a pocketknife.
For some of the authors, like, George, Speere and Paulsen, have a whole line of books are wonderful to read, though I can’t list them all. It may be useful to have an entire survival library at your fingertips but I started digging through lists like this and actually opening up and reading the books (as I’m wont to do on occasion) and I found that 90% of the books for download out there are just crap. A SHTF scenario is a very stressful one and if you don’t help people cope with those stresses, they become ineffective. It may be necessary to put the skills you learn in a guide to practice in order to prepare for a survival situation, but studying up will at least give you an idea and mental image of the tasks you may eventually be faced with.
While it’s up to your own self-determination to survive an emergency situation, one of these books may end up teaching you a skill that could save your life. Wiseman also addresses important and often overlooked topics like fear management and how to cope long after an initial crisis. Written long before the “prepper” movement really took off, Angier’s book doesn’t delve much into the topics of urban survival or natural disaster preparedness.
Chocked full of illustrations and photographs of different plants, skin diseases, animal traps, and other useful aids, The Ultimate Guide to US Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques is a great multipurpose guide for the budding survival enthusiast. Whether disaster strikes while you are in your home, driving in your car, or on vacation, Lundin’s book will teach you how to cope and adapt to your situation.
Do you think it’s wise to start prepping now even though I don’t have adequate storage? I’d just focus on having a bag ready to go if something happens in your area or just your home.
With real world case studies, colorful diagrams, and updated content to address surviving with modern technology, the SAS Survival Handbook will have you putting your newfound knowledge to practice the next time you step outside. But with information on game catching, shelter building, signaling for help, and basic self-defense, nearly anyone facing an out of the ordinary situation can find practical value in this guide. Tawrell will teach you how to make the most out of your vehicle’s materials and location to increase your likelihood of getting rescued or fostering your own self-rescue.
The book places firm value on the idea that survival is 90% mental and only 10% application and gear. Just like our government Intel agencies, too much information is sometimes as bad as not enough.
Some may find the book overly exhaustive, but with so many “what ifs?” possible, Tawrell leaves no stone unturned. I’d hate to invest time and money into prepping without a safe place only to have others come and take it away. Ever since the sea took his mothera€™s life and spared his own, he has lived with deep fear. And even though his father is the Great Chief of Hikuerua€“and island whose seafaring people worship couragea€“he is terrified, and so scorned.
If We Survive by Andrew Klavan: High schooler Will Peterson and three friends journeyed to Central America to help rebuild a school. In a poor, secluded mountain village, they won the hearts of the local people with their energy and kindness.
Now, guns and terror are everywherea€”and Americans are being targeted as the first to die. Over 30 miles from the nearest town, and several miles away from their nearest neighbor, Nell and Eva struggle to survive as society begins to decay and collapse around them. 500+ Free Camping & Dutch Oven Recipes 10 Basic Safety Tips for Women Create a Family Ememgency BinderSubscribe Today!No spam ever! It is about a kid who runs away from home (and his step-father) and stows away on a small plane that crashes in the Yukon wilderness. This one would be for older kids or adults, though.Reply momwithaprep says July 27, 2013 at 7:15 am Thanks for the suggestions!
The first two books are told from the perspective of a teenaged girl, and the next two books are told from the perspective of teenaged boys who were introduced as characters in the first two books.
My daughter (who was 15 when the first book came out) got me hooked on that series!Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Want valuable PREParedness Information every week?

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