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I made this poster: ed or a€“ing My plan is to teach the rules and then guide the class through many examples.
A lot of my students are still saying looked-ed when they read and I would like to teach them the different sounds -ed at the end of a word can make.
Please visit often for information on educational tunes, plus lots of ideas for grades pre-K – 3. Children should match present tense words to their past tense counterparts on a pocket chart or on the floor.
Send home a family activity booklet that provides a poem, a game, and daily activities focused on words with the long e sound (spelled ea) , and words ending.
A few years ago, I stumbled upon this video about echolocation from Jumpstart on youtube: Use the manipulatives first, and then use the worksheet a few days later as a review.

These activities were created to help the students correctly read the end sounds of these words.
The cards with the ed endings are a mixture of the 3 different sounds ed can make (ed, d, and t). I start using this sort in first grade where children encountering words ending with ed in their reading. Next they should sort past tense versions under the appropriate category, “ed,” “d,” or “t.” See “Plural Partner” sorting suggestions. I’ve been teaching for 41 years now and still LOVE finding new ways to help our first graders. Archived: The School-Home Links First Grade Activities provided in this kit are keyed directly to reading activities that teachers typically do with children in school.

I teach 4th and some of my students still have issues with spelling words with -ed endings. LESSON PLAN FOR 2ND GRADE UNIT ON VERBSLanguage Arts: Past Tense Verbs Instruction time = one hourII. We needed gas, my dad stopped at the first gas station he seen and pumped gas into the gas tank until it was full.
This lesson plan is designed to teach students the concept of rhythm in a song, by listening to music and playing instruments to represent actions.

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