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Learn to program SAS by example!If you like learning by example, then Learning SAS by Example: A Programmer's Guide makes it easy to learn SAS programming. The SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office options for Excel are specified by selecting SAS ? Options…. The SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office options for Word are specified by selecting SAS ? Options…. The SAS Analysis Tools toolbar provides access to some of the same options as the SAS menu. The SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office provides a mechanism to select which columns are displayed. The SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office provides access to most of the same tasks found in SAS Enterprise Guide.
Invoke Microsoft Excel by selecting Start ? All Programs ? Microsoft Office ? Microsoft Excel.
The SAS Add-In displays an information window while it connects to the SAS Metadata Server.

This tab is where you can set the number of observations to display as each “page” of data is requested from the SAS Server.
The program results are streamed back to an Excel worksheet which is given the name of the stored process. If you always want the sheet unprotected, you can specify that by selecting SAS ?Options and then deselecting the Protect data worksheet check box on the Data tab. When an analysis is selected to be sent to Word, the stored process runs again to incorporate any changes that were made to the data source before the analysis is seen. The output from the Stored Process is streamed back to the cursor position in the current document unless the Insert results into current document option is deselected on the Results tab of the SAS Options in Word. In an instructive and conversational tone, author Ron Cody clearly explains each programming technique and then illustrates it with one or more real-life examples, followed by a detailed description of how the program works.
Expand the Stored Processes tree (select Stored Processes ? Samples) and select Stored Processes. These samples can be run to verify that the system is configured properly and to sample the capabilities of stored processes.

After the output is available in the Word document, the document can be edited and new text is added using the functionality of Microsoft Word. Navigate to the stored processed created earlier by expanding the tree (select Stored Processes ?Training). Drag the Sample: Frequency Analysis of Municipalities and drop it into the new folder Samples.
Solutions to all problems are available to instructors by visiting Ron Cody's author page for details.) This book is intended for beginners and intermediate users.

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