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On the 10th of April, 1912, the RMS Titanic set out on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean carrying 2,223 passengers. The titanic dataset describes the survival status of 1 309 individual passengers on the Titanic.  Besides the survival status (0=No, 1=Yes) the data set contains the age of 1 046 passengers, their names, their gender, the class they were in (first, second or third) and the fare they had paid for their ticket in Pre-1970 British Pounds. You can learn more about the survival rates by building a decision tree on this data set in JMP. If you save the prediction formula (click the red triangle next to Partition for Survival and select Save Columns -> Save Prediction Formula). You can calculate your survival chance by entering your gender and age in an empty row.  Your odds appear in the Survival Tolerant Predictor Column.
I believe chance on survival should be much higher as a assume the dataset does not account for people staying on the ship out of free will. Interesting point of view but I am not sure how to obtain data on the people staying on the ship out of free will? The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS.
In case you did not know, SAS On-Demand is the *FREE* (as in free puppy, although occasionally as in free beer) offering from SAS.
Step 1: Go to TASKS in the top menu, select SURVIVAL ANALYSIS and then PROPORTIONAL HAZARDS, as shown below. When your program runs, you get the pdf file as output, but if you look at the top of your screen, next to the output you can see three other tabs, for log, code and input data.
Well, now you have SAS computing in the cloud while in the clouds, so that must be cloud-squared. Gartner isn’t the end-all, be-all when it comes to what constitutes a data warehouse. Despite the hype, Hadoop’s bark is worse than its bite when it comes to market impact, Gartner says.

Gartner bases this slightly cynical view on its assessment of early Hadoop deployments, which it says were very large but were maintained manually. Enterprise software is a rough and tumble game, and the best technology does not always win. Gartner says Cloudera’s advantages include a capability to analyze all types of data, a broad feature set (including prepackaged machine learning libraries and connections to SAS and R for statistical analysis), and good customer reviews (it has about 1,000 customers, Gartner says). A low customer count for MarkLogic may be reason for caution (or, maybe not, Gartner says).
AWS made the Quadrant for three offerings, including Redshift, AWS Data Pipeline, and Elastic MapReduce (EMR).
Hadoop vendor Pivotal was also added to this list, but it basically replaced EMC, which it was spun out of.
Please check here to receive valuable email offers from Datanami on behalf of our select partners. If you want to calculate the calculate the chance on survival than you should not account for the people who died on the ship while having the opportunity to save themselfs.
Presumably, if you charge people $12.95 for three hours to access your wireless system on the plane there are fewer people using it than if everyone can use it as long as they want for free, say, at a university. More specifically, let’s say I wanted to do a proportional hazards regression model using the PROC PHREG procedure. In this case, the value of 0 means there was no event (the patient survived to the end of the study).
It can help you analyze data and make informed decisions for research, engineering, manufacturing, medical, and business applications. The schema was fixed, you could say, and was based primarily on relational database technology designed to process structured data. The definition of a data warehouse has been in flux for the past several years, largely as a result of the rise of Hadoop and the capability it provides customers to process and store large amounts of structured and unstructured data on low-cost commodity hardware.

Gartner notes that most of the data warehouse establishment has already adopted new engines, primarily HDFS. The folks at Cloudera seem to understand this, which is why they have taken a more aggressive business stance. It also wonders whether the semantic approach that MarkLogic is now offering will translate into growth. The SAS Learning Post is where you'll find tutorials, tips and practical information to help you become a better SAS user. For a barometer of Hadoop’s disruptive influence on this space, one needs to look no further than Teradata, which suffered a sales decline on traditional data warehouse technologies, largely attributable to Hadoop. That doesn’t sit well with their fellow members of the Hadoop community, but as a survival tactic it makes sense. The company’s database also requires a considerable amount of skills to use, and those skills can be hard to find in the market, Gartner says. Not surprisingly, strengths of AWS’ approach are fast deployments, low cost, and flexibility. You can always enter the value that denotes censoring the box above that says Enter Custom Value and click ADD. Also included are syntax and usage information, examples, and a discussion of the use of the Output Delivery System with the statistical software.
New chapters for SAS 9.1 describe software for power and sample size computations, robust regression, multiple imputation, crosstabulations, table analysis, and logistic regression for survey data.

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