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A catastrophic disaster has occurred, one that destroyed hundreds or thousands of homes and businesses, and destroyed a community’s way of life. I’m a Certified Emergency Manager and have given a lot of thought to these types of scenarios.
If you are on your own and law enforcement help isn’t an option, realize that the intruders are there to either grab your supplies and go or to squat in your home and comfortably live off your supplies.
You’ll also have to take into consideration that you or one or more of your loved ones will be injured or, perhaps, killed. For liability’s sake, I’m going to describe what I would do, based on my own experience and training. A conventional SWAT-style assault on your home is one option, but the squatters have the advantage. The plan that I have come up with can be executed with as few as 3 (highly-capable) people, but of course the more people I can assemble to help, the better.
The key to the plan is to create a large volume of smoke inside the house without burning it down. My plan is to insert a smoke pot into first floor bathrooms and the kitchen through their windows. Blinded and choking in the smoke, the escaping bad guys will easily become entangled in obstacles placed at exit doors, reducing their ability to fight back. Have you given any thought as to what you would do if your home or other property were taken over by others in the aftermath of a worst case scenario? By the way, this very scenario happens in the excellent book, Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.
There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I would like to point out a possible flaw in your plan though: have you ever tried braking a window, especially from a distance using rocks?
Amazing Survival Fish Trap using just one hand and some rocks, expending the least amount of energy possible during the construction and catching.
It’s ok building basket type fish traps, complicated stone traps or traps made from sticks stuck into the river bed but first you must look and observe or become familiar with the quarry you are trying to catch. There are at least three different species of juvenile fish present here, one surface feeder, a mid water and a strictly bottom feeder in both juvenile and adult form. Cairo is dirty enough that you really should shower every time you go outside – beyond making you a little bit less disgusting and rinsing off the sweat and torab, it cools you the fuck down.
This does not mean that you should make out with it – countless tongue-on-ice stories teach you that this is, in fact, an idea of epically stupid proportions. Commonly known as Ma7loul el Gafaf, and available in any pharmacy, Rehydran is used to prevent or correct electrolyte imbalance, as well as replenish lost fluids in cases of acute dehydration. While an iced coffee or a cold beer sound like the perfect thing to replenish your thirst, they’re big no-nos. It’s advisable to switch to fluorescent and LED lights during the summer as they emit less heat. A general, all-purpose guide to get you and your crew from DC to Safe Haven. This is by no means an exhaustive tell-all of what to expect.
There are 9 resources you have to maintain to make a safe trip to Safe Haven.Fuel - The Wagon won't go anywhere without gas in the tank. Whenever you stop, either at a city or landmark or while on the road, the first button that will appear on the bottom of the screen is the Party button. Whenever you stop, either at a city or landmark or while on the road, the second button that will appear on the bottom of the screen is the Car button. Whenever you stop, either at a city or landmark or while on the road, the third button that will appear on the bottom of the screen is the Supply button. Whenever you stop at a city or landmark the fourth button that will appear on the bottom of the screen is the Town button.
Mostly purchased in Auto Shops, car upgrades offer significant boosts to your vehicle's performance.
Due to the disaster your cell phone can’t make a successful call, so you can’t call 9-1-1 for help. While your first instinct might be to drive up immediately and confront the intruders, I would recommend driving on by like nothing happened. This may be a quick operation in which the intruders put up a fuss and then move on, or it could become quite deadly.
These are rooms that usually have a less-combustible floor than carpet-covered areas, and bathrooms often have the extra benefit of having a tub or shower pan directly below the window opening.
