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If you do not have a patch of sorrel growing somewhere in your garden or close-by in the countryside, it is well worth planting some. Every year, about 150,000 people die in situations where first aid could have given then the chance to live.
It’s vital that, whenever needed, first aid is delivered with the confidence gained from effective training and using appropriate quality first aid supplies, health and safety training is every bit as important. In 2014 St John Ambulance Jersey trained a total of 6,645 people on various first aid training courses.
Vouchers are available should you wish to give any first aid course as a gift - Please call our office on 735611 to purchase a voucher. As a volunteer you can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.If you're 18 years old and over, energetic and committed to putting the needs of others first, volunteering for St John Ambulance might be for you. The Commandery of the Bailiwick of Jersey of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem Guarantee Company Limited.
We recommend that you undertake an initial assessment of the safety risks in your environment to determine the first aid equipment and training you require. In workplaces, it is important to have first aid signage so that employees can easily find the first aid equipment.
You can find the seeds in gardening catalogues and some garden centres and it is quite easy to grow.A smaller variety, Sheep's sorrel (Rumex acetosella) is common in grass and may well be growing somewhere in your garden.
Ribwort plantain, has strongly ribbed slender leaves.The leaves are edible and taste slightly peppery.

Practical training to identify hazards and reduce risks can also be the difference between life and death. For example, if you have boiling hot water or chemicals that could cause burns, you should consider having a burns module in your first aid kit.
Look for it in cultivated soil and on grassy edges.Both types of sorrel make a pleasant and refreshing addition to salads. In the wild it likes shady conditions near water, where it can grow up to a foot high or more. I've not experimented much as I'm not as keen on it as on other easily available edible weeds. I'm reluctant to bring any part of this plant onto my property for fear that it will start reproducing before I get it into a pan!Ground elder ( has a fresh aromatic smell, not unlike an aftershave brand I would be pushed to recall the name of. This large plant can now be found growing along waterways and in untended spaces across much of Britain. It is advisable to limit the amount you eat as the oxalic acid that partly accounts for the sharp taste can be slightly toxic if taken in excess. It gets a bit woody if you let it get too dry.It is best eaten early in the year when it forms a leafy mat if closely planted.
It is used in many herbal preparations and all the constituent parts have their uses.In salads it is not especially tasty but can add a little texture and variety to a mixed green salad.
It is quite pleasant but strong, so the youngest, freshest leaves are most likely the best as they will be milder.If you already have edible weeds such as ground elder on your patch, eating them just might help with weed control!

The young leaves are tender and delicious.This picture of hairy bittercress growing in my greenhouse was taken in the middle of April.
The larger leaves are too tough to be of use, though I dare say they would contribute to greens for use in cooking. I have no knowledge as to how effective or useful it may be in this role.Given damp and slightly shady conditions sorrel can grow surprisingly big.
If you are keen to try it be sure of your taxonomy!Burdock is big and bossy and not so desirable in the garden. If you want to import some into your garden it might be best to keep it in a pot as it can spread rather too happily, if conditions are right. The Saxons dubbed it "waybread" so it must have been valued as sustenance as well as for its herbal properties. It will grow in long grass so could be easily accommodated in larger gardens.The cultivated kind is larger than the wild species.

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