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While covering the events taking place in Afghanistan, war correspondent Elsa Casanova (played by Diane Kruger) writes an article about a local Taliban leader Ahmed Zaief (played by Raz Degan). My first reaction to this movie was that it was one of the most depressing movies that I’ve seen in awhile. Though I didn’t like how the side story of the stories Elsa had been working on and wrote got swept to the side.
It could have been that the movie is shot mainly in bright, dessert, daylight but this movie looks really good on Blu Ray. Taking the article as a disrespect, Zaief captures Elsa and her coworker taking them deep into the Afghanistan territory.
With the movie description saying it’s about a Special Forces team rescuing a reporter that’s being held hostage, I expected a big firefight with lots of shootouts. If you want a movie where the heroes of the story is the underdog that takes out the army of villains that outnumber them 10 to 1, well this is not the movie you want to watch. I wanted to know more about the story between her and the woman that she was talking to at the beginning.
It has a story that does more than just give mindless gun fights while giving some really good cinematography. After a tape of Zaief having Elsa’s partner killed gets out, a Special Forces team is dispatched to find and rescue her before she’s killed.
Add in the quote from The Hollywood Reporter “A body count that Rivals any of the Rambo films” on the back of the Blu Ray case and I just knew there would a large amount of shootouts.

Special Forces shows a group of men in the Special Forces that goes up against an army that does outnumber them and they actually get killed. Then there was the article that is brought up about how she feels about the military being there. This shows more respect for the people fighting the war on terrorism than any of the one man army movies ever will and it’s entertaining.
There’s a lot of detail that can be seen in this movie because of the high definition and it looks good. This elite force is able to find Elsa but when the extraction goes horribly wrong, the team must fight their way on foot the Afghanistan wilderness while being hunted by the terrorist group lead by Zaief. Well, this movie is not about the fights or deaths that happen during the shootouts between the Special Forces team and the terrorist group, it’s about the bond that a Special Forces team has and what they will go through.
Sure they team does take out a large amount of the terrorist group but they are also being killed as the movie progresses. Every actors does a great performance, aside from the dubbing, where they are these characters.
It’s about how in a dire situation this team will only let death stop them from accomplishing their mission.
By the time it ended I held no hope for any of the characters and had given up on Elsa ever making it back alive. I also would have liked to known more about this Special Forces team who were supposed to be the best but that’s all I was given.

As I said this is a depressing movie and if it had been anything else it would have just been lost to the many other movies with the same plot layout. Most of all it is a movie that actually depicts what a war is like, well closely like, instead of making it about an unbeatable, unbelievable team who can’t be taken down by anyone.
It’s a bleak movie that actually made me think that this is the way war is, death for both sides instead of the heroes taking out all of the bad guys and then going home to celebrate. It reminds me of my parents favorite saying when I was a kid, “Because I told you so, that’s why”.
Instead, Special Forces is a movie that gave me a story that I paid attention to and made me invested in it and the characters.
Special Forces otherwise is a very sharp, good looking movie to watch on Blu Ray with bonus features that I enjoyed. Well, that’s how it is when it comes to this Special Forces team, they are good because I told you so but we’re not given any history on this team.
Luckily there is an option of watching it in French with English subtitles because watching it with the dubs makes it a movie where the sound is not synced up right and knowing the actor Djimon Hounsou from other films only made his dubbed voice unfitting.

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