It will be one, or more, fewer bad guys on the streets, thus, possibly, saving others from harm and eliminates those who targeted you and your home from coming back any time soon. However, thinking through a plan like this, step by step, and then considering how the plan might go awry, for good or bad, will lead you to consider other options. Despite this, in the juvenile phase all of these fish will be attracted by a bottom disturbance that not only releases organic particles they can feed on but small crustaceans and invertebrates as well. Caffeine and alcohol suck all the moisture out of your interior, making you more vulnerable to thirst and dehydration. There are a few ways to keep it cool: use a sunshade or window visor, dash cover or at least put a towel over the steering wheel.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Organ Trail: Director's Cut. This is where you can rest, use medkits, kill off party members, or talk to random strangers in the area.Rest - Resting is the primary way you'll be keeping your party members healthy. This is where you can apply makeshift repairs, set your speed pace, view your upgrades, and check the road map.Repair - Using scrap to fix up the Station Wagon is great if you're low on cash, there's no Auto Shop around, or if you have plenty of spare scrap to spare. Here you can scavenge for more supplies, Trade with other people in the area, set your food rationing for the party, and review your combat training.Scavenge - By far the best way to get more resources and supplies is by scavenging. This is where you can pay cash for supplies, get cash for supplies, check the local listings for jobs, and visit the Auto Shop or talk to a Combat Trainer. Your family’s survival is dependent on the preps stored in your home and the shelter it provides. If you were targeted in advance, chances are the intruders know what you drive, and could ambush you as you approach the house. The longer you wait before acting, the more likely they will be able to escape with your lifeline or fortify your house for their protection.
If you forcefully try to take your home and preps back, you may have to hurt or kill one or more of them. If you don’t have the moral clarity to be able to do that, walk away. I’m going to use a smoke pot, which is a metal can stuffed with cotton rags soaked in some type of oil, with a candle inserted for ease of lighting.
The smoke pots can burn with less chance of fire spreading while they churn out their smoke in the dark, with smoke detectors screaming.
While some of of us are lucky enough to be able to escape to the beach or to air-conditioned houses, we know all too well that roads can be shut down and the electricity can cut off – really often. You’re far less likely to find yourself being fanned in an ambulance if you use this regularly.
If you have to use the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, use them at night or early in the morning. Worst comes to worst, just park a bit further from your destination to get some of that good shade. How far that gets you is dependent on the pace you set.Scrap - Spare parts (light bulbs, duct tape, bolts, screws, etc) that are used to make makeshift repairs if an auto shop isn't around or if you're low on cash.
None of these options except taking a job take any time.Buy - Money still apparently makes the world go 'round, although maybe not as much as it used to.
If your neighbors saw the intruder(s), get as much information from them as you can about them. Don’t unnecessarily put yourself in jeopardy if you can’t pull the trigger to defend yourself.
SWAT teams use tear gas or pepper spray to temporarily create an atmosphere in which the bad guys are unable to breathe or see.
Oily materials, particularly petroleum products create huge volumes of smoke but a relatively small amount of fire.
It’s very important to practice correctly and maintain your outdoor skills if you like to travel into the wilderness. Keeping adequate levels of hydration is essential – have a large bottle of cold water on hand to escape the heat and humidity. This is the only resource you can't scavenge for at the start of the game.Food - Ya' 'gotta eat. Unfortunately, upgrades found during events will not tell you what they are beforehand, but you will still be given the option to keep your existing upgrade or take the new one if you find one for a slot that you already have flled. These skills can range from competent first aid (which should be on the top of your list) to navigation, finding shelter, water and food if necessary. The zombie horde is vast and quickly multiplying, but thankfully you're not alone!Your only concern now is to get your sorry butt and those of four of your friends from Washington DC all the way across the country to Safe Haven.
If the repair fails, the hour is still lost, along with the scrap that was being used.1 scrap - 20%2 scrap - 32%3 scrap - 43%4 scrap - 53%5 scrap - 62%6 scrap - 70%7 scrap - 77%8 scrap - 83%9 scrap - 88%10 scrap - 92%Set Pace - You set your driving speed here. In regards to finding food, you need to think about the energy expended Vs the calorific value of the food you might or will obtain. If you happen to find plastic bottles for fish traps then you are not that far from civilization to get help. Please note that resting will not heal your main character unless all other members of the party are gone.Medkit - Using Medkits is the primary source of health for your main character, since resting will not heal you.
Slow takes longer from one point to another, inviting more random events, (both good and bad) but wears down the Station wagon less.
Be a good witness and let the professionals do their thing, if there are any professionals to provide help.
So if you can expend as little energy as possible to obtain food then this is probably a good thing. Because it wouldn't be much of a survival game if you didn't have to travel far, now would it? A faster pace will get you from A to B in less time, but will take more out of the Wagon per hour to do so.
