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The Survival Games 2 – Fight for your life in the second installment of The Survival Games! You prepare your campsite for incoming attacks and ready yourself for hunting down others around you. In this map, there is a host, the host is meant to maintain the map and enforce the rules on the players. Hello, I'm Khazoids, I run the maps section as my general objective, but from time to time, I'll write about mods that seems interesting for an audience. The Sphere Survival Map is a huge floating island, it has access to the Nether and The End this map also has caves with treasures. The local wizard, Zanzer Tem has been abducting people and putting them to labor in his salt mine.
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In this second installment of The Survival Games, you fight for your life in a destroyed city. As you roam around, you find chests stocked with food, weapons, or armor to give you an advantage in the game. As the host, you keep track of who is still alive and who is dead, the Host can also enable mobs at night to make things all the harder. In fact, it’s almost as easy as installing maps on the Windows operating system, if not easier! You can, however, subscribe to our newsletter with the form below, and we will notify you via email as soon as this mod gets updated (You only have to subscribe once).
As you fight through skyscrapers, banks, a town hall, and even a forest surrounding the city.
You also have the option to make a bukkit server and install a plugin that can help you enforce the rules.

In the case that you are still having trouble, just drop a comment below and we’ll be more than glad to help you out!
If you bought 7 retail on disk you might want codes while particular Lodges write and adopt their By-Laws i didnt run the gacutil command beforehand, so I dont know if the dll was there before and this upgraded it, or if it added the dll, or if it was there before and it didnt upgrade it and I have a false sense of security, but Im going with it until I have a problem. There is a cleverly made timer created by the team of Vareide, as it hits zero, the tube rises and you dash for the chests in the center.

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