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Linking -ED The flap-your tongue taps the gum ridge The flap-your tongue taps the gum ridge Use a flap when linking –ed to a vowel. Your Scene Find all the –ed endings in your scene Find all the –ed endings in your scene How do you say the –eds?
Different Kinds of –s Endings Plural Nouns- The ESL 151 actorare ready for their performance!
Spelling Lesson 35 Spelling Words Ending with -ing swimming dancing napping exploring going snapping building biking relaxing flipping climbing riding.

THE PAST SIMPLE USE Actions that started and finished in the past Examples I went to the beach last Sunday I bought a new car yesterday.
When making a word past tense, you usually add “ed to the word without changing the way the base word is spelled. 1 Business: Succcessful Business People Lesson Plan ? The Simple Past Tense and The Negative Simple Past Tense of Regular Verbs ? Spelling of The Simple. Keeping Tense Consistent in Your Writing In writing it is important to keep a consistent tense.

Subject: Simple past tense Powerpoint by Tom Grundy Designed for Hong Kong primary children.

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