Using a medkit does not cost time.Kill - If someone is infected and is near death, if you simply don't have the food to spare for them, or if you simply decided that you don't like them anymore, use the Kill button. After shooting your friend, they will be lost to the game forever (or until your next play though).

Changing your pace does not take time.Upgrades - Here you can view what upgrades you have installed on your ride.
Scavenging ends either after a certain amount of time has passed, or you are harmed by a zombie.
Medkits can also revive an incapacitated member of your party.Ammo - Since there are no melee weapons at all, you'll need these to keep your rifle going. Killing (or deciding not to) does not take time.Talk to Stranger - At every stop on the road you'll come across other random strangers doing their own thing. Ammo is sold by boxes of 20.Sell - Having too much of a good thing is often a good thing if you need some money. Some of them give you advice, some whine about lost loved ones or how they yearn for cheese, and yet others offer their theories as to why this all happened and why the government wasn't able to contain it.
The slots are Front (lights, batteries), Misc (radio, air freshiner), Top (fuel storage, windows), Back (tool kits, mufflers), and Bottom (tires).
The time of day or night and subsequent zombie activity level will determine how many zombies will come after you. You fire time and again until your gun makes a clicking noise and you realise that you're out of ammo. Better hope you have rubber legs at that point.Tires - You can't very well drive a car if you don't have any wheels on it. More information about the different upgrades and their usefulness is in the Upgrades section. You panic and search for more as a stranger walks in front of you and effortlessly dispatches the remainder of the Zombies as if he was the son of Rambo and Annie Oakley.He introduces himself as Clements, a wandering priest.
Viewing does not take up time.Road Map - The main map shows how far you are along your journey, if the next stop is a City or a Landmark, how many miles you've traveled so far, and how far until the next destination. While scavenging, you may also come across two of the bosses in the game, the Zombie Bear and two Zombie Wolves. He asks if you know of anyone else that could band together with you to make it to Safe Haven, some fort or something way up in the northwest corner of the country. Thankfully the Wagon starts with a full set.Battery - A car battery is just as important for keeping the moror running. You drop a few names and he smiles, points toward a Station Wagon he found recently and invites you aboard.The vehicle is on fumes the entire way there. Have a couple lying around just in case.Muffler - Yes, you can realistically drive without a muffler. Since food and scrap are the most common drops to find while scavenging, these are probably going to be your main source of income.Jobs - The local job board will have either one or two jobs lined up, offering variable rewards for certain tasks. But you'll make so much noise that you'll attract every zombie in the tri-county area and never be able to stop.
Not a zombie, is it because it's green?City: Las VegasAll famous casino silouettes are trademarked. Some extras would be nice.Money - Even though you'd think that money wouldn't have any real value after the fall of civilization, all shops still wheel and deal in greenbacks. And you thought you were having a bad day.Rolling into DC, you hear a radio broadcast nearby. Also slower than Shamblers but they have the pesky ability to crawl through walls and barricades with ease. One shot to dispatch.Trade - Unlike most other zombie apocalypse games, there are many, many other survivors to meet along the Organ Trail. Don't get shot.Auto Shop - The local auto shop will gladly repair your vehicle for a price and sell tires, mufflers and batteries. How are things in the neighborhood?Finale: Safe HavenPlease place all refuse in the bin to your right. Supplies are explained in a later section in more detail.When all is said and done, Clements asks you to kill him while he's still human. What they want and what they are willing to offer are randomized so there will be offers that will make you want to shoot the idiot, and others that will make you feel like you're taking advantage of them.
If you already have an upgrade in the same slot that the upgrade the Auto Shop is selling, you will be notified before buying the new upgrade.
Sadly, the upgrade being replaced is completely lost and is neither sold nor held onto for later use. You can't back up to a previous offer you said no to, or ask for a refund to one you accepted. Unfortunately, you also cannot barter or make a counter offer of your own.Rationing - This is where you set the pace of food consumption per hour for you and your party.
You can have a total of 3 skills at one time and any new skills after that need to overwrite an older skill. A full party at max rations consume 15 ounces of food per hour, so take that into consideration as well.

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